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Mohammad Zachary’s Arrival

Almost one month of silence and I got several reminders from my readers to blog. My dad alone had reminded me twice about it “Ya, make sure you write soon” “Ya, blog is quiet for some time already. Blog soon”.

Okay, I do feel guilty for not blogging as often as I used to anymore. I would love to rant about how busy my schedules are everyday but I think that’s not a good excuse anymore.. So what I’ll do is I’ll jump straight to my sister’s labour story that I had promised to write about in my previous blog post.


21 January 2015

“What? You still want to go to office? You look too heavy for that already” – everyone’s words to her when she said she was going to go to uni to do work.

“But I need to finish up my work. Just this one and I’ll feel so relieved to go through delivery and confinement. I can have lunch at home before I go to my office. Adik, can you accompany me to my office after lunch please?”

At that point of pregnancy, anybody would have said yes. She drove from her place in KL to Kajang (SIGH) and we left to her office after having lunch with the family. *Her due date was supposedly on 30 January but she delivered a week earlier and had we known this, it would be a goodbye to your wish of wanting to go to the office.*

“Seriously kak, I don’t know how you do this everyday. How come UPM doesn’t want to invest in elevators? And again, why did you have to choose an office on the 3rd floor?”

“That room was the nicest one available and I couldn’t say no to it. Hmm hang on, why are you the tired one? I’m pregnant and I’m fine”

“Well, I hardly exercise”

“Well, that explains why”

Hahaha. Okay don’t judge. I think I’m better now. Hehe.

My sister took around 3 hours to get her work done and I had that one feeling that she was due very very soon. You know the tips they share about promoting easy delivery – climb stairs. My sister did that everyday and she was one of the most active pregnant ladies you could see. “Dr, why are you still not on leave” – students and colleagues.


22 January 2015

I woke up really early on that particular morning. 4.30am to be exact. I’m an early riser in nature but I would usually still be in my dreamland at 4.30am. I got bored and decided to watch online dramas while leaving my phone to charge. At 5.30am my mom opened the door and said “Ya, let’s go to the hospital”.

“Hospital? Why ma?”

“You didn’t read the text Kakak dropped us at 5am? Her water broke at 3am”

And then.. All the hustle bustles began. I was already jumping in joy but I knew God was watching me and it wasn’t pretty really so I put myself back into reality and straight away took shower, prayed, recited Quran verses for my sister and got ready. My sister told us not to rush and she too would be off to the hospital only after Subuh as her contractions were not severe yet.

I saw a text from my brother in law at 6.40am and he said my sister’s dilation was already 5cm. My little knowledge of ‘pregnancy and childbirth’ told me that that was already huge! I ran to my parents’ room and told my mum about it and “Gosh, that’s so soon already so fast! I thought Kakak said minor contractions only” – Mama.


I urged my mum to be quick and we left the house at 7.20am. The worst time ever but we would weather anything for you kakak and baby nephew. Alhamdulillah, we arrived at the hospital 1.5 hours later (Morning jams in KL = 1 hour delay) and was directed to the labour ward. The hospital policy gave the option of either having the husband or mother accompany the patient in the labour room and my mum knew in advance that she did not want to be by my sister’s side for two reasons:

  1. She couldn’t afford seeing my sister in pain
  2. She knew her son in law was the best person to be there

If you noticed the screenshot, my BIL mentioned that the baby was expected to be out by 9am. I thought this prediction was helpful although it did result in making my mum and I felt super duper anxious. 9.30am still no news from the nurse, 9.45am still no news, 10am still no news, 10.15am and stilll no news. I think I saw my mum tear up a bit while she roamed around in circular motion reciting duas and zikir. She was so so worried and the anxiousness and worries finally came to a stop at 10.37am when “Uwaaaa” rang the bell.

“Ya, did you hear that?” “What is it ma?” “Baby’s cry. That’s him. That’s my grandson!”

There was a cleaner around us that time and she helped confirm it “Yes yes, baby’s definitely out”. My mum’s smile was so so priceless. My dad being the awesome time coordinator that he is got to the hospital ON TIME (I think 3 minutes after the cry).

