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Chai Bar Bangsar

Quick post about Chai Bar Bangsar just because I feel that it was so cool that I had lunch there yesterday! Those who know me would know that I’m not the biggest fan of vegetables. Greens used to be my complete enemies and even a slight appearance of them would mean losing my appetite completely. However, it all took a turn when I pursued my studies in the UK and my sister started introducing me to the world of greens little by little. She told me that I should start with broccolis because she has always loved broccolis and God made it easy for me as I instantly fell in love with them. I was so proud telling my mum and people I know that ‘Hey, I consume veges now!’. ‘So what veges do you like?’ ‘Broccolis!’ ‘And?’ ‘And…. Well broccolis first, baby steps!’ and then they laughed out loud at me. Hmmmm.

Post 3 years of studies in the UK, I’ve made friends with some types of vegetables with the second favourite being Kangkung (I googled and it said kangkung in English is water spinach, God knows what we actually call them hehe). This one I have my BIL to thank for because he made me eat Kangkung Belacan at CnR restaurant in Bayswater, London. I thought that tasted really good and from that moment on I would request to have either broccolis or kangkung during family lunch/dinner. But yes, I think I don’t mind vegetables now. I don’t mind it being present in most dishes I eat and I even et them all. What surprises me is vegetables seem interesting to me now and whenever my family orders any sort of greens in restaurant, I would gladly eat them. Well, my mum has been telling me about how I actually got this trait of mine from both her and my dad because both of them disliked veges when they were my age. She bets me that I would one day really be crazy over vegetables just like them – we shall see mommy!

Back to Chai Bar, my really good friend Illi had just returned from Mekah for Umrah and we decided to have lunch together yesterday. Babe, if you’re reading this thanks a lot again for the beautiful Jubah and sweets you got me from Saudi may Allah bless you. I did some googling and Instagramming when Illi suggested Chai Bar and the non-rigid side of me said yes to it (I guess what really convinced me was the fact I saw smoked salmon and grilled chicken and crispy noodles along the line hahaha hello comfort food!). Off we went to Chai Bar and I feel so proud to say that I had my first salad bowl yesterday!


Can you tell which was mine? That’s right, the one with crispy noodles hehehe. Basically the menu works like this – they give you options where you can either go for the suggested/signature dishes or you can also create your own salad bowl. Myself and Illi created our own bowls and I loved mine that I finished almost everything guys!

17040344885_6715772920_b I got the picture aboce from Rebecca Saw’s blog (thank you) for you to see the menu! I chose the regular size and I do think it’s the best one for us ladies. This picture of menu from Rebecca is the older version because with regular I got:

1 base, 5 supplements, 1 protein, 1 topping, 1 dressing

Illi was saying about how they used to include premiums in their menu for the regular size and she was right (a regular there she is). You can always add anything extra you prefer and I think the price for each extra is between Rm1.50 to RM3.50. We had tea for drinks but Illi told me that the Avocado smoothie is really good so you can give it a try.

Okay, that’s it from me about Chai Bar. Thanks for reading and have a productive week ahead lovelies!



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Our Founder is 29

I make it a point to blog today because I just realised how fun it is to get to read back old posts. I seldom go back to my blog to read what I once typed before but I actually did today and wow there’s so much enjoyment in recalling back past memories. And guess what, I just read all the comments that you dropped me, thank you sincerely guys you are my motivations to keep writing (and sorry that I did not get to approve them I’m so bad I know..). I realised how I’ve quite matured in writing and how I can still polish the way I structure my sentences.

Anyway back to the main point of today’s post, my brother in law aka Maxora’s founder is 29 today! Happiest Birthday to you BIL. I can’t find the actual words to describe my relationship with you except for ‘love-hate’. Haha. You, kakak and I would know why but I just want to say that whatever it is, I think you’re such a genius and super efficient and attitude like yours are rare to come by. Maxora is definitely blessed to have you on board and it would not have been where it stands today if not for your major contributions.

A little story regarding the little surprise that my heavily pregnant sister had planned yesterday. My sister being the last minute person that she is (but somehow always manages to excel I don’t know how) texted me after Subuh and asked if I was going to be free to accompany her to Bangsar to buy a birthday cake and card for my BIL. The perks of being self employed entrepreneur is your time is fairly flexible and I without any pause said yes. Cancelled my usual morning breakfast plan with my parents and got in the car by 9.30am ready to fetch my sister from her place. Arrived at Troika a bit late due to jams – read: Jams in Malaysia are getting horribly bad. I mean how is it still jam at 10am and I shall not add about how jams also happen during weekends.

