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Che and knee injections

My grandma was supposed to have knee injections two weeks ago at Hospital Serdang but due to an unexpected high sugar level reading on the day, the doctor just had to refuse carrying out the injections no matter how hard we tried to convince him.

“But doctor, the usual trend of my grandma’s sugar level is 5-6. Yes, this has gone up way higher but she told me that it’s really just because she had satay last night and probably pisang goreng on the previous day”

“Yea doctor, please please help me. Mak Cik by mistake had satay last night and also just one stick for breakfast today”


“Sorry Mak Cik. I really really cannot help I’m really scared you would get infections with this reading”


OK doc.

My grandma was especially super disappointed and she almost gave up when the doctor said the next appointment would be in 1.5 months. That we thought was a long way to go and her knees were hurting so after much protest from our sides, the doctor(s) finally gave in and said “we don’t promise we would do it but okay, you can come in the next 2 weeks. But no promises, we need to see your sugar level pattern.” Phew for that but not so phew for my grandma as that meant having to ‘pantang’ her eating behaviour.

The doctor(s) told us to DIY and take reading everyday and to follow the pattern that they want. My family has one kit at home so I told Che not to worry about it as we can use that to take the reading. That went on everyday until we successfully got this..


Don’t mind the messy handwriting but awesome pattern, good job done Che! Towards the end of the chart, she did the test herslf as my aunty generously helped her get one for free from the hospital and her texts were the cutest thing ever. Basically she wanted to give up because the reading on the first and second day were still very high. She added the dosage after being advised by her favourite doctor in Perlis and then the readings started flowing well. (By the way, normal sugar readings should be around 5-8 for people with diabetic).




2 weeks finally came and then Che was ready and confident that the knee injections would happen this time around. And true enough, it did! The doctor that carried out the injections was super friendly and cheeky too and Che being Che of course fell in love with him. He saw the chart and said very old school for not doing it on the computer and printing it out instead -.-


Beautiful Che is all smiles now! My aunty fetched us from the hospital and we went to OldTown for late breakfast and guess what.. Che had nasi lemak.

Pantang over immediately, I see Che. Hehe.

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