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Clifton Village Fish Bar

Baby bro’s in town!

Weeee. It’s always so nice having little brother around because of his gentleman nature. Like yesterday, he helped carry my bag that had all my files and laptop while walking in the city centre. The thing about him is I never have to ask him for anything. It’s as though there is an automatic button in him that switches on when he sees women in general. His mum, his sisters, his aunties, his cousins and just everyone really. He nags but you know he does it only because he wants the best for his women. In shaa Allah you are and will always be a blessing to the people around you adik.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to quickly share about the famous fish and chip shop in Bristol. Its popularity even gives people from other cities a purpose to visit Bristol.

My sister, brother and I have been here a few times before. We admit the fish and chips are really good and the shop is in Clifton Village which is such a pretty area (just a few minutes walk from the Suspension Bridge too) so bonus point there.

Craving satisfied for the boy in the picture. You’re welcome dik!

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