We went to Bangsar because my sister wanted to get a chocolate/coffee cake from Jaslyn Cakes at Jalan Telawi. She rang the shop on our way there and of course we could not get one when they told her cakes at Jaslyn should be purchased through pre-order basis (3 days to be exact). “Haih why am I always last minute” – Dr Nur. Hahaha. She dialled Levain instead and she was lucky they could reserve the cake that she wanted for afternoon pick up (told you she always manages). Took a stroll around shops in BV2 for sometime and we decided it was time for early lunch because we got too hungry.

I noticed instagrammers have been posting  about this new cafe place to try out, Dotty’s, which belongs to the F&B expert Nadia Nasimuddin and made our way to TTDI. We got there safe and sound but found out it was closed and that left us two hungry ladies having to bear our hunger for the next 20 minutes before we could arrive at Pavilion.. Pavilion because my sister wanted to look for the yet to be decided birthday gift. We had Japanese for lunch at Kampachi which was exciting enough as I really missed my bento box. My family except for my dad, sister and I does not fancy Japanese food and so we never really get to have them here in KL.

IMG_5760Soft Shell Crab Hand Roll yums! IMG_5740Craving fulfilled! Thank you for the treat kakak.

Our happy tummies meant we were ready for some birthday gift hunting. My sister could not decide what would be the perfect gift until we came across a shop that we might have noticed but never cared about before – DC Comics SuperHero. I guess this is what expecting a child/nephew did to us yesterday, we actually entered the shop and even found the perfect gifts for my BIL and baby nephew (it’s not your birthday baby nephew but you’re loved already). I think you can quite tell too by now – my sister got her husband and child matching Superman t-shirts yeap! I thought that was a brilliant idea rather than buying gifts which my BIL already has all.

FullSizeRender-4Hehe this looks like the kind of shop mommy is going to enter soon, not handbags anymore!

IMG_5768So so so cute!

Done with that, it was time to go pick up the birthday cake from Levaine. That went by easy and fast and I dropped by my sister’s place to help carry everything up. My sister rang her hubby before heading back and luck was again on her side as he was out meeting his work colleague. She hid the cake in the second freezer and just when she had a good feeling about the surprise, he said ‘let’s go for groceries sayang, I want to buy my watermelon….’ (post 4 hours after I left my sister’s place). In the simplest terms, my sister had to tell BIL about the cake because he would have found out anyway when unpacking their groceries. Hahaha.


Happy Birthday again to you my one and only brother in law (valid since I have only one sister)! I hope you enjoy the cake and your day today although I know you’re working on something for Maxora now. Men really find birthdays to be just as other days huh.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 4.26.33 PM

May Allah shower you with continuous blessings, success and happiness and may you and kakak be an awesome daddy and mommy in shaa Allah!

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Mama turns 48


Beautiful queen is 48 today! In the words of the birthday card that we got for her:

“Mom, you mean more to this family than any of us could put into words. Time and again, you’ve been there for us, loving us at our worst and inspiring us to be our best.”

“Thank you for your love, your hard work, your integrity. You are the heart of our family and you deserve a world of love on your birthday and always.”

We couldn’t have said it in any better words. You are indeed the heart of our family and the definition of pure love. Your dedications in being a wife and a mother to papa and us are unbeatable. You’ve spent almost all your life taking care of us and giving us the best care and love anyone could ever shower us with (apart from Allah) and what’s beautiful is that you never get tired and in fact you only give and give and give – thank you Allah for your blessings. You can be hard at times but it’s only like that because you want the best for us and that is completely valid. Ma, I wish you all the happiness and success both in dunya and akhirat and I know I am far from a good Muslim/daughter but I would never give up praying to the Almighty Allah to grant you and papa His Jannah, in shaa Allah and amin. Thank you for bringing us up to become who we are today, for tolerating our behaviours, for hardly saying no to our wants, for never giving up on us, for your continuous prayers and support and for loving us unconditionally.

Moving on to mama’s 48th birthday celebration, we had in advance organised a birthday dinner on the 15th night as that was the best time for us all considering little brother would not be around on weekdays. So for our beautiful queen’s birthday this year, we chose to have buffet at Vasco, Hilton KL. It was our first time at Vasco and the experience was great overall. Going to now share some pictures of Vasco Restaurant for everyone’s future references.









