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Cooking Diary 3

Would like to share the super quick recipe that my sister taught me (really takes just 30 minutes to prepare). Our lazy dinner menu this is…

But healthy!
2 pieces of salmon fillets
Cauliflower and broccoli
Pepper (red or green, anyone)
And of course you need some flavouring…
And this is why it’s really quick!
So basically what I do is sprinkle a bit ‘cukup rasa’ on the salmon. And fry it. When the salmon looks well fried… I literally just put everything and cook for 3-5 minutes. (Not too long if you want crunchy brocollis)
My reaction to my sister when she first showed me how to prepare this was “What? That easy huh”
Tadaaaa! Ready to eat. This ‘cukup rasa’ works mysteriously amazing, seriously.
My sister and I usually cook some pasta to eat with the salmon. How we make it is just boil the pasta and rinse it and just mildly flavour it with a bit of pasta sauce.
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