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Back in Malaysia

Touched down Malaysia safe and sound on Friday evening as a university graduate, alhamdulillah and in shaa Allah. It was really sad leaving Bristol but I guess that is life, it goes on. I’m again very thankful for the wonderful 3 years in Bristol that Allah made me experience, thankful for every kindness and all the blessings that He showered me with. I now look forward to what awaits me (excited to write about it very very soon!) and I pray for Allah to guide me through all that I’m about to embark on.

I’m posting some pictures of my sister and I’s last day in our rented apartment for 3 years that I took before we handed back the apartment keys to the awesome landlord (for my future reference).

1Missing you already, The Crescent.









5Our shipping boxes that have already been shipped.


FullSizeRenderThis serene and breathtaking that I will miss.


IMG_4990Picture of our first makan makan last year.


IMG_6333Bye bye house :'(



And now, pictures of our last plane ride home as students (so emo, I know). Goodbye Bristol, Goodbye UK. I promise I will be back.

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Post Exam life

Greetings!! Hope everyone is having a great day so far, put a smile on that face now ^.^

So, I had my last last ever exam last week which means I am now done with my degree in shaa Allah! When my friends and I first stepped out from the exam hall after that last exam, we felt strange.. Like huh… No more classes no more having to go to library and no more studying… We had that sense of freedom and we were wondering what we would be doing to kill our time. Some of my friends already secured jobs here so hooray and congratulations guys, I’m so proud of you! As for me, in shaa Allah, I will be starting my work soon enough or maybe I have actually started at some point. I shall spare the details for the next post and my upcoming posts will be a lot about what I will actually be doing after this with my BIL, BIL’s cousin and sister. Let’s hope and pray that all will go well! For now, I’m just going to post pictures of the 1 week degree free kind of life that I’ve been having so far.

FullSizeRenderFresh out of the exam hall face. Love my girls!


So much love for this fine lady right here. She came only during final year but I fell hard for her.


Looks like I won’t be seeing Mahir for a long long time. I’m grateful to have our paths crossed Mahir and I wish you all the best in your BPTC next year in shaa Allah!

On 15th May, I had a farewell dinner with few of the classmates (most of them did not turn up!) and lecturers. Our class is pretty small with only probably 30 full timers so we are quite close to one another especially after the Berlin field trip last year. Thank you for the memories, guys!


Thanks for organising Hana and Leon!


Oh I did not mention about my sister’s return on the 13th (yes that was right after my exam!). It’s really good to have her back and we are now in the process of moving out kind of packing while she prepares for her Viva that is due to happen on the 25th. Good luck kakak! I have full faith in you, you always manage and do very well. I’m again grateful that we came here at around the same time and at the same place and we are/will also be done at the same time in shaa Allah.




We had our Bristol appreciation weekend and actually took a real stroll around the market. Having lived in Harbourside, we sometimes forget how wonderful Harbourside is especially during weekends. We will really really miss you Bristol, you are the best city to live in the UK, indeed and you will forever have a special place in our hearts.

Thank you God for this beautiful path that You planned for me. I was always about London and London and London before I came here for my studies and did not really enjoy the fact that I would be doing my degree in Bristol. Little did I know that Bristol would give me so much happiness and contentment. I love every bit about my university and my life here alhamdulillah.



I brought my sister to The Cosy Club Bristol and she loved it. Everyone should visit The Cosy Club because the name itself is self explanatory, cosy… and the restaurant’s interior is so charmingly English!

Okay I should get going now. I’ll be back writing soon again hopefully for something very interesting. Good day ahead, lovelies!

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Easter Break



Last class of the week. And semester.. And year… There are 2 more weeks of classes after Easter but they are just for revisions purpose. What can I say now except that time really does fly really fast.

And guys, please allow me to boast a little that I, Nadia Mazlan,


Did not skip any class at all this semester! *insert dancing lady emoticon* For the past 3 years, I’ve been trying my best to have full attendance and I think I have succeeded because I probably had only skipped 5% overall since the 3 years. Of course I could do it considering I only had ummmm only 2-3 days of classes in a week.




I decided to take pictures of my beloved uni yesterday. Happy Weekend Happy Easter readers!

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Thank you, Polo

My sister and I’s most treasured valuables went away from us a few weeks ago.


