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Dubai Part 7: The Yellow Boat Experience 

A short post today but it’s about one of the highlights of my trip in Dubai – the Yellow Boat. It was a really really wonderful experience and my suggestion is that everyone should do it (or any other boat experience). 

I saw the modern Dubai from a different lens and it was a gorgeous view. The tour guide also explained a couple of history behind the structures in Dubai.

My family and I spent the morning in the Mall of the Emirates for shopping and then we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the Yellow Boat Tour at 3.30pm.

Zachary, his grandparents and Uncle Man didn’t want to come along so it was the rest of us going then. From the hotel, we took a taxi to the meeting point which was at Dubai Marina. 

It costed us 200 Dirhams per person for a 75 minute tour. My BIL and sister went to the hotel concierge to book but they wanted to charge double the amount for one person so my BIL decided to check the rate online. Again that got all of us a good deal. Tip: Always buy online, they really have the cheapest deals. 

The following photos were taken while we were on the boat. 

Atlantis the Palm in the background located at the apex of Palm Jumeirah. It opened in 2008 and the opening ceremony costed USD200 millions. It showcased 100,000 fireworks and famous celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Charlize Theron, Michael Jordan attended the event. 

Burj Al Arab the 7 star hotels in the background. The hotel rooms are gold plated. There are also underwater rooms and underwater restaurant here. 

Hope I’ve given some ideas of the yellow boat ride. I’m going to leave this post with the video that I’ve shared below. Enjoy!​​

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