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Che and Whatsapp Part 3

Taking a break from writing up my 3,000 words dissertation synopsis to write about the most adorable grandma on earth.

My grandma had an eye operation and I cannot remember whether it’s the left or the right eye this time but surely one of them because she had the same operation a year back. In scientific or doctoral term, this operation is called Cataracts Surgery. A cataract is the clouding of our lens which weakens our vision. It happens to most of us as we get older and nothing scary at all to be honest (easily fixed with Cataracts Surgery). It’s just that we have to be in confinement for about 2 months.
One of the to-not-do things set up by my aunties for Che’s confinement is to not use Whatsapp. And yes, Che really restricts herself and it’s obvious from her silence in the family group chat that’s alive everyday.
But today is an exception because I received these texts!
Hahaha,  Che Che. Too cute! But alhamdulillah for your really fast paced recovery. My cousin, MP, accompanied Che for the minor operation and sent us a picture of her.
Ahha, someone’s back with the “sunnies on!” look!
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Che and Whatsapp Part 2

Okay.. Time to finish up what I have wanted to do since even before all the birthday posts. My apologies if in any case you found unpleasant things from my writing.

Che and Whatsapp Part 2 is about..

“What is that phone that Mummy (my aunty) uses… The one that her kids got her as a birthday gift… Yea, that Samsung but small size, very cute”

“Ooo, that one is touch screen Che! I think it will be a bit hard for you to use… How about a Blackberry?”

“But Blackberry small screen also… Touch screen means I have to touch A B C right when I want to type…. Will take time but it shouldn’t be difficult…”

“So you want the phone Che? Like mummy’s one?”

“Yea hang on I take money I prepared already”

*Eyes went round*

“Che you got the money already? Sure che you sure you want this phone?”

“Yes yes, hang on I take money now”

“Really sure you want this phone che?”

*translated from Kelantanese language*

Yes. It was a sure. She had the money prepared even before she asked about it. And yes, my brother went to a phone shop to get Che her Samsung. A touch screen Samsung like this.

Coolest grandma ever. 

It was then time to teach Che about the concept of a touch screen phone. I told myself to make sure Che understands only 3 things, i.e; how to accept and make phone calls, how to read reply and send text messages and of course, how to use Whatsapp – the main thing that drove Che’s spirit in moving from her comfort zone of just using a basic Nokia phone.

I first set up the phone to the simplest mode of use like removing all the unnecessary tabs from the home page and bringing to the front only 3 tabs. The challenge then began for Che… Taught her one by one and Che got really confused. She scratched her head and said nanti nanti.

“How do I get the A B C keyboard out? Ohhh like that. Oh wait, how again? Then how do I put a space? Ooo you said the long blank thing… I’m trying to remember. Oh here (she tapped the arrow button instead and tadaaa an unfinished message was sent and read by all my cousins who then asked hehe Che nak type apa tu?). Okay how about the no entry smile thing (emoticons guys..) now? How to use them”

That got me my scratching head turn by the way but bless you Che!

It was at night that the introductory session took place and Che asked to stop and continue the next day because she could not take it anymore so ditto Che, tomorrow! Morning came and Che was all ready for another challenging day. It started with me asking her if she remembered anything from last night and I concluded Che had 2/5 of that night. Not bad Che. We tried the same 3 things step by step for countless times. In the end, Che found herself getting mixed up because some things were quite the same but were not what she should do for this application and that application and look..

Detailed guidelines prepared especially for Che upon her request. Which Che did not really use because she thought it was not cool (joke it was because she did not want to rely on it so much).

To cut the story short, I would say Che is a fast learner because she is now able to type freely and not get confused anymore after almost a month being with her Samsung. Che now understands how to personal message someone in Whatsapp and how to public message her family in the Whatsapp group chat (this one took her some time to understand but we are all happy to see she’s able to differentiate and apply the concept correctly). Che now understands how to answer, end and make phone calls. Che now understands how to text message someone but does not text after becoming a Whatsapp pro. And Che also now understands how to lock and unlock her screen.

All that she needs.

So adorable right? *clap hands* Congratulations che! We love you and we are sure you now feel entertained everyday.

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Che and Whatsapp

Earlier this month, my cousin created a group chat for the whole family – dad’s side of the family. We are all super close to one another and I had an idea about this and bless my cousin for her move! There is actually a group for the cousins already which we frequently use to share stories, updates and pictures of my cute nephews and nieces but I guess it’d be different to have all the aunties and uncles together in one group simply because of the varying mind sets and how they like to tease but at the same time educate us the youngsters. And after a year plus, the group was successfully created and true enough that it is undoubtedly..




My goodness, I can only say my battery drains out like water everyday. My whatsapp has never been so alive I think even it feels in shock although it’s probably adapting already.

+10 more…
But despite that, I love love love my life now. Everyone is updated about everyone else and the jokes my aunties make (and my dad no 1) makes one think life could never get more cheerful. Plus we communicate in Kelantanese so the humour level is impossible.
While the fun went on, there was however someone who wanted to join in the fun but couldn’t. This person is very important and special in our lives and she’s no other than the great Nik Maznah (see even the group chat is named after her) or my 72 year old grandma.
She is honestly the coolest grandma ever. She still drives around (manual cars guys!), she knows all gossips about Malaysian celebrities (thanks to Melodi, Galaxy, Meletop), she cooks the most amazing dishes (like nasi dagang, nasi ayam, kuzi ayam, nasi biryani) and yeap  she owns a handphone too which she uses to do only the most basic things – calling and texting (hehe it’s the humble Nokia phone).
So when we heard she wanted to join whatsapp, we felt rather dubious of her capability. For che to join whatsapp means she has to change her phone and she has to understand the whole concept of group chat and personal chat. But my grandma being the optimistic person that she is said she wants to learn and had even prepared money for a new handphone. Hehe.
Luck was on my grandma’s side as I realised that “Che, your Nokia supports Internet and whatsapp! But gotta subscribe at RM28 per month” while my sister and I was helping out for my cousin’s wedding at my aunty’s house. She was so excited and said “oh really, do the necessary take my phone do the necessary please”
Took me 20 minutes to get it all prepared for her and then… Yaaaaay “Grandma joined whatsapp” appeared on my iphone screen. I right away made a havoc on the group chat and asked my cousin to add her into the group chat and then….
Weeeeeeee. God, world now is so high tech right. So awesome how this simple phone is able to carry whatsapp! Back to the story, I taught her a bit or two and pushed the whatsapp icon to the main screen for easy access. Everyone welcomed our important person and said she’s so cool and all.
“Terima kasih sayang semua. Umur dah banyak tapi masih ingin rasa guna. Terima kasih kepada cucu tolong ajar che”
“Oh mudah sangat guna whatsapp. Mana susahnya senang je”
She says whatsapp as “waksak” by the way hahaha. But congratulations Che, you master it pretty fast (is it because it’s only ABC yes it is). Only downside is that you can’t really view pictures (too small your screen ehe he) which also means. She got annoyed and..
There’s a continuation to this story soon! 
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