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Back to reality!


Back in Bristol since Sunday evening and my sister on Tuesday. We took different flights which was the last thing we ever wanted to do but it was just unavoidable. Both our flights took over 14 hours because of the adverse weather conditions and never did I hear any Captains making more than 2 announcements before but it went up to almost 6 times this time! I guess even the pilots know passengers easily feel anxious after what happened last year. The usually no feeling me felt disturbed this time too but I think everyone really calmed ourselves by just thinking we can’t escape fates. Plus I’ve heard from many people that it’s not easy for planes to go down and guess what, they still remain as the safest mode of transportation so Alhamdulillah, my sister and I both arrived in Bristol safe and sound!

Hmm, I headed straight to uni on Monday morning and spent 5 hours straight with my group mates planning and preparing for the presentation on Tuesday (so lucky that there was no sit down exam this time around wee!). The presentation was our exam and I felt so grateful that God put me in the group of really really cool people. This module – Collaborative Practice was all about promoting collaboration between construction people so imagine a big class! In my group, we had one Architect, one QS, one Property and Investment Manager, one General Practice Surveyor and one Environmental Planner and God, very lovely people again and hardworking too! We got close within a short period of time and now I don’t know when I’ll get to see them again considering this module is over.


Asian being Asian..

“Guys, can we take one group selfie please?” in the middle of practice..


Hmm sometimes you just got to do this because only Asians appreciate this sort of thing hehe (except that Thai friend of mine). Collaborations became easy with these people and even though my group was asked some of the toughest of questions and one went unanswered (oops) but I thought that the lecturers must have really heard and gauged into what we presented. We switched roles and I’m glad we did it, I enjoyed being Architect for a while..

Missing you guys already and good luck in your studies everyone!

And yesterday, I went out with these gorgeous QS girls.


Fun evening with them, alhamdulillah! I’m still feeling the jet lag, my sleeping pattern is still not pretty and I hope that gets fixed soon.

So is everyone having a good year so far? Xx.

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