Sigh, my heart just dropped again as I copied this picture here on my blog. Yes, our Volkswagen Polo is officially not here anymore to bring us around. Even though this car was bought by my dad for my sister (second hand car and this car is 13 years old), I ended up using it more instead for uni purpose where I drove to uni for my 1st and 2nd year. The trend was to drop my sister at her office and I would then drive to uni and then fetch my sister again from her office before driving home. We also used to visit London and Bicester Village a lot with our Polo and it was very handy whenever my family came here for a visit. Why.. Hmm because although our flat is located just 5 minutes away from Park Street, my dad would err.. still insist to drive there. My mum on the other hand loves loves loves walking so we would go separately but reach there at the same time – my dad and brothers mostly would leave the flat 10 minutes after we left. Hehe.

I miss you Polo. I know I made fun of you countless times before because I never really liked how your eyes were (read: headlights) but don’t people always say those who don’t really like each other are those who would be dear to our hearts? Same case here. I actually really appreciate what you did for me and I hope you remember the little sweet moments we had together when I was cleaning you and apologising to you for not being proud of you. Back to your eyes, I just couldn’t help it despite the fact that they were really cute. At least to mama who loved you and always defended you whenever I criticised you. The family used to joke around where we said the bigger headlights represented my sister’s eyes and the smaller ones represented mine considering I have ‘sepet’ or chinked eyes.




Last few moments with Polo where my sister and I washed and cleaned the car together. I hope your next owner takes very good care of you. I will never forget you, I promise, and thank you for being great to us. I’ve been taking the bus to uni since the start of final year and  and I cannot deny how convenient it was to have you especially when I was late for group meeting last year and I had you to save me. To know that it’s not going to be like that at all now, it really means that I have to be more disciplined but looking on a bright side, I definitely equally enjoy this life too and should be thankful for all that God has given me, Alhamdulillah. Farewell now, our lovely Polo.

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Love Bristol

This is probably the longest that I have been idle and not blog at all.

“Dianadiadia, you’ve been quiet” – BIL at 7.24 am today.

Hehe. Because last week was the first week of classes for the second semester.. Okay, let’s not be in denial to yourself Nadia. I should just use the term last semester. Or final year last semester. But it breaks my heart, really! I can’t believe I’m in my 3rd year already. It only feels like yesterday that I was rushing for induction week but no, that was 3 years ago. God.

Back to my story, I’ve been quiet again because of classes and small events with friends and then by the end of the day, I would be tired or watching Glee. So far alhamdulillah, all has been well. Got my marks and am thankful for them and wish to do better in the upcoming courseworks. Let’s do this friends, just a bit more!

I spent my Sunday last week going around the city with my sister and on our way home, we were blessed with these sights of Bristol and here I am finally sharing these pictures.










 Bristol before and after the sun set. 

Beautiful, don’t you think so too? I think that Bristol is the best city to live in and I know that a lot who has lived here especially would understand this. Wherever my sister and I go, Bristol is always the place that we miss and want to come back to. This is agreed by my little brother who was here for 2 years and also by my parents and big brother. They used to visit a lot during 1st and 2nd year and we used to go to London or some European cities from Bristol but in the end, what we all wanted was just to return to Bristol. We used to have conversations with many taxi drivers but the most remembered one was the one my sister and brother had when they first arrived here (I came a year later).

“You’re going to fall in love with this city, trust me”

.. Well said and well proven, there really is just something about you Bristol *insert heart emoticon*.

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Black Friday Part 2

I was never around for boxing day every Christmas and I really only hear from people about how happening it always is every year with the longest queues you would ever be in. I feel thankful that I got to be a part of Black Friday this year because like the saleslady told me yesterday ‘omg, it’s like boxing day. Christmas came early huh’. I can’t even imagine how more packed boxing day could get because it was soooo packed already yesterday in Bicester Village. Never did I have to queue for almost every shop I wanted to enter..
My sister and I started our journey at 9am and arrived there at around 11am, alhamdulillah. It’s usually less than 2 hours but traffic got really heavy as we neared Bicester Village. Luckily I had my co-driver who was smart enough to use Waze to search for a better route. Waze is really amazing in that sense huh. I’m dependent on Waze in Malaysia and have always been impressed with it because it gets me to everywhere I want to go at the shortest routes possible. Or maybe longer routes when it knows there are heavy jams ahead. And not to forget, Waze loves bringing us to the smallest kampung/country side roads like this…
 Longer route but jams gone and got to enjoy this view even.
 My smart co-driver who would never stop talking to me the whole time I was driving.
And yay!
Thank you Waze but not quite done yet with the challenge yet because it was then time to look for a car park space. Which took us umm.. 40 minutes.. Yes. And guess what happened to our car? It is rather old in age and as always, the engine oil red light lit up. But no problem car and don’t you worry, we understand you enough now and have enough stock to help you out. Spent a few minutes filling up the oil and before we could finally start our shopping.
We had our time planned and aimed to head back home by 5pm. Our aunt asked us to help her get a new handbag and also a t-shirt for our uncle so we settled that one first.
Guys, we got our aunt’s Furla handbag for less than half of the original price! There was an additional 20% off for Black Friday and my aunt was sooo happy and excited, you’re indeed very blessed umi!
Done with that, I got hungry and started pestering my sister that I must must eat or otherwise I couldn’t function and she gave up and got us my all time favourite crepe.
 Chocolate banana crepe
We realised it was already 3pm when we finished eating and knew for sure that our plan wouldnt work (to head home by 5) because we had more to get. And again, with those long queues.. Impossible. So we went home at 8pm instead. Mama sounded quite worried when we told her but everything took really long and the discounts were too great to handle. The liveliness was one thing too, the later it got the more people there were. Evidence as shown below..
Should have taken a video of this and other performances!
Tonnes of people really.
To sum up, alhamdulillah for a really great day yesterday. Managed to get everything for the family and ourselves except for what mama wanted but we will try to get it somewhere else ma.

