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Twenty two:

  • The highlight of the year 2015 is in bringing home a degree certificate BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management from University of the West of England, Bristol, United Kingdom.
  • Started up a company with my sister and brother in law and our website was just launched a week ago.
  • Learned that you may plan ahead but Allah plans ten times ahead of you.
  • Realised how much I love my parents. Not that I don’t love them before but I know how much I appreciate them now.
  • Thankful that Allah has granted me beautiful kindhearted siblings.
  • Told that I will become an aunty next year, in shaa Allah.
  • A beauty entrepreneur, I am.

Syukur alhamdulillah, I turned 22 yesterday – 4/9/2015. I would like to again thank all my beautiful people for their heart warming wishes that I received via WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. You guys have no idea how much you made me happy yesterday. I truly deeply appreciate each and everyone’s kind wishes and thoughts for me and I can only pray to Allah to bless you with many more happiness.

What I can say about reaching 22 is I am thankful. Thankful for all the good and bad that I have gone through for the past 22 years. I feel I have matured and I look forward to more life maturing experiences that are yet to come by in shaa Allah and if there is anything that I’m able to summarise from the 22 years, it’s that to keep having faith and trusting the Almighty in all that you do. I do not mean faith as just what we tends to come out from our mouth as we speak about our life and religion, I mean the inner faith in the heart that we have built unconsciously or consciously all these years. I have seen money come and go, I have seen good and bad lucks come and go and I have seen people come and go but what does not ever go away is the One. Count and believe in Him and we will be just alright – not broken, content.

Moving on to the next part of this post, as usual, I am going to share pictures from my birthday yesterday. We had dinner buffet at The Majestic Hotel and the food was *insert 5 thumbs up emoticons* and the ambiance needless to say was as great too. Thank you to my parents for bringing us there as we have heard wonderful remarks especially with regards to their food.











They look amazing, don’t they? The restaurant has a great number of counters – Chinese, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Western and Dessert + Beverages. The tempura prawns from the Japanese section were exceptionally good last night that we had more than 30 prawns altogether. They also served really good ice cream last night and a selection of juices + hot drinks (my mum and I thought this was the first dinner buffet at a hotel that included drinks in their buffet price).

We finished eating at around 9.45pm and my dad was asking me to get pictures of us family so that we could head home. My dad and I did not know anything and I was not expecting anything and so I rushed my mum and siblings without any clue of the surprise that they planned for me. It did get me thinking about how come my younger brother was taking his own sweet time because the usual him would just agree to make our way home instead of voicing out these sentences “Lek luuu, makan ice cream jap” and then “wait wait Kak Wani’s turn to eat ice cream”.

Anyway, at that point, I saw my brother in law holding my sister’s phone and recording me but I still did not get a clue because I’m so used to my BIL shooting me and thought that would just be for my social media materials. So then a waiter came up to my brother and apparently the waiter wanted to remind that buffet was going to end at 10.30pm. Again, I had no clue because I did not hear anything and was just nodding “ooooo okay, then let’s go home”.

A few seconds passed by and what I heard next was “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you ……. ” ………….with a birthday cake coming towards our table and I at that point finally realised of the surprise that the family had secretly planned. Readers, if I may say something,

I was never that slow.

I am always always so alert and aware of anything that is going on around me but God must have really wanted it to be a surprise because the surprise was a total success. I did not expect anything, at all. My brother said to me “Luckily you were back-facing me because otherwise you would have noticed the cake that I was carrying” – yes I came with my sister he came after with my parents and big brother. Going back to the waiter story, my brother actually bluffed me because what the waiter actually told him was “I’ll bring the cake now yea”. Guys, I was seated next to my brother and I still did not hear that.. My sister who heard what the waiter said “Gosh adik, if that was me I wouldnt have known what to bluff to Nadia”…. Good job dik!




My dad after the surprise laughed at the fact that he did not know of the surprise and that was why he kept asking us to head home. That was actually helpful for the surprise pa hehe.




Thank you so much adik for getting this awesome pavlova/meringue from Alexis for my birthday this year! Your sister is still very touched here.

My sister came to my room while I was getting ready with these birthday gifts.




Thank you kakak mama papa for getting me a new awesome camera cool make up tools to add to my collections. They said the camera is to represent their support for my career (I do take lots of pictures) and the make up are umm yes self explanatory. Love my gifts so much that I felt sad to unwrap them yesterday.



I am very blessed to call each one of my beautiful people my family, thank you very much Allah. No family is perfect but they are perfect to me and I am grateful to you. Thank you papa and mama for accepting your daughter and her traits lovingly and whole heartedly, thank you kakak for being the most amazing sister in the world, thank you BIL for guiding me and having faith in me in running this business and thank you brothers for all your care and humour. I love you all so so much!




One with my beautiful glowing sister who was the main person behind the dinner and birthday gifts <3

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