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Che and Whatsapp

Earlier this month, my cousin created a group chat for the whole family – dad’s side of the family. We are all super close to one another and I had an idea about this and bless my cousin for her move! There is actually a group for the cousins already which we frequently use to share stories, updates and pictures of my cute nephews and nieces but I guess it’d be different to have all the aunties and uncles together in one group simply because of the varying mind sets and how they like to tease but at the same time educate us the youngsters. And after a year plus, the group was successfully created and true enough that it is undoubtedly..




My goodness, I can only say my battery drains out like water everyday. My whatsapp has never been so alive I think even it feels in shock although it’s probably adapting already.

+10 more…
But despite that, I love love love my life now. Everyone is updated about everyone else and the jokes my aunties make (and my dad no 1) makes one think life could never get more cheerful. Plus we communicate in Kelantanese so the humour level is impossible.
While the fun went on, there was however someone who wanted to join in the fun but couldn’t. This person is very important and special in our lives and she’s no other than the great Nik Maznah (see even the group chat is named after her) or my 72 year old grandma.
She is honestly the coolest grandma ever. She still drives around (manual cars guys!), she knows all gossips about Malaysian celebrities (thanks to Melodi, Galaxy, Meletop), she cooks the most amazing dishes (like nasi dagang, nasi ayam, kuzi ayam, nasi biryani) and yeap  she owns a handphone too which she uses to do only the most basic things – calling and texting (hehe it’s the humble Nokia phone).
So when we heard she wanted to join whatsapp, we felt rather dubious of her capability. For che to join whatsapp means she has to change her phone and she has to understand the whole concept of group chat and personal chat. But my grandma being the optimistic person that she is said she wants to learn and had even prepared money for a new handphone. Hehe.
Luck was on my grandma’s side as I realised that “Che, your Nokia supports Internet and whatsapp! But gotta subscribe at RM28 per month” while my sister and I was helping out for my cousin’s wedding at my aunty’s house. She was so excited and said “oh really, do the necessary take my phone do the necessary please”
Took me 20 minutes to get it all prepared for her and then… Yaaaaay “Grandma joined whatsapp” appeared on my iphone screen. I right away made a havoc on the group chat and asked my cousin to add her into the group chat and then….
Weeeeeeee. God, world now is so high tech right. So awesome how this simple phone is able to carry whatsapp! Back to the story, I taught her a bit or two and pushed the whatsapp icon to the main screen for easy access. Everyone welcomed our important person and said she’s so cool and all.
“Terima kasih sayang semua. Umur dah banyak tapi masih ingin rasa guna. Terima kasih kepada cucu tolong ajar che”
“Oh mudah sangat guna whatsapp. Mana susahnya senang je”
She says whatsapp as “waksak” by the way hahaha. But congratulations Che, you master it pretty fast (is it because it’s only ABC yes it is). Only downside is that you can’t really view pictures (too small your screen ehe he) which also means. She got annoyed and..
There’s a continuation to this story soon! 
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