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Lovin my Bags

My sister and I recently brought our mum’s old handbags to Lovin my Bags, Bangsar Village 2. It’s a handbag spa boutique and the picture and screenshot below explain what the shop does.


Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 2.53.48 PM

To be very very honest, I never knew that this sort of shop existed before. My sister did tell me about her sending one of her bags to a bag spa before and how that bag now looks very clean but I did not pay much attention to it. I came home this time and I got interested in cleaning one of my bags just so it would look fresher and newer. That was also when I recalled of two of my mum’s handbags that she had kept unused for a few years. 1 because the leather simply got stained due to the colour transfer from her jeans to that handbag. The handbag is in off white colour so the stain was obvious enough.

Before I write further, I just want to note that my sister went to a different bag spa boutique – MyBagSpa. MyBagSpa has more branches and I initially rang this shop to enquire about the price and duration of cleaning. From the information I got, I then went to my best friend again (Mr Google) and he suggested another shop – LovinMyBags. I called up the shop and the quotation I received was much more cheaper. And oh, the location is much preferable too (Bangsar Village 2). The comparisons are something like this:



RM180 for A4 sized bags

Duration is 2-3 weeks

50% on top of the original quotation if express service is required

Express service is 5-7 days



RM150 for A4 sized bags

Duration is 2 weeks

25% on top of the original quotation if express service is required

Express service is 5 days


So back to the story, I did not leave my bag for cleaning as what I did was I bought the cleaning products instead (thanks to my sister for the advice) but we did leave both our mum’s handbags. We really loved the service offered to us and the bag advisor was also very friendly. She was super informative and she did not try to market the business by saying the bag would look 100% new but rather 80% new. Her exact words “the bag is after all used so there are things that are unfixable. But it will look newer and fresher I promise. I will let you decide because you’re paying for the service”. She explained to us the concept of scuffing and dirt. Scuffing is unremovable but dirt is. What usually happens is our bags get scuffed and then dirt would easily blend in hence why the bags would not 100% new. We are actually removing the dirt from the scuffing. However, I do think that our bags may look 90-100% new if they are only just stained by dirt.

9 10

Here are ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of my mum’s handbags for easy reference:







As you can see, my mum’s bag completely looks fresh! The scuffing remains but the dirt is gone.






Okay. This bag is made of canvas. As you can see, this bag shows major ‘new’ effect after it’s cleaned. Yes, my mum was mostly impressed with this bag compared to the first one the moment she saw both bags. I would say value for money lies in cleaning canvas bags. However again, I have discovered many leather bags looking as fresh too so it really depends on the damage that your bags have.

I’m now going to share the pictures of the cleansing products that my sister and I bought for our bags.


We bought Beauty & Shine Cleanser and Beauty & Shine Moisturiser for RM180. What we do is we take a clean microfibre cloth or white cloth and put a bit of the cleanser on it and start applying on our bags. Please don’t get worried if you see colour stains on the cloth. The bag advisor told my sister and I that it is perfectly normal to receive that effect as we clean our bags. The next step is to dry it (either leave to air to dry/use hairdryer) and then we can begin applying moisturiser to our bags before finally drying it again. Products review: I have used both of them on two of my bags and my bags now look 80% new and fresh. The time taken to clean is a bit of pain but the result is just worth it.

Before I end this post, I would like to share an additional information. My sister and I made the right choice by going to LovinMyBags because we received 20% additional discount for using CIMB MasterCard. So to CIMB MasterCard holders, this is an added advantage of going to LovinMyBags.

I hope everyone finds this post useful! It’s really not just face and hair that need pampering, I just learned that *insert wink emoticon* hehe.


One satisfied customer there.

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#syazwanibazil wedding Part 5 – Reception on the groom’s side