My BIL came out from the labour room shortly after and I could bet I never felt so excited to see him. Read: wanted to hear his words of assurance. Hahaha. Sorry BIL. We rushed to him and he made it all better by showing us a picture that he captured fresh of my nephew! My feelings that time, subhanAllah, indescribable.

He continued to say “One person can go inside now, maybe mama can go”. And like a flash, my mama was gone..



Okay, I forgot to highlight my big family here. My dad made an announcement on the group chat before the delivery and thank you again for the thoughtful wishes and prayers. I am eternally grateful to Allah for granting us all a very close family bond.



And now here goes the first ever picture of Mohammad Zachary bin Mohammad Bazil (taken by daddy)!


BIL’s family arrived at the same hour and it was really sweet to see the proud grandparents visiting their grandson at the nursery.


Now on to my sister.. Sigh. I am proud of you. I really am. Being the most ‘manja’ in the family, you came out of that zone and proved to us how strong you were. The first glance that I had of you in your designated room after delivery made me feel weak. You looked so so pale. But you made it kakak. A normal delivery and you gave birth to a healthy baby boy without the help of epidural that you had always aimed for.

Thank you so much Allah for smoothening her whole journey.


FullSizeRender-4Jiddi and Nenda’s love for you is overwhelming, that your aunty and uncles can 100% confirm

So to my fighter Kakak/Best Friend,

You’re officially a mother now and I know for sure you will be a great mommy to Zachary in shaa Allah. Thank you for bringing the little one into this world. Love you a lot.

And to our ever dearest Zachary,

You are an angel. You have opened up the windows of rezeki and brought tremendous joy to our family in just a month. May you grow up to be a great Muslim to God and religion, a responsible son to daddy and mummy, a loving grandson to Grandpa & Grandma and Jiddi & Nenda, a generous nephew to your aunties and uncles (HEHE), a wonderful family member to your extended family and a good friend to all your friends.

We love you so much already and happy growing up, little boy.




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Father’s Day 2015

I’ve had this picture of my handsome dad for a good few months now as my wallpaper. Or maybe half a year. It’s always either his picture or my mum’s picture or both but this picture is too charming that it has stayed the longest on my screen. There is also a sight of my mum so fair enough there right mommy? (and a tiny sight of Che my grandma)



I dedicated a post for my mum and although I’m a day late doing it again but for my dad, nothing changes the fact that I we love them both equally.

Pa, thank you so so much for your never ending prayers. I believe that our greatest strength in life that Allah has blessed us with is you. You are our backbone, our pillar of strength, our strongest support. You work so hard until you tire yourself and yet you still continue because you want to provide us with the best of things in life. Just like a mom’s unconditional love for their children, you too are the definition of unconditional love of a father for his children. Not only are you that kind of a father, you too are the perfect definition of a perfect husband. A love like yours and mama is a love so pure and beautiful that I absolutely have so much admiration and respect for.

Thank you for taking care of us so so well and thank you for all your hard work, energy and time. Thank you for never giving up on us and for loving us the way you do. You always say thank you to mama for bringing us up because you’re not based at home much due to work (you are always around to us) but I think all of us should thank you the most because we are who we are today because of you. Allah is so kind for sending us you, so kind for showing His kindness and love through you. We’ve seen how Allah keeps testing you until you hit the lowest point in your life but you never lose faith in Him and you pull yourself back together because of Him and your family every single time.

I am sorry if I am not the most perfect daughter to you but thank you for always being awesome. We always admire and respect every word that you utter and that being said, you are the definition of a role model. To follow your traits and mama’s wouldnt be easy but I trust we are learning and doing it everyday.



And so, Happy Father’s Day, papa. The person who would not let his children go camping during schooling years (I remember there was one time that my camp was compulsory and he made me come back home every night and he would send me again to the camping place first thing in the morning and brought me donuts by the end of the day because he knew how picky I was with food before) and the person who is never calculative with us and takes us for great holidays every year. And of course, the person who loves good food too much and hence continuously brings us for great lunch/dinner sessions.