That boy there will soon be 21. The food selection was actually good but our familiarity for buffet at Makan Kitchen, DoubleTree Hilton slightly confused us in deciding which was better. Makan Kitchen offers more relaxed and elegant dining experience with various food sections divided and separated nicely from each other while Vasco’s environment is more business-y and sophisticated with food sections being close to one another. But all in all, alhamdulillah for a great dinner, the steamed fish at Vasco was especially amazing (did not manage to get a picture as I was too excited eating it hehe).

Now to the fun part – mama’s birthday gifts this year.. Hmm buying birthday gifts lately has been a rather tricky matter compared to the previous years. We are always unsure now of what to get mama as she always says “I think I am content with what I have don’t get anything for me okay”. She likes to give to people in general but she hardly wants anything for herself. I rang my sister up and told her of a few gift choices and after considerations of how much our mum appreciates grocery + kitchen related items rather than fashion + beauty related items, we thought okay let’s get her new cutleries set. I requested for my sister to help buy them in KL while I looked for birthday card and a new iron (mama’s traditional iron broke because of me and she’s not really confident in the steam iron capability that we got her for mother’s day – always conventional and traditional our mum is hehe) and so I headed out to IOI City Mall to do my tasks. Bought a card from Borders and Parkson was just opposite Borders and I already detected home appliances from far so I straight away went to Parkson.

God must have somehow helped ease our search for a perfect birthday gift because somehow somewhere I ended up at Tefal section in Parkson and I saw this..


Mama wanted to get an Air Fryer before but she did not and so it clicked to me that this Tefal ActiFry would be a perfect gift for her. The aunty there was being super convincing enough too with her explanations of why I should get it and it undoubtedly worked. Apparently you can fry/cook/stir-fry/grill everything with it! It’s also much easier and so so convenient to use/clean and it also promotes healthier living style because of the massive cut down in the use of cooking oil. I also got one Tefal traditional iron to replace the broken one and so voila, birthday gifts sorted! Rang my sister and we both were very happy with the gifts and brothers being brothers reacted “what’s that. Okay or not”… Little brother heard the word grill and he was instantly happy with the gifts too.


Hope you like your gifts and this simple birthday post ma! My mum reads my blog all the time and she pointed out why is my blog dead yesterday.. I know you’ll be reading this and so Happiest 48th Birthday to you again mommy, we love you lots and lots and forever, our one and only beautiful queen <3

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Home bound

FullSizeRender-2Arrived in Malaysia safe and sound on Friday evening, alhamdulillah. I came back with my sister whom did not actually plan to return home but something really important came up and yes, both of us are back in the beautiful Malaysia now.


Worried about my work now because one can never really do much work when one’s home. My dissertation is due in 3 weeks and I would like to think that I’m on track but anything can just delay my progress (which I can’t afford to do because I have another piece of coursework to write and I have to prepare for exams too) so I should hope and do my best and may Allah ease everything for us all.

On another note, the flight was alright although I could not sleep as well as I usually did before. I noticed Malaysia Airlines has brought some positive changes in its management which I feel strongly are necessary so good job new management! Will always support MAS no matter what people say about it. Now, did you know that MAS serves really good maggi on board, guys?

IMG_3912What I always look forward to.

I’m back to my usual morning routines with my parents that I totally love. It’s probably the best part of the day and not to mention especially during weekends because Adik joins us and we get to buy our favourite Cakoi and Keropok Lekor from Pasar Tani and eat them fresh at OldTown White Coffee.

IMG_3965Please don’t put on weight, Nadia..

I hope everyone has had a good weekend catching up with sleep, family and friends. I’m still jet lagged but everything is well so far – had good lunches with the family on both Saturday and Sunday,alhamdulillah.

Now, let’s kill that Monday blues alright, lovelies? Wishing you a splendid week ahead be it at school, work or even at home!

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Jalan jalan cari makan in Kelantan

*Disclaimer: Pictures heavy post again today*

Have you ever eaten so much that you feel you’re getting huge-r day by day but you still eat because you love food and then you exercise because you feel guilty but then resume eating because you can’t resist them? *raises hand* I have. And it almost always happens each time I’m back in my hometown. I’m from Kelantan and I consider myself a pure Kelantanese because both my parents are from there and we lived in Kelantan for some time. We also speak the language at home other than English.

