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Day 1 of recovery

Day 1: First step to recovery

Man am I glad to be a guy. As I had a cold press against my swollen knee throughout the night, that meant the urge to release my bladder was as frequent as Messi dribbling past a player. Thanks to being born with male genitalia, I could easily relief myself without leaving my bed and straight into the specially made cup.

My office and CEO had sent some flowers the night before so it was nice to wake up to the smell of fresh flowers. By 10AM my colleagues were here at the hospital. Nadhra was nice enough to not only bring reading materials for me but also for my dearest wife who had been nursing me.


I then had my physio and my god, I was walking slower than an old man. In fact I reckon my grandmother tokyah could walk faster than me. My surgery was considered a key hole surgery yet I had lost a good amount of my mobility. I dread to think what the recovery would be like for an open surgery. Physio showed few simple exercises which last week I could have completed with ease yet now I couldn’t. Mentally I had to accept that I am not what I used to be and I was only taking my first step to recovery.

After physio I had more visitors come and visit. Ari came and was very apologetic taking blame for organising the futsal but hey, none of us ever thought this would happen. The pair of Mira and Hardip then came after and filled my room with enough junk food to ensure I never had to eat hospital food during my stay. That being said I must say the food here has been splendid (can’t puasa can I).

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The bandage soon came off and I could barely recognise my legs. It looked like I was suffering from elephantitis lol.

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I was taken off IVY by midday and my last antibiotic injection was at noon. I had to continue on painkiller (ultracet) 3 times a day and a cold press was constant unless I was exercising. Tomorrow I shall share photos from my surgery and explained in details what had gone wrong with my knee.


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