May Allah truly bless you pa and may He grant you the Highest of His Jannah <3

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Post Exam life

Greetings!! Hope everyone is having a great day so far, put a smile on that face now ^.^

So, I had my last last ever exam last week which means I am now done with my degree in shaa Allah! When my friends and I first stepped out from the exam hall after that last exam, we felt strange.. Like huh… No more classes no more having to go to library and no more studying… We had that sense of freedom and we were wondering what we would be doing to kill our time. Some of my friends already secured jobs here so hooray and congratulations guys, I’m so proud of you! As for me, in shaa Allah, I will be starting my work soon enough or maybe I have actually started at some point. I shall spare the details for the next post and my upcoming posts will be a lot about what I will actually be doing after this with my BIL, BIL’s cousin and sister. Let’s hope and pray that all will go well! For now, I’m just going to post pictures of the 1 week degree free kind of life that I’ve been having so far.

FullSizeRenderFresh out of the exam hall face. Love my girls!


So much love for this fine lady right here. She came only during final year but I fell hard for her.


Looks like I won’t be seeing Mahir for a long long time. I’m grateful to have our paths crossed Mahir and I wish you all the best in your BPTC next year in shaa Allah!

On 15th May, I had a farewell dinner with few of the classmates (most of them did not turn up!) and lecturers. Our class is pretty small with only probably 30 full timers so we are quite close to one another especially after the Berlin field trip last year. Thank you for the memories, guys!


Thanks for organising Hana and Leon!


Oh I did not mention about my sister’s return on the 13th (yes that was right after my exam!). It’s really good to have her back and we are now in the process of moving out kind of packing while she prepares for her Viva that is due to happen on the 25th. Good luck kakak! I have full faith in you, you always manage and do very well. I’m again grateful that we came here at around the same time and at the same place and we are/will also be done at the same time in shaa Allah.




We had our Bristol appreciation weekend and actually took a real stroll around the market. Having lived in Harbourside, we sometimes forget how wonderful Harbourside is especially during weekends. We will really really miss you Bristol, you are the best city to live in the UK, indeed and you will forever have a special place in our hearts.

Thank you God for this beautiful path that You planned for me. I was always about London and London and London before I came here for my studies and did not really enjoy the fact that I would be doing my degree in Bristol. Little did I know that Bristol would give me so much happiness and contentment. I love every bit about my university and my life here alhamdulillah.



I brought my sister to The Cosy Club Bristol and she loved it. Everyone should visit The Cosy Club because the name itself is self explanatory, cosy… and the restaurant’s interior is so charmingly English!

Okay I should get going now. I’ll be back writing soon again hopefully for something very interesting. Good day ahead, lovelies!

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Switzerland Day 3: Lucerne and Zurich

*Deep deep and sincere apologies for the super super delayed continuation post!*

9. It was our 3rd day already. We checked out from the hotel after the simple but yummy breakfast and headed to Interlaken West station. Took the train to Interlaken Ost, got down and changed to another train that would bring us to our next stop, Lucerne. It took roughly 2 hours and at 10am, we said Hello to snowy snowy Lucerne!

Confession: The pictures below were taken after we luckily managed to get early check in at the hotel. It was such a blessing that the room was already available upon our morning arrival because we were soaked – the snow was extra heavy as we walked for what took us 15 minutes from Lucerne Station to Best Western Hotel Krone. I’m certainly not a ‘make up’ person but I do love mascara and lipsticks a lot and I had those on my face that day and yes.. My face was 1/4 stained with mascara and I do still think that the reception person silently laughed at my sister and I and pitied us too hence the early check in. Hehe.





Although Interlaken got my heart, Lucerne was beautiful too. It is almost like Geneva except that Lucerne is slightly more modernised.

10. We wanted to go to Zurich so much other than wanting to maximise our Swiss Pass and so we did go to Zurich. Explored Lucerne in an hour and then we took the next available train to Zurich. Lucky us as the train duration was only 50 minutes. While on the train, my sister asked me to research about things-to-do in Zurich and TripAdvisor suggested us to head to Uetliberg Mountain as we could get the best view of Zurich from up here. I then Googled if Swiss Pass would be enough to take us there and what more could I say when it stated ‘Valid with Swiss Pass’. Truly amazing. Tip for everyone wondering or planning about the trip: There are direct trains to Uetliberg in the Zurich train station itself and they operate every 15 minutes. My sister and I straight away changed platform and then..