So almost all our relatives live here in KL but my grandparents on my mum’s side of the family reside in Kota Bharu. For that reason, my parents make it a point to return to our base on a monthly basis and everytime my sister and I are on our break and we are back home, we would try to join them for 2 reasons:

1) Visit grandparents
2) Makan

I’ve observed a lot of other Kelantanese do this – go back to eat. Kelantan has amazing amazing food that I can never describe enough and there are a number of those very famous restaurants that we always think or speak about as we have our lunch or dinner here in KL. Papa goes back to Kelantan more than the family does because he has an office there and guess what, he will always buy a lot of food and bring home the famous nasi and kuih muih.

I’m now about to share all the pictures that I took. Hope it does some help for those planning to visit the eastern side of Malaysia!

1st stop: Restoran Syam Bungamas (Jalan Hospital Berek 12) 

This restaurant is really historical. It’s been in existence for probably more than two decades and I’ve been going here since I was a child.

 Tomyam campur
 Udang paprik (good but udang bakar is a much better option but the waiter said it would take 30 minutes to prepare on that day so we tried this instead)
 This awesome daging masak merah. Must must eat.
 The too good sotong goreng tepung.
 Kailan ikan masin – my parents and sister’s favourite
Telur goreng dadar – simply because papa loves eating his food with a touch of omelette.
We headed to Renaissance after the tummy filling dinner and papa was already saying he wanted waffles from the next door shopping mall – Billion.
Papa checking in. The staffs at this hotel know and are close to him. ‘Abe Lan’ all the way and ‘Boss’ in KL.
 Our Kota Bharu suite – the name of the room. Papa insisted ‘dari atas’ angle so I did flat lay picture and he approved this one. Yeap, my parents read my blog and have been so supportive and papa stresses out that pictures must be in HD *insert mouth open emoticon* cool pa!
Papa’s kaya waffle – we got a bit creative and decided to utilise the plate.

My sister and I decided to visit our aunt, uncle and cousins so we drove to their house. It’s really just next to my grandma’s house on papa’s side of the family – the house where we usually stay but it’s empty and locked and will be open only when the whole family is back home during Raya and special events.

Reunited with MP and Adik Sya!
Good Morning Kota Bharu!
2nd stop: Kopitiam Kita (Taman Desa Jaya, Jalan Pengkalan Chepa)
I don’t think any description is needed. This is the kopitiam that has caught everyone’s heart. Never easy to get tables during weekends, everyday is full house. The concept is brilliant, Wong the owner did some brilliant job. He sells all the famous nasi from all sellers and this saves everyone’s time as they can get them here without having to drive to each individual shop.
 1/10th of Kakak there. Hehe.
This is what I mean. Every famous nasi and kuih from all outside sellers are gathered in one stretch. So convenient.
 Our personal favourite – nasi kapit sambal
 This popular roti titab. By popular, I mean extremely popular.

Look who joined us for breakfast!

Papa and his best friend. Pak Cik Amran can talk to papa for hours and never gets tired.
We spent time at our grandparents’ house for a few hours and then guess what came after that. Lunch. More eating, yums..3rd stop: Restoran Nilam (Jalan Temenggong)

This restaurant is also very historic. We come here for the Chicken Chop kampung style!

Overexposed picture but the chicken chop is pure goodness.
Okay.. That’s already a lot of food but not quite finished yet.
We also popped in this store.
4th stop: Kedai Roti Perling (Jalan Kubang Kerian)
Also historic. Great bread and bun.
Pandan cream puffs
We made our way back to the hotel after lunch and I felt so so big by that time so I spent 40 minutes jumping and jogging around the room. Was a good decision because that then inspired my super mom and sister who joined me although it’s no problem for mama because she runs on the treadmill everyday so it was cheat days for her? Lucky mom.
And hmm,
Just when I thought I burned some calories and my tummy wasn’t as big anymore, the half awaited question from papa came:
‘What’s for dinner? Satay?’
My God, what was going on in my life.. Food fiesta? But who could say no to satay..
OK pa.
5th stop: Satay Malaysia (Jalan Baung)
Lychee Kang for the parents
Good dinner here but I loved those squids the most! So hmmm.. I’m done…. I think.
Okay, please don’t judge now.. Papa offered this and last one for the day I promise!
A little story here about my adorable papa. He stays at Renaissance when he has work in Kelantan and as mentioned, he developed good relationships with the staffs – everyone would greet him. Sometimes at night when he’s tired from work and just wants to rest, he tends to ask the ground floor valet parking guys to help get him ‘Burger Kampung’ and they will happily help papa buy it and bring it up to the room. If he has to wait too long, he even rings them and asks ‘Where’s my burger?’ – I think my sister got her traits from papa.. Hehehe.
 Tadaaaaa. A new day, a new start for food! Hehe. Couldn’t eat a lot because of the previous day’s eating madness.
Love this picture. Au revoir Kota Bharu, see you soon!
Scanned our bags and I was the last to pass through the sensing panels. The security officer asked for flight tickets and spontaneously asked:
“3 siblings travelling today yes?”
“Umm, 2. That’s my mama there”
While laughing and looking at my mum she said:
“Whoaaaa, like 3 siblings! So young”
So young, indeed.
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#syazwanibazil wedding Part 3

