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Dubai Part 9: The Compilations/Wrap Up

Leaving Dubai soon and we are currently at the airport. First and foremost, thank You so so much Ya Allah for the beautiful one week I had here with Your greatest blessings for me – my family. 

I believe in the saying that when God wills, things will flow smoothly. That said, this vacation has been nothing short of smoothness and convenience. The flight, gorgeous and spacious family suite, food, tours, people and all else. Best thing was we got almost all great deals when we least expected them. Alhamdulillah. 

Truth is it’s been a hectic few months for me and this trip has brought up my spirit to a new level. I know life = continuous cycles and while it’s happy now it may be the opposite the next second but I’m learning to ride on and be grateful for everything. That way I’m sure I’m a happier person.

Anyway to wrap up my Dubai trip postings, the last 2 days in Dubai were spent on shopping and sightseeing around the hotel area. The hotel is located on Jumeirah Beach which is just a walking distance to the famous The Walk JBR. I was so busy doing other things that I sort of missed out on the nearest attraction to me. Apparently The Walk is one of the best spots here in Dubai. 

The rest of this post would be a compilation of photos that I took using my iPhone and Nikon J4 (and from my BIL’s camera too). J4 was my 22nd Birthday present from my family in support of my part time blogging ‘career’. I usually carry it around when I travel out for holiday purpose.

Going to miss our daily gym routine and then straight to breakfast lounge. 

Wake up uncles! 

Power couple 

The Walk 

Will miss this amazing amazing hotel. Almost zero complaint. 

Thank you Dubai for your hospitality! I promise I’ll be back someday. 

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