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Dubai Part 10: The End

Anddd we are back in KL safe and sound alhamdulillah. We arrived home at about 3pm on Monday and managed to unpack all our luggages on the same evening. I had to do another packing for my Sabah work trip on Tuesday and here I am in Keningau now. World does feel small at this instance. 

Anyway, Zachary’s been down with fever and he was restless during both flights but strong boy made it. Mama Ya prays you get well soon baby boy. 

We were at Terminal 1 – Dubai International Airport and the shopping there was great although KLIA is definitely a much nicer airport. 

Our flight got delayed and we were lucky we arrived in Bangkok just in time for the next flight to KL. We managed to slot in a quick lounge break session to feed Zachary. They served some Halal hot snacks so good job again Thai Airways. 

So yes that’s all from me about my Dubai trip. It’s back to work for me now and thank you for reading. Xx 

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