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‘The Existence of I’ ran for a number of years through Blogspot before it started getting publicised in August 2014. Over the years, I saw myself growing both in terms of self growth and how I write. I started to see things differently, I started being more grateful, I started appreciating life, I started to vision how kind God has been to everyone, I started to discover more about world and I started to value everybody around me.

It got me thinking how do I express my deep interest in writing, the things I encounter about life and my gratefulness towards those involved. Finally on a one fine day in August 2014, I decided that I wanted to change to a happy and thankful individual who speaks and shares only about meaningful life matters. Nobody is made perfect but everybody is made to have unique qualities and the most important things are to be grateful to the Almighty, focus on the present and count our blessings.


This website has been sponsored by my generous brother in law and sister whom understand my deep interest in writing other than the many future plans. To my parents, thank you for the enthusiasm in giving ideas, reminding me to go back to my intention and for reading and giving sweet remarks about my writing. To my sister, thank you for being like a backbone and inspiration in all I do. To my two brothers, thank you for making cheeky jokes about ‘Blogger Nadia’. To not forget that I have again my BIL to thank for in making this website work. Thank you also to a kind and wonderful individual (you know who you are) who does not stop giving helpful new inputs and ideas for the website.

‘The Existence of I’ explores beauty, family, friends, food, health, lifestyle, love, motivation, travel, video blogs, vision and various other general things. May the blog be beneficial and fun to my ever-dearest readers and thank you for your time.

With love,

Nadia Mazlan

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