It was snowing, yes. Heavily, too. So, there was no way we could have the beautiful view. What we did was we walked around the area and had lunch and left after less than an hour. Advice: Please go early in the morning, guys. On a brighter side, I had a good cure to my disappointment.



It was this really really cute little boy *insert love is in the air emoticon*.

11. Okay, so we arrived back at Zurich Station. It was a Sunday and we knew we could only go sightseeing (goodbye shops). We came out from the station and it was already the central shopping point in Zurich and by walking until the end of the street, we were told that it would be Lake Zurich that we see next. Easy peasy, so convenient. Switzerland is just so tourist friendly.


Hmm, what can I share about Zurich.. It is a top notch, posh feel kind of city! It really is almost like London but prettier. You can really feel that it is a metropolitan city compared to the rest of Swiss cities. Geneva too has all the designers shops but Zurich has all the shops structured in a much high class style. The last picture that shows me standing in the middle of street is the street that I am talking about. Designers in one pretty stretch.


Lake Zurich! Do you see the buildings that I see? The area is a business centre area. As told by my BIL to us, Zurich is the financial centre of Switzerland and that should explain why Zurich is more metropolitan.

12. Good 3 hours in Zurich and it was 5pm which meant it was time to head back to Lucerne. Arrived at Lucerne station around 6pm and we had Fish Burgers at Burger King before calling it a day.

13. Our flight back to Bristol was at 3pm and from Geneva Airport. I’m now going to reiterate the beauty of Swiss  railway system again because there is a direct train from Lucerne to Geneva Airport. Yes, not even Geneva town but Geneva Airport. How very very convenient, I now completely get why it’s described as an exceptionally amazing railway system.



Bye bye Lucerne, bye bye Geneva, bye bye Switzerland! Thank you Allah for letting me experience the best holiday yet so far. You changed my views about the world and Your Greatness after seeing all those beautiful creations by You. I pray that this opportunity arise again in the future – probably ski trip with the whole family? In shaa Allah.

P/s: Hope the 3 posts are or will be useful for everyone soon *insert smiley face*.

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Getting ready for class but stealing 5 minutes away for this. Happy 28th Anniversary to my beautiful parents <3

Thank you for every little thing that you have done for us children. Without you, we wouldn’t be here and we couldn’t be the people that we are today. Challenges come all the time but never once have you left our sides. Thank you for all the sacrifices both physically and mentally, for supporting us with both your actions and prayers, for loving us unconditionally. Everyday we thank Allah for the biggest blessings and gifts He gave us and they are you. Love you forever and ever pa and ma. I’m sorry if I’ve wronged you in any way and may Allah SWT grant papa and mama the  highest of His jannah. Amin.

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Friends for keep

I am dedicating this post to a friend of mine that I have grown to love dearly since the Day 1 that I got to know her. The story of how we got to know each other is unusual but we have agreed to close that particular chapter and to appreciate, embark and enjoy the rest of the chapters that we have ahead of us. Our friendship did not develop ordinarily – not through consecutive meet ups/date sessions but rather by means of WhatsApp conversations on a monthly basis. This fact that I have always found special remains until today although we have now started to see each other in person. I am thankful that she came to Bristol during her winter break last year because that was the point where things took a shift for us. I got to finally speak to Ina non virtually, see how decent, humble and soft spoken she is, listen to her inspiring stories and discover that what people always describe her as is all true or even more true than that.





Amalina Amran or Ina, beautiful person, isn’t she? Ina taught me the true value of friendship from the kind gestures that I saw her doing for me. She taught me what being strong is just by hearing her stories. I also enjoy the religious talks that we sometimes have and I’m happy to see the blessings that God has been giving her because she deserves it. There are times that Ina whines about a bit or two in regards to her life but if only she sees how special she is in the eyes of God and everyone else. But I always trust Ina knows that because she’s honestly one of the most rationale people I know.

On the 31st of December 2014, Ina surprised me again with her kindness when I received a DHL Express parcel. I am a true online shopper so I thought it was one of the parcels that I knew was about to come. When my mum told me about it, I questioned myself “Why DHL” but did not think deep until I approached it and saw “AMM” written somewhere.


“Ina”. It clicked to me very fast that it was from her because Ina did WhatsApp me a few days before to ask for my address. She is a smart lady and is currently studying in Amman, Jordan (her final year this year, yay!).