All these things that we bought wouldn’t have been with us now if not for the incredible offers. 20-80% off, I am thankful. They still do this until Christmas except for the limited additional offers so I recommend everyone going to Bicester Village when you can. There’s also a prayer room next to Dior shophouse and some restaurants like Carluccio, Cafe Villandry, Starbucks and Pret A Manger. For now, I shall have my rest both body and bank account rest and get back to coursework and hope that happens very soon..

Have a great Saturday everyone!

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Black Friday

Been so caught up with coursework this week. My Monday until Thursday were filled with library sessions apart from attending the usual classes. I’m going to say bye bye to this view for today..

And attend to one of the emails that says this…

Yeap a trip to Bicester Village with my sister in a few hours, in shaa Allah. I just googled what Black Friday is and found that it originated from US. Wikipedia defines it as:

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year in the biggest economy in the world.”

and Telegraph traced back its history and shared these facts:

“Retailers have the Philadelphia Police Department to thank for Black Friday. It was the American police who, during the 1950s and 1960s, gave the name to the day after Thanksgiving because of the chaos that ensued in the city as shoppers flocked to the high street sales while spectators travelled to the annual Army vs Navy American football match. 
Shops in Philadelphia pushed for the day to be known by the more flattering “Big Friday”. For them, the day after Thanksgiving was vital – it was the day that shoppers started their Christmas shopping and they wanted as many people as possible through their doors. 
Indeed, the day was so crucial that retailers pushed the US government to move Thanksgiving to earlier in November so there was more time for Christmas shopping.”
For Black Friday which is today, shops and cafes in Bicester will be open from 9am until midnight! And their offers are amazing.
These screenshots are for everyday offers until Christmas. There’s another tab for more offers from participating outlet shops specifically just for Black Friday. These shops have different time slots and give additional discounts on top of the already discounted items but only for 1 hour (5-6pm) (6-7pm) (7-8pm) (8-9pm) (9-10pm).
I heard some of my friends are going for Black Friday shopping in Bristol too. Wherever we are, happy shopping guys  and let’s not spend too excessively!
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Cooking Diary 3

Would like to share the super quick recipe that my sister taught me (really takes just 30 minutes to prepare). Our lazy dinner menu this is…

But healthy!
2 pieces of salmon fillets
Cauliflower and broccoli
Pepper (red or green, anyone)
And of course you need some flavouring…
And this is why it’s really quick!
So basically what I do is sprinkle a bit ‘cukup rasa’ on the salmon. And fry it. When the salmon looks well fried… I literally just put everything and cook for 3-5 minutes. (Not too long if you want crunchy brocollis)
My reaction to my sister when she first showed me how to prepare this was “What? That easy huh”
Tadaaaa! Ready to eat. This ‘cukup rasa’ works mysteriously amazing, seriously.
My sister and I usually cook some pasta to eat with the salmon. How we make it is just boil the pasta and rinse it and just mildly flavour it with a bit of pasta sauce.
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Food galore

Not just yet.. Morning selfie first! Hehe. Welcome back for 4 days in London BIL. I accompanied my sister to London but only for a day. I came back to Bristol yesterday because I have work to do here and also because I wanted to give my siblings some quality time together.

Managed to catch breakfast and BIL brought us to Pain Quotidien in South Kensington.

