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Dubai Part 5: Burj Khalifa

Okay, I’m back for Burj Khalifa post. 

The tour started anytime between 4.30pm until 6pm. I prebooked the tickets from in KL so all I needed to do was to convert the voucher to valid tickets. My parents didn’t want to go up because of their fear of heights so they told us the young ones to carry on while they took care of Zachary. It was my BIL’s third time and my sister’s second time. My BIL suggested that we should opt for the evening/sunset session. It costed us an extra of RM800 than the other slots but it was worth it. Guys, if you plan to go on top of Burj Khalifa I would suggest you prebook your tickets. got me again the lowest deal than other tour websites (about RM200 cheaper). 

My parents and Zachary left Dubai Mall at 3.30pm. We stayed on as the entrance to Burj Khalifa was inside the Dubai Mall itself (note: Dubai Aquarium is also located inside Dubai Mall). We went for prayers first and and then to optometrist to collect my brother’s spectacles. They offered the ready-in-one hour glasses for customers so yay for that. I also want to add that the prayer rooms in Dubai Mall are everywhere. Literally at every corner. 

Got our tickets! 

The elevator to go at the top of Burj Khalifa. It’s on the level 125 (& level 124) and it takes 77 seconds to ascend up there.

And after 77 seconds..

Magnificent view of Dubai from up! 

At 5.30pm the sun set down and alhamdulillah all praises to Allah for the opportunity to watch it from Burj Khalifa. The building is 828 metres tall (830 meters with the tip) and that makes it the tallest structure in the world.

My BIL recorded the sunset and I’ve shared the video below.

​​​Watching this video again, I want to say thank you Allah for your blessings. You send worries and sadness but you also send light and happiness. It’s part of life and it’s what keeps life meaningful. I learn and learn and learn and I can only conclude that You are the Greatest. 

I’ll write about the Lost Chambers Aquarium soon. Thank you for reading and have a lovely day. 

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