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Alhamdulillah back here safe and sound for my final year!

It was really heartbreaking to leave KL. Simply because of mama. I am really close to my family and I like thinking I’m a very family orientated person. Because of that, nothing really changes regardless the number of times that I have to go through the same phase = I tear up every single time I am to leave KL. Or more accurately put, to leave my family. Or more precisely put, to leave mama. It’s definitely not 100% happy moments with mama (because of me hehe) but the attachment that I have with her is too strong because we spend most of our hours with each other. Ma, I’m already missing all the breakfast sessions with you and papa, the groceries sessions with you, the pasar tani sessions with you on every Saturday and Sunday and of course all the hangouts with you.

“Oh my days , seriously, why are you guys still crying. It’s been 3 years guys and you 4 years+ kak wani” – adik.

So not sensitive.

May time fly really fast.


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