This beautiful beautiful Black Tie themed wedding reception that took place at Hilton KL was mostly BIL’s hard work. I seldom hear men handling weddings, they usually leave them to their moms and sisters. My BIL was truly an exception *bows to him*, he had everything planned well and even prepared a few surprises for his wife and now, I shall again let these magnificent pictures do the speaking for me.
Photographer: Daniel Zain Photography. Thank you Daniel. Instagram – @danielzain
 So creative!
 Beautiful piece Innai Red!
Chris wearing Scottish traditional highland dress with much pride and Andrii looking smart in tux while BIL looking fresh in his.. robe.
 Got everyone’s attention, not a nano doubt.
 Shirt on now, good start there.
 Most eligible bachelors.
 Okay fine, one selfie with BIL.
 Kak Liza’s touch. Follow @lizasaliza on Instagram. Skillful make up artist.
 Goddess beauty.
 Exquisite, BIL.
 Looks familiar doesn’t it? Shortbread by Shortbread House of Edinburgh. Chris’ family runs the business *drools* and how kind of Chris to sponsor these as wedding favours.
 The gorgeous Kazakhs and Russians.
 And action!
 Surprise 1
 Surprise 2
 Bestman giving speech. You beat my speech.
 Too adorable! He calls BIL ‘abang Donald Duck’
 Cake cutting
 The Imperial boys
 Surprise 4 (skipping surprise 3 for a reason)
Awesome awesome surprise. The lights in the ballroom suddenly turned off and the emcee closed the event by ushering everyone to leave the ballroom and then guess what greeted us all.
 Too brilliant.
He kept the surprises from everyone and especially from the person he wanted to surprise most and only his family knew about this. Every element was very well done BIL *thumbs up*.
I think my selfie picture already implied the continuation of Part 4. Yes, my dad – the problem solver, made me come home to make everyone (mama, kakak and myself too) happy. It was a challenging life for me I got to admit. I arrived in Malaysia on the 10th morning and 11th night was the reception and I took the 12th morning flight and got into Bristol safe and sound on 12th night. 13th was my final paper and alhamdulillah, I got an A and a B for both the papers. Those on flight studying did work with the help of my loved ones in Malaysia and in UK. And the cabin crew too for feeding me well (at one point, I got so shy to enter the plane because I knew I would be with the same crew hehe). But if I may say, never in my life that I felt so knackered. I didnt share my pictures in this post because I simply looked horrible that night. One of my cousins saw me from afar as I walked behind my sister and asked the other cousin ‘what happened to yaya’ and one of my aunties pulled me to the side and told me ‘you look so tired’. I was but I was also happy that I made it. I could witness and attend to my mom’s request to be there and also be my sister’s maid of honour on her big day. And really, I think that was all that mattered. Thank you papa for the idea and on top of everything, thank you God.
Now to this couple,
It has now been almost a year that you’ve been married to each other and your families are happy to see you doing well. Disagreements and arguments will not pass but it’s how you handle them that are key to harmony. We feel blessed that your hubby doesn’t take you away from us kakak. We still feel you’re always around and it’s thanks to the coolest and easy going son in law/brother in law.
May it forever remain that way, May Allah always keep your marriage safe and best wishes from us.
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#syazwanibazil wedding Part 4 – Akad Nikah & Reception Bride’s side

On 4.1.14 after Isya’, this beautiful couple officially became husband & wife.

I still recall how teary I got that night. It was one of those touching moments where it just really hit you. ‘My sister is married, I’m going to lose her, she’s not going to be around as much, who’s going to hang out with me and mama’ and all sort of things. I guess I really do love my sister. Of course I do. Everyone does. I’m not going to write a lot because I believe the pictures below will do the talking.

 BIL – nervous much?
 The saksi/witnesses – My uncle and abang. Adik, you look stressed out here. Hehe.
 Make up by Kak Saidatulnisa. Quiet person but lovely and talented.
 Jo, great job here! Follow @iamjoeyjohari on instagram. He’s a great photographer.
 Groom helping out his Russian friend with sampin
 Dulang girls – gorgeous!
 Dulang boys
 Ello kakak.
 Mama, myself and kakak walking down the red carpet. Not fancy but good experience. Nerve wrecking too.
 Beautiful ladies with brains. Some taken some not taken.
 I heard that a few of the dulang boys were eyeing on the dulang girls. Couldn’t blame them..
 Pure love for the pelamin. Thank you KS Entourage.
 With the cousins.
Handsome huh.

 Abang’s friends
 Abang and Sara
Mama’s side of the family. Mama has 10 siblings so big family there but some were missing in this picture.
 Papa’s side of the family. Fun gang always! Some were missing in the picture too.

