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Dubai Part 3

And we landed safe and sound in Dubai at 8.30pm local time! 

Everything on the flight was indeed smooth and to conclude, it was worth every penny. Not going to compare with Emirates or Qatar as they are on a different level but Thai Airways, you were good!  

We didn’t have to wait for the luggages too, they were already on the carousel belt. Despite the all good things, we have a bit of a problem too whereby Zachary’s stroller is now stranded in Bangkok. We kept checking but it still happened. However, they have promised us that the stroller will be with us by evening time the next day so I guess that’s sorted. Tip No 2: Landing card is not needed in Dubai. The immigration is also not strict so yay for that. 

Done with the stroller, it was time to head to the hotel. We booked a family 3 bedroom suite at Doubletree by Hilton, Jumeirah Beach (about 25 minutes drive from the airport) and we are so so happy with it now that we are in it. The suite is in all its literal meaning humongous (can stay here for a month no problem) and indeed follows what is shown online. Why Jumeirah Beach? Well, we initially considered downtown but that was all about it. My sister and brother in law had been here before and they thought it would be nicer to stay at the beach area because of the view and the fact that we could do evening walks and activities. 

Greeted with the cookies as always. Doubletree’s trademark, really. Thanks for your hand adik.

As we arrived at night, the quality of photos that I shared below didn’t really do justice to my positive remarks above. I just extracted a few photos from their website to give you an idea and to compare. 


Real life:

Doorway to kitchen and living room

Doorway to the 3 rooms

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Living room 

Living room 

Kitchen (there’s also washing machine hmmm) 

This hotel suite was also a form of blessings from Allah as we got a fairly good deal for it again. Oh, I’m sharing Bedroom 3 with my brothers so good luck to me. They asked me to sleep outside -.- funny not funny bros. But well I got one bed to myself now. Hehe. 

It’s 12.15am now, I have unpacked, refreshed and about to sleep now. Good night and stay tuned to more updates from me tomorrow! 

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