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Adik turns 20

I’m still 20 too…


For those who know us, they would know we are not exactly a year apart. Our mum conceived him when I was only 2 months old (so coooool ma!) so we basically have been growing up together. Same primary school and same high school yes.

I always argued with him and picked on him and of course treated him like my punching bag. I mean I still do now but I guess I am matured enough to at least see and think that this boy has tolerated and be kind enough to me and everyone. He is there when I need massage on my stiff neck, he is there to get me McDonalds when there’s no food at home, he is there to get me Chatime and Cool Blog drinks, he is there to handle all his mum and sisters’ handbags and shopping bags, he is there to bring me medicine when I’m down with flu, he is there to drive me around, he is there to be punched by me (I promise gentle ones all the time) and the most touching  of all to me is that he is there to make sure my lights are switched off and my blanket is on every night without fail (even though I may have really pissed him off just an hour ago).

I’m saying all of this because I really love this boy. He treats his family really right, not to mention just how well he treats and takes care of our mum. This boy doesn’t seem to always be active on social medias because that’s just how he really is, cool and humble young boy.

Adik, I’m sorry for all the times that I unreasonably scolded you. My wish for your 20th birthday is…

For this sister of yours to be nicer and nicer to you (I try everyday!). And yes, for Allah to bless and keep you safe from harm and danger. A good guy with the kindest of hearts like you should always find peace in life.

You are Allah’s blessing in our lives, Happy 20th Birthday little brother!

“Dik, let’s take a picture of us kissing your cheeks. Want to upload on instagram tomorrow”

He ran away…

“Haish you girls ridiculous, at least find a spot where people can’t see us. Not in front of a restaurant”

Then our big sister said this to me…

“Oh adik I know what you can caption. Single, available, pilot to be in shaa Allah. Anyone interested?”

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