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Che and Whatsapp Part 3

Taking a break from writing up my 3,000 words dissertation synopsis to write about the most adorable grandma on earth.

My grandma had an eye operation and I cannot remember whether it’s the left or the right eye this time but surely one of them because she had the same operation a year back. In scientific or doctoral term, this operation is called Cataracts Surgery. A cataract is the clouding of our lens which weakens our vision. It happens to most of us as we get older and nothing scary at all to be honest (easily fixed with Cataracts Surgery). It’s just that we have to be in confinement for about 2 months.
One of the to-not-do things set up by my aunties for Che’s confinement is to not use Whatsapp. And yes, Che really restricts herself and it’s obvious from her silence in the family group chat that’s alive everyday.
But today is an exception because I received these texts!
Hahaha,  Che Che. Too cute! But alhamdulillah for your really fast paced recovery. My cousin, MP, accompanied Che for the minor operation and sent us a picture of her.
Ahha, someone’s back with the “sunnies on!” look!
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