Does anyone want to take a guess of what this amazing amazing lady got me?



Yeap, you got that right, a really really beautiful jubah dress! My grandma, mummy and aunt were all there when I opened the parcel (even more excited than I was because I was so starstruck-ed) and they fell in love with the jubah too and kept complimenting Ina for her good taste and kindness. Ina also inserted an awesome card along which I think was why I was starstruck. I was touched with her kind words and I could not digest the fact that Ina took the effort to courier it all the way from Jordan.


(Your handwriting is better than mine) Thank you sayang for such an amazing surprise. It was a really sweet end to my 2014 and a wonderful start to my 2015. I pray that our friendship continues until Jannah because you’re truly a keeper. No matter how far we are from each other and how busy we are with our lives, please know that you’re always there in my heart. Thank you for being my amazing friend and I pray that you always be blessed with happiness with all your loved ones, in shaa Allah. Much love from me to you, my dearest Ina.

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Jalan jalan cari makan in Kelantan

*Disclaimer: Pictures heavy post again today*

Have you ever eaten so much that you feel you’re getting huge-r day by day but you still eat because you love food and then you exercise because you feel guilty but then resume eating because you can’t resist them? *raises hand* I have. And it almost always happens each time I’m back in my hometown. I’m from Kelantan and I consider myself a pure Kelantanese because both my parents are from there and we lived in Kelantan for some time. We also speak the language at home other than English.

So almost all our relatives live here in KL but my grandparents on my mum’s side of the family reside in Kota Bharu. For that reason, my parents make it a point to return to our base on a monthly basis and everytime my sister and I are on our break and we are back home, we would try to join them for 2 reasons:

1) Visit grandparents
2) Makan

I’ve observed a lot of other Kelantanese do this – go back to eat. Kelantan has amazing amazing food that I can never describe enough and there are a number of those very famous restaurants that we always think or speak about as we have our lunch or dinner here in KL. Papa goes back to Kelantan more than the family does because he has an office there and guess what, he will always buy a lot of food and bring home the famous nasi and kuih muih.

I’m now about to share all the pictures that I took. Hope it does some help for those planning to visit the eastern side of Malaysia!

1st stop: Restoran Syam Bungamas (Jalan Hospital Berek 12) 

This restaurant is really historical. It’s been in existence for probably more than two decades and I’ve been going here since I was a child.

 Tomyam campur
 Udang paprik (good but udang bakar is a much better option but the waiter said it would take 30 minutes to prepare on that day so we tried this instead)
 This awesome daging masak merah. Must must eat.
 The too good sotong goreng tepung.
 Kailan ikan masin – my parents and sister’s favourite
Telur goreng dadar – simply because papa loves eating his food with a touch of omelette.
We headed to Renaissance after the tummy filling dinner and papa was already saying he wanted waffles from the next door shopping mall – Billion.
Papa checking in. The staffs at this hotel know and are close to him. ‘Abe Lan’ all the way and ‘Boss’ in KL.
 Our Kota Bharu suite – the name of the room. Papa insisted ‘dari atas’ angle so I did flat lay picture and he approved this one. Yeap, my parents read my blog and have been so supportive and papa stresses out that pictures must be in HD *insert mouth open emoticon* cool pa!
Papa’s kaya waffle – we got a bit creative and decided to utilise the plate.

My sister and I decided to visit our aunt, uncle and cousins so we drove to their house. It’s really just next to my grandma’s house on papa’s side of the family – the house where we usually stay but it’s empty and locked and will be open only when the whole family is back home during Raya and special events.

Reunited with MP and Adik Sya!
Good Morning Kota Bharu!
2nd stop: Kopitiam Kita (Taman Desa Jaya, Jalan Pengkalan Chepa)
I don’t think any description is needed. This is the kopitiam that has caught everyone’s heart. Never easy to get tables during weekends, everyday is full house. The concept is brilliant, Wong the owner did some brilliant job. He sells all the famous nasi from all sellers and this saves everyone’s time as they can get them here without having to drive to each individual shop.
 1/10th of Kakak there. Hehe.
This is what I mean. Every famous nasi and kuih from all outside sellers are gathered in one stretch. So convenient.
 Our personal favourite – nasi kapit sambal
 This popular roti titab. By popular, I mean extremely popular.