Disclaimer: Part 3 will be all about friends!

My sister and BIL studied at Imperial College for their Masters Degree. Same course, same class, same nationality. How could they not fall in love.. and while I just shared this I will also share the story that never gets old (to my sister at least). She said that they first met during orientation day. Everyone had to carry like a little banner/name tag that of course had their names on. So apparently, she heard a voice of a handsome tall man that said ‘Nur Syazwani Mazlan, are you Malaysian?’ that got her turning her head like those you see in tv commercial for shampoo. And apparently again, my sister said that it was love at the first sight for my BIL………………………………………………………

Oh well..

So anyway, studying together would mean you would be in the same circle of friends. And when two people get together and it works out until marriage and forever in shaa Allah, they would want their good friends to be around them. Same thing for my sister and BIL. Their friends from all over the European and Asian continents came down to Malaysia to witness their big day. My sister did her degree in Queen Mary and that meant more friends and my sister also studies in UoB now so more friends again.

The UoB friends arrived one day before the big day and we fetched them from the airport and straight to the hotel and at night we brought them to KLCC for dinner. I told my sister ‘Do you realise you’ll be married in less than 24 hours kak?’. Before we left, our family and relatives from Kelantan were already crowding the house so I think my sister did.

Ruby, myself and MP
The UoB group
We got home by 11.30pm with full tummies and I forced my sister to sleep because she needed it and we were going to have an early start for rehearsal with emcee, parents, bridesmaids/dulang girls and the usherers from KS team. The groom’s side rehearsal was planned by the KS team to be later in the evening, lucky them!
Morning came fast enough and kakak was so excited that she got to see all her dulang girls! Mira and Madina who arrived safely from Kazakhstan, Tharry and Bondi who reserved their whole day for their friend, Kak Niniey (kakak’s longest best friend since high school and we are also somewhat related), the pies who are always there through thick and thin and of course the UoB ladies!
Me.. I was excited to see Kak Adibah Noor! The friendliest, talented, awesome, witty and most natural emcee ever. My dad really particularised the choice of emcee because we needed one who has all the talents that Kak Adibah has to ensure balance and control of the crowd. She just touched down from Jakarta and made her way straight to the hotel – full respect to her as she was being really professional and did not one bit show the tired side of her and just carried on giving brilliant idea while joking around with my parents and the dulang girls as she wrote her scripts.
 You were amazing that night kak Adibah, thank you!
 KS briefing the dulang girls!
 Madina, Ruby, Bondi and CP
Kak Nini, Lily, Tharry and Madina
The rehearsal went smooth and since it was quite an early start, kakak told her friends to get their rest and myself, pies, Kak Nini and kakak made our ways to kakak’s honeymoon suite, a special treat to the couple, courtesy of the hotel. And kakak got a little surprise from her best friend…

So sweet of kak Nini, the cake was delicious!

Kakak requested me to also upload these pictures of her and BIL’s awesome friends enjoying Malaysian food.. (Who are of course my friends too now). Your friends are my friends kak, my friends are my friends. Haha kidding kakak, love you.
 Banana leaf with the Imperial group + BIL’s friend when in Oundle
Hello Durian King if you’re reading this.
Had to share this one – best friends forever. Andrii in BIL’s baju Melayu at majlis kesyukuran.
My sister was unhappy with the yesterday’s dress fitting pictures so she sent me these pictures.
I think my choices are really gorgeous but just not in her eyes… But hope you’re happy now kakak *insert smiley face*.

