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Black Friday Part 2

I was never around for boxing day every Christmas and I really only hear from people about how happening it always is every year with the longest queues you would ever be in. I feel thankful that I got to be a part of Black Friday this year because like the saleslady told me yesterday ‘omg, it’s like boxing day. Christmas came early huh’. I can’t even imagine how more packed boxing day could get because it was soooo packed already yesterday in Bicester Village. Never did I have to queue for almost every shop I wanted to enter..
My sister and I started our journey at 9am and arrived there at around 11am, alhamdulillah. It’s usually less than 2 hours but traffic got really heavy as we neared Bicester Village. Luckily I had my co-driver who was smart enough to use Waze to search for a better route. Waze is really amazing in that sense huh. I’m dependent on Waze in Malaysia and have always been impressed with it because it gets me to everywhere I want to go at the shortest routes possible. Or maybe longer routes when it knows there are heavy jams ahead. And not to forget, Waze loves bringing us to the smallest kampung/country side roads like this…
 Longer route but jams gone and got to enjoy this view even.
 My smart co-driver who would never stop talking to me the whole time I was driving.
And yay!
Thank you Waze but not quite done yet with the challenge yet because it was then time to look for a car park space. Which took us umm.. 40 minutes.. Yes. And guess what happened to our car? It is rather old in age and as always, the engine oil red light lit up. But no problem car and don’t you worry, we understand you enough now and have enough stock to help you out. Spent a few minutes filling up the oil and before we could finally start our shopping.
We had our time planned and aimed to head back home by 5pm. Our aunt asked us to help her get a new handbag and also a t-shirt for our uncle so we settled that one first.
Guys, we got our aunt’s Furla handbag for less than half of the original price! There was an additional 20% off for Black Friday and my aunt was sooo happy and excited, you’re indeed very blessed umi!
Done with that, I got hungry and started pestering my sister that I must must eat or otherwise I couldn’t function and she gave up and got us my all time favourite crepe.
 Chocolate banana crepe
We realised it was already 3pm when we finished eating and knew for sure that our plan wouldnt work (to head home by 5) because we had more to get. And again, with those long queues.. Impossible. So we went home at 8pm instead. Mama sounded quite worried when we told her but everything took really long and the discounts were too great to handle. The liveliness was one thing too, the later it got the more people there were. Evidence as shown below..
Should have taken a video of this and other performances!
Tonnes of people really.
To sum up, alhamdulillah for a really great day yesterday. Managed to get everything for the family and ourselves except for what mama wanted but we will try to get it somewhere else ma.

All these things that we bought wouldn’t have been with us now if not for the incredible offers. 20-80% off, I am thankful. They still do this until Christmas except for the limited additional offers so I recommend everyone going to Bicester Village when you can. There’s also a prayer room next to Dior shophouse and some restaurants like Carluccio, Cafe Villandry, Starbucks and Pret A Manger. For now, I shall have my rest both body and bank account rest and get back to coursework and hope that happens very soon..

Have a great Saturday everyone!

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Black Friday

Been so caught up with coursework this week. My Monday until Thursday were filled with library sessions apart from attending the usual classes. I’m going to say bye bye to this view for today..

And attend to one of the emails that says this…

Yeap a trip to Bicester Village with my sister in a few hours, in shaa Allah. I just googled what Black Friday is and found that it originated from US. Wikipedia defines it as:

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year in the biggest economy in the world.”

and Telegraph traced back its history and shared these facts:

“Retailers have the Philadelphia Police Department to thank for Black Friday. It was the American police who, during the 1950s and 1960s, gave the name to the day after Thanksgiving because of the chaos that ensued in the city as shoppers flocked to the high street sales while spectators travelled to the annual Army vs Navy American football match. 
Shops in Philadelphia pushed for the day to be known by the more flattering “Big Friday”. For them, the day after Thanksgiving was vital – it was the day that shoppers started their Christmas shopping and they wanted as many people as possible through their doors. 
Indeed, the day was so crucial that retailers pushed the US government to move Thanksgiving to earlier in November so there was more time for Christmas shopping.”
For Black Friday which is today, shops and cafes in Bicester will be open from 9am until midnight! And their offers are amazing.
These screenshots are for everyday offers until Christmas. There’s another tab for more offers from participating outlet shops specifically just for Black Friday. These shops have different time slots and give additional discounts on top of the already discounted items but only for 1 hour (5-6pm) (6-7pm) (7-8pm) (8-9pm) (9-10pm).
I heard some of my friends are going for Black Friday shopping in Bristol too. Wherever we are, happy shopping guys  and let’s not spend too excessively!
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