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Dubai Part 4: Dubai Mall

Soooo, yesterday was all about Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa (I’ll come back with another post on this). We were around the area literally almost the whole day. If I can say one thing, it’s that Dubai is just amazing. 

Anyway to start with… Zachary’s jet lag  – It’s only 4 hours time difference which is not bad compared to UK but because Zachary is only a little boy, he really feels it. Hehe. He woke up at 3.30am yesterday and that meant Mummy had to wake up too. They came to Mama Ya’s room at 4.30am so I  woke up too. 

Breakfast started at 7am so we entertained cheeky Zachary and went to the gym first. The gym I must say is tip top! 


Adik the bodybuilder.

Spot mama the athlete. 

Then it was breakfast time! Breakfast selections yesterday were great. 

Belum mandi face.

Full sea view from the living room. 

We started getting ready after breakfast and this little one was the most excited one. 

Nice outfit you got there.

To get to Dubai Mall from Jumeirah took about 20 minutes. My brothers called Uber but the drivers got lost so they cancelled it. We got the normal taxi and it was cheaper than the price Uber quoted. 55 Dirhams than 65 Dirhams quoted. Best part was we only took one 7 seater taxi instead of the initial 2 Uber rides. 

Hello Dubai Mall.

It’s the largest mall in the world and they have literally every shop/restaurant/cafe you need. Just name it basically. It’s also customer-friendly and provides convenience at every step of your way. Remember Zachary’s stroller story? We were worried about how to carry the 10kg Zachary around and then I googled about stroller rental after my BIL mentioned about it. True enough they had such service and it was free rental! Just head over to any information counter and they would assist you with it. You just have to leave your ID cards (they don’t want passport) and sign a form. It’s rent-able until midnight. 


We had lunch at Souk Al Bahar which was just next to Dubai Mall.

While having lunch, the famous dancing fountain show came on. The restaurant that we had lunch was overlooking the fountain and Burj Khalifa so we got a good view of the show. It runs every 30 minutes and it is different show/tune everytime. 

​I also managed to capture the evening show. 

Just amazing. 

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