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Can you guys surprise me?

We got our little brother this for his birthday this year…

HTC One M8. Simply because he’s been wanting for a new handphone and being the honest person that he is, he told us the exact specific model that he wants. Hehe joke. My sister has actually set the tradition where the person celebrating his/her birthday should tell everyone of what to get him/her. “So much easier, less headache, satisfaction guaranteed, why the hassle?”
So anyway, this boy got what he wished for… Funny thing was we told him we had withdrawn cash and we asked him to get the phone himself. I mean every year you said just give me the money, you would go get your present yourself… Turned out it wasn’t umm really like that this year huh. “Can you guys like surprise me? Can you go buy the phone I want to feel like I’m getting a birthday gift” “Oh maybe you guys can wrap it?” -.-
Well being the nice sisters that we are (haha) we thought okay just this time, we would do something sweet and….
Tadaaa.. Wrapped it, sealed it and he even got my lipstick mark there. Hehe. We did not give him right away though. We waited until dinner and pretended we didn’t get him anything. He came back in the evening and saw this one parcel that I helped wrap for my sister and took it and said “Is this my birthday gift?” and with so much pride I said “no it’s not”.
Then he tried his luck again and asked our sister “You guys didn’t buy me the phone right?” and she said “No, we didn’t”.
Poor guy.
Dinner came and we brought the cake with us while he was in another car with our parents. Decided to just show him his cake and take pictures (how we wished abang was around but he’s in Singapore for his simulation training) before eating dinner and he looked happy and probably thought that at least there’s a cake for him. To cut the story short, we gave him his birthday gift right before going home and voila, you seemed rather surprise so surprise for you brother!
“I asked mama for the cash to go buy the phone myself. Huh, no wonder mama sort of declined my wish”
Oh well, Happy Birthday again adik! Hope you had a good one with us *insert flying kiss*.
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