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Back in Malaysia

Touched down Malaysia safe and sound on Friday evening as a university graduate, alhamdulillah and in shaa Allah. It was really sad leaving Bristol but I guess that is life, it goes on. I’m again very thankful for the wonderful 3 years in Bristol that Allah made me experience, thankful for every kindness and all the blessings that He showered me with. I now look forward to what awaits me (excited to write about it very very soon!) and I pray for Allah to guide me through all that I’m about to embark on.

I’m posting some pictures of my sister and I’s last day in our rented apartment for 3 years that I took before we handed back the apartment keys to the awesome landlord (for my future reference).

1Missing you already, The Crescent.









5Our shipping boxes that have already been shipped.


FullSizeRenderThis serene and breathtaking that I will miss.


IMG_4990Picture of our first makan makan last year.


IMG_6333Bye bye house :'(



And now, pictures of our last plane ride home as students (so emo, I know). Goodbye Bristol, Goodbye UK. I promise I will be back.

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