Look who joined us for breakfast!

Papa and his best friend. Pak Cik Amran can talk to papa for hours and never gets tired.
We spent time at our grandparents’ house for a few hours and then guess what came after that. Lunch. More eating, yums..3rd stop: Restoran Nilam (Jalan Temenggong)

This restaurant is also very historic. We come here for the Chicken Chop kampung style!

Overexposed picture but the chicken chop is pure goodness.
Okay.. That’s already a lot of food but not quite finished yet.
We also popped in this store.
4th stop: Kedai Roti Perling (Jalan Kubang Kerian)
Also historic. Great bread and bun.
Pandan cream puffs
We made our way back to the hotel after lunch and I felt so so big by that time so I spent 40 minutes jumping and jogging around the room. Was a good decision because that then inspired my super mom and sister who joined me although it’s no problem for mama because she runs on the treadmill everyday so it was cheat days for her? Lucky mom.
And hmm,
Just when I thought I burned some calories and my tummy wasn’t as big anymore, the half awaited question from papa came:
‘What’s for dinner? Satay?’
My God, what was going on in my life.. Food fiesta? But who could say no to satay..
OK pa.
5th stop: Satay Malaysia (Jalan Baung)
Lychee Kang for the parents
Good dinner here but I loved those squids the most! So hmmm.. I’m done…. I think.
Okay, please don’t judge now.. Papa offered this and last one for the day I promise!
A little story here about my adorable papa. He stays at Renaissance when he has work in Kelantan and as mentioned, he developed good relationships with the staffs – everyone would greet him. Sometimes at night when he’s tired from work and just wants to rest, he tends to ask the ground floor valet parking guys to help get him ‘Burger Kampung’ and they will happily help papa buy it and bring it up to the room. If he has to wait too long, he even rings them and asks ‘Where’s my burger?’ – I think my sister got her traits from papa.. Hehehe.
 Tadaaaaa. A new day, a new start for food! Hehe. Couldn’t eat a lot because of the previous day’s eating madness.
Love this picture. Au revoir Kota Bharu, see you soon!
Scanned our bags and I was the last to pass through the sensing panels. The security officer asked for flight tickets and spontaneously asked:
“3 siblings travelling today yes?”
“Umm, 2. That’s my mama there”
While laughing and looking at my mum she said:
“Whoaaaa, like 3 siblings! So young”
So young, indeed.
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You can take my seat

It feels like it was just yesterday that this happened.

Yeap, walking to College Green bus stop where my sister and I usually wait for our buses to unis. Lucky her as her buses pass by almost every minute and then she would leave me waiting for my 19 and 72 that sometimes go up to 20 minutes.

And then today,

We are back home safe and sound for the Christmas break, alhamdulillah. A little story as we got on the plane of the same usual thing that never fails to happen for the past few years. I got the window seat again and everyone would think that the older siblings would always give up seats to their younger siblings but No. Not for my sister. I already took my seat (this time ‘don’t care’ face on although I already felt bad and wanted to offer to her and fine, I actually did a few seconds after) but then I gave it up to my sister.
“Kakak, do you want my seat?”
“No, it’s fine adik. I can sit here”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah.. *there was a 2 seconds pause* or why not, you take my seat and when we want to sleep, you take back your seat”
That’s it, sounded just more like her..
“Oh is it? Never mind, you can just take my seat”
“Really? Okay! Next flight your turn, thanks”
Has that ever happened kak? Okay, once, maybe. Hehe. But honestly, one really wouldnt have the heart to say no to her. She’s such a small petite girl compared to me who’s obviously big. In the past, people would always think I’m the older sister and I would feel soooo hurt. She’s 6 years older guys! But now and especially after she got married, that has reduced significantly and people would guess we are about the same age but when asked who’s the older one, they would say my sister *happy dance* *no pain in the heart anymore* I guess I don’t look old, she just looks young.
Okay Nadia.
You see what I mean. Tiny girl.
Had to put up this one, a taste of heaven, no kidding.
One of my dearest friends, Angeline, texted me before and after my flight (too sweet, love you!) and she’s off to Switzerland today for the break. And soooo, Happy Holiday everyone! Wishing you a good good Christmas break wherever you are.
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#syazwanibazil wedding Part 6 – Official Videos

Avicenna Studio worked on producing the 2 videos of the events. Happy clients, thank you Avicenna.

