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2 weeks into 2017 and I’ve been happy. Plain happy. And busy. Plain busy. I’m thankful of the fact that I feel this way. I’ve been closer than ever to my family and I’ve been a good friend to all my good friends now alhamdulillah. What I mean by this is that I am getting better at keeping in touch with friends especially those that really matter. At this age, I know who are the true friends and I vow to treasure them better. In shaa Allah in shaa Allah. (I have the tendency to jinx things that I say but in shaa Allah hopefully not this time hehe). 

Oh yes, I started the year with baking. Which now reminds me that I’ve also been baking since I got back from Dubai. I realised I needed to do something useful (when I’m not in Sabah) and I remember the interest sparked when I had this really nice banana cake somewhere and I told my mum I wanted to bake the cake. Since then, I knew baking could be that one hobby that I was looking for. I mean I did bake before but it wasn’t a hobby. 

Anyway, I baked a fondant cake for my sister and BIL’s anniversary (4 January) and also cupcakes for my brother (3 January). I have to highlight that baking does get messy when it does. I’m however not complaining and I’m enjoying my time discovering, improvising and trying new methods and techniques each time. Pray for me that this will be ongoing!

Next birthdays for this month will be my brother in law’s and also Zachary. Yes, he’s turning 1 so so soon and how did that even happen. This time last year you were still in your mummy’s time eagerly wanting to enter the world. Now you’re just.. Zachary. The cheeky cheeky big boy that you are. Hehe. We are planning for a birthday party for him together with his daddy, uncle Man andddd.. Nenda and Jiddi’s 30 years Anniversary. 

That said, it will be another busy week for me but I’ll be sure to update this space about it, I promise. Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead! 

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