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Capello by Nina in Bangi

“Where do you live?”
“Whoa, that’s really far”

Everyone I know of would tend to make fun of where I live.. Not make fun but it does make people question why. But I’m happy and feel very content living here with my beloved family. My house area is not in Kajang town, only the address is. It’s much closer to Bangi instead so I would always feel like I live in Bangi. Plus almost all my relatives live around the same proximity so yay to the frequent makan-makan and meet ups. And Kajang is actually only 25 minutes from KL.

Anyways, those who have been to Bangi would know that it is a well developed area now. Name all the shops that you want, you can get them here. Those famous tudung shops, textile boutiques, car showrooms, restaurants and everything else honestly. I guess the fact that it’s Malay majority here attracts the shop owners to locate one branch in Bangi and recently, the famous celebrity couple, Jovian and Nina too decided to open up their second salon here!

Nadia at Capello
Capello by Nina
It’s now in operation for about a month and on Friday just before the family visited my brother, my sister and I booked for appointments here (we hardly go to UK salons because they are generally much more pricy because of the conversion factor and Asians are also known for their skills) and off we were to what only took us less than 10 minutes of driving. Sooo close.
I really recommend all Muslimahs to head here as the concept is indeed like what Nina promised the Muslim ladies – ‘Women only salon’ – really really religion friendly and you get to feel decent salon ambiance and meet equally good hair stylists just like at the other top salons out there. On top of those, there’s a spacious waiting area as well as kids’ play section (your kids can entertain themselves while waiting for their mummies).
Capello also offers manicure and pedicure services (such a plus point) at great prices. I was quite surprised to hear them because Nail Parlour now is definitely a slightly more expensive choice. While I waited for my sister I heard a young lady (she’s pregnant, bless her) being asked if she was ready for her foot reflexology session. That caught my attention – whoa, another plus point. I went to the cashier to make payment and saw the price book and guess what, waxing services are provided too.. I’ve never had these services but wow, just so convenient! No wonder the place is massive and there are many rooms there.
Kakak in the comfy robe as she had her pedicure session
Satisfied customer there
You made the best decision, Nina *insert thumbs up emoticon*.
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#syazwanibazil wedding Part 5 – Reception on the groom’s side

This beautiful beautiful Black Tie themed wedding reception that took place at Hilton KL was mostly BIL’s hard work. I seldom hear men handling weddings, they usually leave them to their moms and sisters. My BIL was truly an exception *bows to him*, he had everything planned well and even prepared a few surprises for his wife and now, I shall again let these magnificent pictures do the speaking for me.
Photographer: Daniel Zain Photography. Thank you Daniel. Instagram – @danielzain
 So creative!
 Beautiful piece Innai Red!
Chris wearing Scottish traditional highland dress with much pride and Andrii looking smart in tux while BIL looking fresh in his.. robe.
 Got everyone’s attention, not a nano doubt.
 Shirt on now, good start there.
 Most eligible bachelors.
 Okay fine, one selfie with BIL.
 Kak Liza’s touch. Follow @lizasaliza on Instagram. Skillful make up artist.
 Goddess beauty.
 Exquisite, BIL.
 Looks familiar doesn’t it? Shortbread by Shortbread House of Edinburgh. Chris’ family runs the business *drools* and how kind of Chris to sponsor these as wedding favours.
 The gorgeous Kazakhs and Russians.
 And action!
 Surprise 1
 Surprise 2
 Bestman giving speech. You beat my speech.
 Too adorable! He calls BIL ‘abang Donald Duck’
 Cake cutting
 The Imperial boys
 Surprise 4 (skipping surprise 3 for a reason)
Awesome awesome surprise. The lights in the ballroom suddenly turned off and the emcee closed the event by ushering everyone to leave the ballroom and then guess what greeted us all.
 Too brilliant.
He kept the surprises from everyone and especially from the person he wanted to surprise most and only his family knew about this. Every element was very well done BIL *thumbs up*.
I think my selfie picture already implied the continuation of Part 4. Yes, my dad – the problem solver, made me come home to make everyone (mama, kakak and myself too) happy. It was a challenging life for me I got to admit. I arrived in Malaysia on the 10th morning and 11th night was the reception and I took the 12th morning flight and got into Bristol safe and sound on 12th night. 13th was my final paper and alhamdulillah, I got an A and a B for both the papers. Those on flight studying did work with the help of my loved ones in Malaysia and in UK. And the cabin crew too for feeding me well (at one point, I got so shy to enter the plane because I knew I would be with the same crew hehe). But if I may say, never in my life that I felt so knackered. I didnt share my pictures in this post because I simply looked horrible that night. One of my cousins saw me from afar as I walked behind my sister and asked the other cousin ‘what happened to yaya’ and one of my aunties pulled me to the side and told me ‘you look so tired’. I was but I was also happy that I made it. I could witness and attend to my mom’s request to be there and also be my sister’s maid of honour on her big day. And really, I think that was all that mattered. Thank you papa for the idea and on top of everything, thank you God.
Now to this couple,
It has now been almost a year that you’ve been married to each other and your families are happy to see you doing well. Disagreements and arguments will not pass but it’s how you handle them that are key to harmony. We feel blessed that your hubby doesn’t take you away from us kakak. We still feel you’re always around and it’s thanks to the coolest and easy going son in law/brother in law.
May it forever remain that way, May Allah always keep your marriage safe and best wishes from us.
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Nail salon

*Writing this post with the intention to share about hand and foot care!*

The last time I had manicure and pedicure sessions was in March, possibly last year as well. So after long long months, I finally decided it was time to pamper my nails and toes. There are a lot of places that offer manicure pedicure services but my personal preference has always been The Nail Parlour. I guess it has to do with the fact that they hire international manicurists and there is just something with the concept of the salon (can’t really decide if it’s the pinkness or how organised it is – I think both), just very attractive.

I always go for the basic manicure and pedicure with buffing and they are priced at RM130. The breakdown is:

Manicure: RM45
Pedicure: RM55
Buffing: RM30 (RM15 + RM15)

For those who are unsure about what buffing is, it is basically the process of polishing the nail using buffers to make them look more consistent and shiny. A paste (pink cream) will be applied on our nail surfaces just before the manicurist starts the process and you will observe your nails start shining. The more they are buffed, the shiner they are. For nails they last shorter (around 2 weeks) but experience having your toes shine for about a month! I especially love buffing because I can perform my prayers without having to worry if water gets through the nail as I take my ablution (wudhu’). Back then, I thought the nail coat which also shines the nail was the same as buffing but my sister told me all nail polishes work like paint so there’s no way they are water permeable.

An additional information for all ladies, The Nail Parlour also offers Spa Pedicure. This is priced higher but we rip out a lot of benefits from this service especially if our feet suffer from callus and dead skin (where your skin becomes really dry and breaks apart and hardens possibly due to a lot of housework and not wearing slippers at home). My mum opts for this service a lot and she definitely observes a total change at her under feet every time the dead skin is removed. Pain free and they also offer short but free massages.

The biggest part of doing manicure and pedicure is having  all the cuticles removed (the extra skin at the base of a fingernail or toenail). I’m a happy girl, alhamdulillah!

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