 My pretty little cousin.
 Handsome cousins.
 UPM tutors – kakak’s future colleagues.
 My high school friends – i love you girls.
 Kakak’s high school friends.
 Will always love you kakak.
Alhamdulillah for a blessed wedding with wonderful crowd and before I start writing Part 5, I’m going to make a confession.. I did tear up the next morning because my sister wasn’t going to be around for a few days as the newly married couple (that time) was off to Langkawi with the international friends. I felt like I was losing her already so the tears were fair. That wasn’t long though as I had a flight to catch that night and an exam was waiting for me already. A little story as I got into the plane.
‘Cik Nadia? I dont reckon you recognise me but I was there at your sister’s wedding last night’. I guess I looked pretty lost that time so he continued ‘I’m your neighbour by the way’. I was still in the same state but said ‘oh yes my neighbour! Hope you enjoyed the wedding, thank you for attending!’ ‘Very much welcome and I did indeed, it was a beautiful wedding’. He excused himself and then it finally clicked to me that it was my steward neighbour. Touched down London safe 13 hours after and mama confirmed it to me and said he lives next door. Mama’s quite close to the mom and the steward is the son in law of our neighbour. Okay, cool mom!
I mentioned I had 2 exams with 1 coursework in the previous post. I did finish up my coursework in December so that one was no problem. The problem was my 2nd exam which fell on the 13th. And the reception on the groom’s side was on the 11th. My sister was insisting that I must come back for the reception. Initially she was okay about me not being there but she suddenly got all sulky as the date neared. I had no clue of what to do that time. So the problem solver came into action. And the story about it will be in Part 5..

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#syazwanibazil wedding Part 3

Disclaimer: Part 3 will be all about friends!

My sister and BIL studied at Imperial College for their Masters Degree. Same course, same class, same nationality. How could they not fall in love.. and while I just shared this I will also share the story that never gets old (to my sister at least). She said that they first met during orientation day. Everyone had to carry like a little banner/name tag that of course had their names on. So apparently, she heard a voice of a handsome tall man that said ‘Nur Syazwani Mazlan, are you Malaysian?’ that got her turning her head like those you see in tv commercial for shampoo. And apparently again, my sister said that it was love at the first sight for my BIL………………………………………………………

Oh well..

So anyway, studying together would mean you would be in the same circle of friends. And when two people get together and it works out until marriage and forever in shaa Allah, they would want their good friends to be around them. Same thing for my sister and BIL. Their friends from all over the European and Asian continents came down to Malaysia to witness their big day. My sister did her degree in Queen Mary and that meant more friends and my sister also studies in UoB now so more friends again.

The UoB friends arrived one day before the big day and we fetched them from the airport and straight to the hotel and at night we brought them to KLCC for dinner. I told my sister ‘Do you realise you’ll be married in less than 24 hours kak?’. Before we left, our family and relatives from Kelantan were already crowding the house so I think my sister did.

Ruby, myself and MP
The UoB group
We got home by 11.30pm with full tummies and I forced my sister to sleep because she needed it and we were going to have an early start for rehearsal with emcee, parents, bridesmaids/dulang girls and the usherers from KS team. The groom’s side rehearsal was planned by the KS team to be later in the evening, lucky them!
Morning came fast enough and kakak was so excited that she got to see all her dulang girls! Mira and Madina who arrived safely from Kazakhstan, Tharry and Bondi who reserved their whole day for their friend, Kak Niniey (kakak’s longest best friend since high school and we are also somewhat related), the pies who are always there through thick and thin and of course the UoB ladies!
Me.. I was excited to see Kak Adibah Noor! The friendliest, talented, awesome, witty and most natural emcee ever. My dad really particularised the choice of emcee because we needed one who has all the talents that Kak Adibah has to ensure balance and control of the crowd. She just touched down from Jakarta and made her way straight to the hotel – full respect to her as she was being really professional and did not one bit show the tired side of her and just carried on giving brilliant idea while joking around with my parents and the dulang girls as she wrote her scripts.
 You were amazing that night kak Adibah, thank you!
 KS briefing the dulang girls!
 Madina, Ruby, Bondi and CP
Kak Nini, Lily, Tharry and Madina
The rehearsal went smooth and since it was quite an early start, kakak told her friends to get their rest and myself, pies, Kak Nini and kakak made our ways to kakak’s honeymoon suite, a special treat to the couple, courtesy of the hotel. And kakak got a little surprise from her best friend…

So sweet of kak Nini, the cake was delicious!

Kakak requested me to also upload these pictures of her and BIL’s awesome friends enjoying Malaysian food.. (Who are of course my friends too now). Your friends are my friends kak, my friends are my friends. Haha kidding kakak, love you.
 Banana leaf with the Imperial group + BIL’s friend when in Oundle
Hello Durian King if you’re reading this.
Had to share this one – best friends forever. Andrii in BIL’s baju Melayu at majlis kesyukuran.
My sister was unhappy with the yesterday’s dress fitting pictures so she sent me these pictures.
I think my choices are really gorgeous but just not in her eyes… But hope you’re happy now kakak *insert smiley face*.