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Black Friday Part 2

I was never around for boxing day every Christmas and I really only hear from people about how happening it always is every year with the longest queues you would ever be in. I feel thankful that I got to be a part of Black Friday this year because like the saleslady told me yesterday ‘omg, it’s like boxing day. Christmas came early huh’. I can’t even imagine how more packed boxing day could get because it was soooo packed already yesterday in Bicester Village. Never did I have to queue for almost every shop I wanted to enter..
My sister and I started our journey at 9am and arrived there at around 11am, alhamdulillah. It’s usually less than 2 hours but traffic got really heavy as we neared Bicester Village. Luckily I had my co-driver who was smart enough to use Waze to search for a better route. Waze is really amazing in that sense huh. I’m dependent on Waze in Malaysia and have always been impressed with it because it gets me to everywhere I want to go at the shortest routes possible. Or maybe longer routes when it knows there are heavy jams ahead. And not to forget, Waze loves bringing us to the smallest kampung/country side roads like this…
 Longer route but jams gone and got to enjoy this view even.
 My smart co-driver who would never stop talking to me the whole time I was driving.
And yay!
Thank you Waze but not quite done yet with the challenge yet because it was then time to look for a car park space. Which took us umm.. 40 minutes.. Yes. And guess what happened to our car? It is rather old in age and as always, the engine oil red light lit up. But no problem car and don’t you worry, we understand you enough now and have enough stock to help you out. Spent a few minutes filling up the oil and before we could finally start our shopping.
We had our time planned and aimed to head back home by 5pm. Our aunt asked us to help her get a new handbag and also a t-shirt for our uncle so we settled that one first.
Guys, we got our aunt’s Furla handbag for less than half of the original price! There was an additional 20% off for Black Friday and my aunt was sooo happy and excited, you’re indeed very blessed umi!
Done with that, I got hungry and started pestering my sister that I must must eat or otherwise I couldn’t function and she gave up and got us my all time favourite crepe.
 Chocolate banana crepe
We realised it was already 3pm when we finished eating and knew for sure that our plan wouldnt work (to head home by 5) because we had more to get. And again, with those long queues.. Impossible. So we went home at 8pm instead. Mama sounded quite worried when we told her but everything took really long and the discounts were too great to handle. The liveliness was one thing too, the later it got the more people there were. Evidence as shown below..
Should have taken a video of this and other performances!
Tonnes of people really.
To sum up, alhamdulillah for a really great day yesterday. Managed to get everything for the family and ourselves except for what mama wanted but we will try to get it somewhere else ma.

All these things that we bought wouldn’t have been with us now if not for the incredible offers. 20-80% off, I am thankful. They still do this until Christmas except for the limited additional offers so I recommend everyone going to Bicester Village when you can. There’s also a prayer room next to Dior shophouse and some restaurants like Carluccio, Cafe Villandry, Starbucks and Pret A Manger. For now, I shall have my rest both body and bank account rest and get back to coursework and hope that happens very soon..

Have a great Saturday everyone!

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Cooking Diary 3

Would like to share the super quick recipe that my sister taught me (really takes just 30 minutes to prepare). Our lazy dinner menu this is…

But healthy!
2 pieces of salmon fillets
Cauliflower and broccoli
Pepper (red or green, anyone)
And of course you need some flavouring…
And this is why it’s really quick!
So basically what I do is sprinkle a bit ‘cukup rasa’ on the salmon. And fry it. When the salmon looks well fried… I literally just put everything and cook for 3-5 minutes. (Not too long if you want crunchy brocollis)
My reaction to my sister when she first showed me how to prepare this was “What? That easy huh”
Tadaaaa! Ready to eat. This ‘cukup rasa’ works mysteriously amazing, seriously.
My sister and I usually cook some pasta to eat with the salmon. How we make it is just boil the pasta and rinse it and just mildly flavour it with a bit of pasta sauce.
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Food galore

Not just yet.. Morning selfie first! Hehe. Welcome back for 4 days in London BIL. I accompanied my sister to London but only for a day. I came back to Bristol yesterday because I have work to do here and also because I wanted to give my siblings some quality time together.

Managed to catch breakfast and BIL brought us to Pain Quotidien in South Kensington.

Loved their scrambled eggs! The portion is just nice for 1 person. I shared it with my sister only because we were going to have early lunch after. So no sharing next time okay sister?

