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Doing things from the heart

Hehe I’m surprised with myself too… I blog pretty often now! I definitely heard my brother in law said “you should install WordPress on your phone” but I was being ignorant about it. But then I downloaded WordPress app 2 days ago and gosh I’m finding it so convenient to blog now! *slaps self for not doing this earlier* 

Okay so I love to think. I think a lot about life and I do think if I’m not a businesswoman or a QS I would have dedicated my life to writing. I love to think and write. However I’m not so talented in the sense that I find it hard to verbalise my thoughts into written words. Sometimes I have so many to type but it doesn’t translate well and so I just delay and rest it (happens all the time) to the period that I don’t appreciate what I think anymore. 

However with my WordPress being just at the tip of my fingers, I vow to try to write as often as I can. So yes, my topic today would be about doing things from the heart. 

Guys, can you count the number of times in your life that you actually do things from your heart? I would say the number should be reasonable because if it’s something you genuinely like to do, then you just do it with your heart. As for me, how I see myself is I do things from my heart but there comes a point where I suddenly feel troubled. And when that happens, I know that I’m not completely honest with it. And guess what, the feeling is not nice at all. 

I mean if you want to do something, do it wholeheartedly. Because you shall find peace. However many of us are bound to feel “I have to” and not “I want to” hence all the mishaps you experience. The key to doing things is to be honest. But humans being humans, it is inevitable to feel “I have to”. Which I’m telling you is fine but know your limits because doing too much can destroy you.

I’ll give you an example. Say you are with your friends and your friends seem to be taking advantage of you. Trust me guys, don’t lock it. You’re not not nice if you don’t follow their leads all the time. You’re just being smart instead. If you feel the honesty in doing things for your friends, then by all means do that. But please stop when you reach that tip that you now feel forced to do it. It destroys the harmony of your heart and you find yourself dreading that “uneasy” feeling until one day you just become unhappy. I speak this way because I have experienced this. However I started to realise this concept and although I still struggle to balance this, I try my best to apply it for the health of my heart. 

Do ourselves a favour, take care of ours hearts. They need to be filled with love and honesty, not otherwise. 

“Honest hearts produce honest actions” – what I struggle with but what I strive hard to be. And it’s what you too should aim to be. 

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