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#syazwanibazil wedding Part 1

Successfully submitted my two big QS courseworks yesterday *phew*. I usually try my best to have my work ready at least a day prior to the deadline but guess who finished her work just 6 hours before this time.. But alhamdulillah for completing and I hope all goes well, in shaa Allah!

So I’ve been meaning to blog about #inserttheabovetitle for a long time and here I am today bringing my mind to the memories of my sister’s big day(s). The getting hitched decision came when were about to return to the UK for 2013 university term. That was umm, late August 2013, yeap.. Everyone panicked with my father’s decision, I mean we all knew the marriage date would definitely be in January 2014 but when it was finally finalised, God.. Wasn’t that just a serious deal. My sister and I straight away put the bride-to-be hat and maid-of-honour hats on and our dad and mom put the easiest hats on instead – finance/location/food/invite guests. Hehe.
My sister has always and always loved weddings apart from make up which made it a bonus as she knew where to start first and who to look for. The major ones were:
1st in list – Location
2nd in list – Wedding planner
3rd in list – Wedding dresses
Location wasn’t as hard as my dad had either Pullman and Marriott in Putrajaya in mind. Pullman could accommodate only up to 200 guests and so Hello Marriott Putrajaya although that meant them  giving us the whole 1,000 pax ballroom when all that we needed was only half of that. Hehe. My dad  considered KL too as the location but he knew Putrajaya would be much closer to us which was a blessed idea honestly. We had to go to the hotel a lot throughout the course of the wedding for food tasting, discussions with hotel manager, payments, hotel room arrangements for the groom’s family and the bride’s friends and all the little little things. Further to that, our relatives live around the same proximity so another kudo point there!
So now 1st list sorted and then came the 2nd one. This one, oh God. Took quite some time.. Luckily again, my sister had a vague idea of which planners to consider and after the many meet ups successful and unsuccessful ones (available but unbelievably pricey, available but dad didnt agree, not available because someone else had the same wedding date), my sister made a final list and brought it to my dad and after hearing comments both she and I made about each wedding planner (that time my dad and mom trusted me more) o yeah, decision arrived and ‘KS Entourage’ got everyone happy.
KS is such a nice nice person. We went to his showroom at Hotel Istana and were immediately touched with his humble nature. He handed us the portfolio of the beautiful weddings that he made happen with the help of his assistants who were just as kind as him. When we told him where the wedding would take place, he took that happily as he had done numerous weddings there and one of the known ones was Lisa Surihani and Yusry’s akad nikah ceremony. I guess my dad liked the comments we made about KS so wedding planner checked! I still remember what my sister said to KS during the first meeting.
“We need to impress Nadia because she’s the reporter of the family”. What was that supposed to mean huh kak?
While looking for the above, my sister had to also decide on wedding dresses and so again after going to several boutiques, she chose to trust Innai Red to design her dresses. The shop was a bit far for us, it’s in Plaza Damas Mont Kiara but no worries for my sister because she had a driver to drive her around for all the wedding related errands *points to maid of honour hat*.
It was then just a week before our flight back to UK and alhamdulillah the family and us were happy that we managed to sort out the major ones including wedding invitation cards. My sister made it clear to everyone that she would only return to Malaysia 3 weeks before the wedding date and they were supportive enough to say “don’t you worry, you got us to handle everything, we will prepare the necessary timeline for you” – KS “sketches according to your requests done, we will start preparing them and the fitting can be done when you arrive. In any case you want to amend or change something, we can always Skype” – Innai Red. Cool people really..
3 months went by and my sister was dealing with the little little things like wedding cakes and door gifts from Bristol and when there were things that needed her to phone people, our mom and aunty in Malaysia would come in rescue. We returned to Malaysia on 13 December and my sister already showed me the dates that she would need me while on the flight – Man, errands to run almost everyday. And I had a coursework to submit on 9 January. And exams.. 7 and 13 January. What.. I foresaw tough life already that time but I shall share a story about that in the upcoming posts.
For now, I will leave this post with some pictures of my sister’s wedding dress fittings and food tasting sessions.
 Food critiques. Was writing my parents’ comments about the choice of food.
 Right guy. Biggest food critique. Sat next to him and he took one bite of everything and said ‘Sedap, tak sedap, kurang masin, kurang flavour, keras’. Oh well cousin.
 The handsome brothers during the second food tasting.
 Bride to be akad nikah + reception dress. First fitting.
Second fitting.
 Ballroom wedding dress for the groom’s side of the wedding. You beautiful kak.
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