Being away from home means it was time to catch some Malaysian food too. Bristol does not have any halal Malaysian restaurant so it’s all about pasta, doners and pizzas. Of course we cook as well but we can’t cook these..

Our favouritest Malaysian Restaurant in London!
 Crispy Chicken (they have Crispy Duck too)
 Claypot beancurd
Mixed seafood salt & pepper
So so so so so good, alhamdulillah. I really really recommend everyone to please try their crispy chicken (or duck but I never tried it). The way it crunches as you eat them gives this one feeling that is unexplainable because it’s too good. We usually have sweet & sour prawns, kangkung belacan and nasi goreng seafood which are as good too but not in this trip.
And I also managed to satisfy my craving for this..
Sirap limau, yeap!
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Kakak’s birthday part 3 – Surprise surprise!

We celebrated kakak’s birthday with her friends like shared in the previous post and she thought that was it. Chanel boy cake done dinner done birthday gift done all done! What was left was us packing for London trip because her biggest birthday gift was on the way there. Little did she know that I was planning a small surprise on the morning of her birthday…
I woke up at 4 am to do like a small decoration and unlike last year, this year’s took shorter time so yay! The result was…
It was so so so tough hiding these cupcakes. I got them from the same cake shop which I will share soon because of how amazing the service is. Don’t you just love the cupcakes?
It was ‘make up’ themed cupcakes because of how in love my sister is with make ups. She has a full set and range of make ups from all brands and I always see her playing with them every morning when she’s getting ready to head to her office. She doesn’t always do make ups, only on certain events, but her love for them made her collect every single range. Her love for it is proven to me every night when she opens YouTube and watches make up tutorials before she sleeps (it’s like her therapy session). And because of her love for them, I bought new eye shadows and lipstick to match the cupcakes (also because she kept talking about getting metallic eyeshadows that she did not have in her collection yet).
Anyway, I let her enjoy her morning before the surprise. She was in the room replying to birthday messages which took so long. I knew that she would come to the living room when she finished with her prayer because she treasures her morning breakfast session and glad it turned out the same on her birthday. So then she came to the living room and….
“Happy Birthday kakak!” “Here’s another surprise for you, hope you like them”
And that was..
A real surprise.
Which meant..

My sister was really shocked and asked me how did I hide the cakes. Oh well, I haven’t answered you right kakak. I know you will be reading this so here goes the answer. I hid them in the store room where our washing machine is.

I know it sounds like the worst idea but that was the only place I could think of.. Plus, the box is properly sealed and the weather here is good so a few hours there wouldn’t harm (hopefully). She saw the eyeshadows that she wanted and I was happy that she was happy.

“I will always appreciate make up as gifts”

So that is it for part 3!


Umm, not quite done yet actually. Hehe.

I haven’t shared about her last surprise. Her biggest surprise which she knew in advance, and required us to go to London.

Yeap. A birthday dinner in London with her Mr Husband!

My BIL is in town now for her birthday. He has to attend to something on behalf of his father and what a blessing that it’s all arranged for this weekend. I still remember my sister saying how she wishes for her hubby to be here for her birthday and look kak. You’re blessed, alhamdulillah.

We had dinner at Meat & Co, Westfield. Londoners should be very familiar with this restaurant because it means we can enjoy decent halal steak. The fact that Meat & Co has two separate kitchens, one for halal and one for non halal, makes the restaurant even more attractive especially for the Muslims. They even provide separate booklets (halal menu and non halal menu).

 Birthday girl’s dinner – Lobster and beef fillets combo
My dinner – Salmon and asparagus with three cheese sauce
The boys’ dinner – 600 grams marinated beef fillets
It’s so cool how you can request for which part of meat you prefer (ribs, fillets) as well as the size of your meal (100 grams, 200 grams, 600 grams, etc). The boys said their fillets were slightly dry but my sister’s portion of beef was very good instead. And I fairly enjoyed my salmon too.
The dinner went on from 7 to 11pm (good catch up for my sister and BIL with their dearest friend, Andrii and his girlfriend) and just before we went home, my sister got a small surprise (yes, again!) from the cheeky waiter.
Sooo cool. This surprise got everyone surprised because we thought the waiter was joking about what he said.
“Oh come on it’s your birthday! At least have a scoop of ice cream, it’s on me okay”
I hope you had a wonderful day kakak. I’m very happy to see you very happy. And good job abang Bazil. Got to admit you’re a good husband.
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