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Quick post about Chai Bar Bangsar just because I feel that it was so cool that I had lunch there yesterday! Those who know me would know that I’m not the biggest fan of vegetables. Greens used to be my complete enemies and even a slight appearance of them would mean losing my appetite completely. However, it all took a turn when I pursued my studies in the UK and my sister started introducing me to the world of greens little by little. She told me that I should start with broccolis because she has always loved broccolis and God made it easy for me as I instantly fell in love with them. I was so proud telling my mum and people I know that ‘Hey, I consume veges now!’. ‘So what veges do you like?’ ‘Broccolis!’ ‘And?’ ‘And…. Well broccolis first, baby steps!’ and then they laughed out loud at me. Hmmmm.

Post 3 years of studies in the UK, I’ve made friends with some types of vegetables with the second favourite being Kangkung (I googled and it said kangkung in English is water spinach, God knows what we actually call them hehe). This one I have my BIL to thank for because he made me eat Kangkung Belacan at CnR restaurant in Bayswater, London. I thought that tasted really good and from that moment on I would request to have either broccolis or kangkung during family lunch/dinner. But yes, I think I don’t mind vegetables now. I don’t mind it being present in most dishes I eat and I even et them all. What surprises me is vegetables seem interesting to me now and whenever my family orders any sort of greens in restaurant, I would gladly eat them. Well, my mum has been telling me about how I actually got this trait of mine from both her and my dad because both of them disliked veges when they were my age. She bets me that I would one day really be crazy over vegetables just like them – we shall see mommy!

Back to Chai Bar, my really good friend Illi had just returned from Mekah for Umrah and we decided to have lunch together yesterday. Babe, if you’re reading this thanks a lot again for the beautiful Jubah and sweets you got me from Saudi may Allah bless you. I did some googling and Instagramming when Illi suggested Chai Bar and the non-rigid side of me said yes to it (I guess what really convinced me was the fact I saw smoked salmon and grilled chicken and crispy noodles along the line hahaha hello comfort food!). Off we went to Chai Bar and I feel so proud to say that I had my first salad bowl yesterday!


Can you tell which was mine? That’s right, the one with crispy noodles hehehe. Basically the menu works like this – they give you options where you can either go for the suggested/signature dishes or you can also create your own salad bowl. Myself and Illi created our own bowls and I loved mine that I finished almost everything guys!

17040344885_6715772920_b I got the picture aboce from Rebecca Saw’s blog (thank you) for you to see the menu! I chose the regular size and I do think it’s the best one for us ladies. This picture of menu from Rebecca is the older version because with regular I got:

1 base, 5 supplements, 1 protein, 1 topping, 1 dressing

Illi was saying about how they used to include premiums in their menu for the regular size and she was right (a regular there she is). You can always add anything extra you prefer and I think the price for each extra is between Rm1.50 to RM3.50. We had tea for drinks but Illi told me that the Avocado smoothie is really good so you can give it a try.

Okay, that’s it from me about Chai Bar. Thanks for reading and have a productive week ahead lovelies!



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