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Dubai Part 2

And we landed in Bangkok safe and sound! 

 Zachary: I’m awake now, I’ve charged up and ready for action! 

Overall flight to Bangkok was good although my brother lost his spectacles on the flight, thanks to me. Lucky it was the cheap one but it still means we need to make a new one for him. Offered him my contact lens but he refused *tolak rezeki*. 

We got off the aircraft and we had about 1.5 hours before the next flight so we went to the lounge to pray and eat more. I managed to publish my previous blog post thanks to wifi.This photo speaks: Wifi is everything when abroad.. Anti social everyone except for Mama and Zachary. 

The lounge was huge but that was expected. We brought Zachary to the playroom and I captured these shots for memory.

This photo speaks: Wifi is everything when abroad.. Anti social everyone except for Mama and Zachary. And Mama Ya too who was clearly taking photos all the time. 

This boy eats everything… Even a wooden block. Hmmmm. 

And then we were ready for departure to Dubai. 

I’m now on the flight again and there’s wifi onboard. The seats are comfortable and the best best thing is that food served from Bangkok to Dubai are all Halal (and so so good I’m not kidding). There’s also soup and rice for babies so yay Thai Airways. To top those off, flight attendants are very attentive and friendly. I had been on many MAS international flights and MAS really definitely needs to improve in all aspects. For example: seats and food. The spaciousness and the variety of food selections were much better on Thai Airways flights than MAS for the same seat/cabin class. 

Note: If MAS has Maggi soup for the all day dine that you can request anytime, Thai Airways offers you Pad Thai with prawns yum yum!

Zachary and Jiddi. When there’s Jiddi around, goodbye everyone. 

It’s still a few hours till we land and I’m going to watch a movie. Will come back with more stories and photos tomorrow. Have a good evening everyone! 

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