Loved their scrambled eggs! The portion is just nice for 1 person. I shared it with my sister only because we were going to have early lunch after. So no sharing next time okay sister?

Being away from home means it was time to catch some Malaysian food too. Bristol does not have any halal Malaysian restaurant so it’s all about pasta, doners and pizzas. Of course we cook as well but we can’t cook these..

Our favouritest Malaysian Restaurant in London!
 Crispy Chicken (they have Crispy Duck too)
 Claypot beancurd
Mixed seafood salt & pepper
So so so so so good, alhamdulillah. I really really recommend everyone to please try their crispy chicken (or duck but I never tried it). The way it crunches as you eat them gives this one feeling that is unexplainable because it’s too good. We usually have sweet & sour prawns, kangkung belacan and nasi goreng seafood which are as good too but not in this trip.
And I also managed to satisfy my craving for this..
Sirap limau, yeap!
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Kakak’s birthday part 3 – Surprise surprise!

We celebrated kakak’s birthday with her friends like shared in the previous post and she thought that was it. Chanel boy cake done dinner done birthday gift done all done! What was left was us packing for London trip because her biggest birthday gift was on the way there. Little did she know that I was planning a small surprise on the morning of her birthday…
I woke up at 4 am to do like a small decoration and unlike last year, this year’s took shorter time so yay! The result was…
It was so so so tough hiding these cupcakes. I got them from the same cake shop which I will share soon because of how amazing the service is. Don’t you just love the cupcakes?
It was ‘make up’ themed cupcakes because of how in love my sister is with make ups. She has a full set and range of make ups from all brands and I always see her playing with them every morning when she’s getting ready to head to her office. She doesn’t always do make ups, only on certain events, but her love for them made her collect every single range. Her love for it is proven to me every night when she opens YouTube and watches make up tutorials before she sleeps (it’s like her therapy session). And because of her love for them, I bought new eye shadows and lipstick to match the cupcakes (also because she kept talking about getting metallic eyeshadows that she did not have in her collection yet).
Anyway, I let her enjoy her morning before the surprise. She was in the room replying to birthday messages which took so long. I knew that she would come to the living room when she finished with her prayer because she treasures her morning breakfast session and glad it turned out the same on her birthday. So then she came to the living room and….
“Happy Birthday kakak!” “Here’s another surprise for you, hope you like them”
And that was..
A real surprise.
Which meant..

My sister was really shocked and asked me how did I hide the cakes. Oh well, I haven’t answered you right kakak. I know you will be reading this so here goes the answer. I hid them in the store room where our washing machine is.

I know it sounds like the worst idea but that was the only place I could think of.. Plus, the box is properly sealed and the weather here is good so a few hours there wouldn’t harm (hopefully). She saw the eyeshadows that she wanted and I was happy that she was happy.

“I will always appreciate make up as gifts”

So that is it for part 3!


Umm, not quite done yet actually. Hehe.

I haven’t shared about her last surprise. Her biggest surprise which she knew in advance, and required us to go to London.

Yeap. A birthday dinner in London with her Mr Husband!

My BIL is in town now for her birthday. He has to attend to something on behalf of his father and what a blessing that it’s all arranged for this weekend. I still remember my sister saying how she wishes for her hubby to be here for her birthday and look kak. You’re blessed, alhamdulillah.

We had dinner at Meat & Co, Westfield. Londoners should be very familiar with this restaurant because it means we can enjoy decent halal steak. The fact that Meat & Co has two separate kitchens, one for halal and one for non halal, makes the restaurant even more attractive especially for the Muslims. They even provide separate booklets (halal menu and non halal menu).

 Birthday girl’s dinner – Lobster and beef fillets combo
My dinner – Salmon and asparagus with three cheese sauce
The boys’ dinner – 600 grams marinated beef fillets
It’s so cool how you can request for which part of meat you prefer (ribs, fillets) as well as the size of your meal (100 grams, 200 grams, 600 grams, etc). The boys said their fillets were slightly dry but my sister’s portion of beef was very good instead. And I fairly enjoyed my salmon too.
The dinner went on from 7 to 11pm (good catch up for my sister and BIL with their dearest friend, Andrii and his girlfriend) and just before we went home, my sister got a small surprise (yes, again!) from the cheeky waiter.
Sooo cool. This surprise got everyone surprised because we thought the waiter was joking about what he said.
“Oh come on it’s your birthday! At least have a scoop of ice cream, it’s on me okay”
I hope you had a wonderful day kakak. I’m very happy to see you very happy. And good job abang Bazil. Got to admit you’re a good husband.
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