Video 1: Proposal + Solemnisation

The Proposal video was created by the groom and embedded into the solemnisation video. He proposed to the bride while on their holiday trip at Exmoor National Park. Pictures courtesy of Nazmee Mazlan, our little brother, who joined in the fun and took shots from some hidden spots.

Video 2: Groom’s side reception. Theme: Black Tie

It’s now time I disclose ‘Surprise 3’.

And yes, Surprise 3 was the performance delivered by my BIL’s long time best friend (12 years) at the wedding reception. He serenaded the crowd with the song – ‘Nothing’s gonna change my love for you’.

My all time favourite song by George Benson. You have wonderful friends kakak and abang Bazil. Friends for keep definitely.

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#syazwanibazil wedding Part 5 – Reception on the groom’s side

This beautiful beautiful Black Tie themed wedding reception that took place at Hilton KL was mostly BIL’s hard work. I seldom hear men handling weddings, they usually leave them to their moms and sisters. My BIL was truly an exception *bows to him*, he had everything planned well and even prepared a few surprises for his wife and now, I shall again let these magnificent pictures do the speaking for me.
Photographer: Daniel Zain Photography. Thank you Daniel. Instagram – @danielzain
 So creative!
 Beautiful piece Innai Red!
Chris wearing Scottish traditional highland dress with much pride and Andrii looking smart in tux while BIL looking fresh in his.. robe.
 Got everyone’s attention, not a nano doubt.
 Shirt on now, good start there.
 Most eligible bachelors.
 Okay fine, one selfie with BIL.
 Kak Liza’s touch. Follow @lizasaliza on Instagram. Skillful make up artist.
 Goddess beauty.
 Exquisite, BIL.
 Looks familiar doesn’t it? Shortbread by Shortbread House of Edinburgh. Chris’ family runs the business *drools* and how kind of Chris to sponsor these as wedding favours.
 The gorgeous Kazakhs and Russians.
 And action!
 Surprise 1
 Surprise 2
 Bestman giving speech. You beat my speech.
 Too adorable! He calls BIL ‘abang Donald Duck’
 Cake cutting
 The Imperial boys
 Surprise 4 (skipping surprise 3 for a reason)
Awesome awesome surprise. The lights in the ballroom suddenly turned off and the emcee closed the event by ushering everyone to leave the ballroom and then guess what greeted us all.
 Too brilliant.
He kept the surprises from everyone and especially from the person he wanted to surprise most and only his family knew about this. Every element was very well done BIL *thumbs up*.
I think my selfie picture already implied the continuation of Part 4. Yes, my dad – the problem solver, made me come home to make everyone (mama, kakak and myself too) happy. It was a challenging life for me I got to admit. I arrived in Malaysia on the 10th morning and 11th night was the reception and I took the 12th morning flight and got into Bristol safe and sound on 12th night. 13th was my final paper and alhamdulillah, I got an A and a B for both the papers. Those on flight studying did work with the help of my loved ones in Malaysia and in UK. And the cabin crew too for feeding me well (at one point, I got so shy to enter the plane because I knew I would be with the same crew hehe). But if I may say, never in my life that I felt so knackered. I didnt share my pictures in this post because I simply looked horrible that night. One of my cousins saw me from afar as I walked behind my sister and asked the other cousin ‘what happened to yaya’ and one of my aunties pulled me to the side and told me ‘you look so tired’. I was but I was also happy that I made it. I could witness and attend to my mom’s request to be there and also be my sister’s maid of honour on her big day. And really, I think that was all that mattered. Thank you papa for the idea and on top of everything, thank you God.
Now to this couple,
It has now been almost a year that you’ve been married to each other and your families are happy to see you doing well. Disagreements and arguments will not pass but it’s how you handle them that are key to harmony. We feel blessed that your hubby doesn’t take you away from us kakak. We still feel you’re always around and it’s thanks to the coolest and easy going son in law/brother in law.
May it forever remain that way, May Allah always keep your marriage safe and best wishes from us.
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