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Dubai Part 8: Desert Safari 

Ooookay, it won’t be a long post again but we are at the most interesting part! 

I think everyone who plans to visit Dubai will include Desert Safari somewhere on top of your to-do-list. It’s the same for me and in fact I’ve been saying I want to go for Desert Safari experience for ages already. I’m very thankful to Allah indeed that I finally got to come to Dubai as it’s one of the cities that I’ve always wanted to visit and I’m grateful that I got to tick off Desert Safari yesterday. Alhamdulillah.

It was only my mum, brothers and I going for it. My dad didn’t want to join for both reasons that it didn’t interest him and it wasn’t a good idea for his wellbeing (a bit rocky and bumpy experience). Initially it was my sister’s spot but because our mum actually wanted to go but didn’t want to say it (Hi Ma tak mengumpat), we made her follow in the end. My BIL was firm about not wanting to join as both him and my sister had gone there during their honeymoon trip. 

There are many tour agency websites that offer Desert Safari tour and they have a few range of tours. The differing part I suppose is the number of activities involved. The more there are the longer the duration. I took the shortest one – 5 hours but trust me that it covered almost all already. The price for one person was less than 200 dirhams which I thought was reasonable. Oh, I prebooked from website again. 

At 2.40pm the tour guide came with the Land Cruiser (very punctual) and then we went to fetch 2 other members for the same tour at a nearby hotel. At 3pm the driver started the drive to the desert site. It took roughly 45 minutes to get to Sharjah and we stopped near a small shop for a quick break. Anddd we came back to the 4wd looking like these..

Ya habib ya maulana

My mum wore mine because my dad wanted to see how she would look like in it. We thought you could pass as an Arab, ma. Hehe.

What happened after was the start of the fun. They called it dune bashing. It was a little bit nerve wrecking but the joy surpassed that. My mum was holding on to me for quite some time until she got the tune. I think I laughed throughout because of how bumpy but fun the 25 minutes of the desert-driving was. 

Some photos we took in the desert: 

After the photo stop, the driver made the way to the camp site. There were many other tourists around the area too and all of us were from different tour companies. 

My brother did the ATV ride and it costed 100 Dirhams for 15 minutes. The pathway that they could use was rather restricted and small so only if you wanted the experience of ATV I would suggest for you to pay for it. 

There was free of charge camel riding and my mum wanted to do that. I’m naturally scared of animals and I was frightened at the sight of it but I did it anyway, thanks to my mum who kept convincing me that I should. I thought that would be my first experience so that helped too. 

Weird feeling inside me but yay for ticking this off! 

It was only 5.30pm and we walked to the camp area to have light refreshments before the free BBQ dinner. However, my mum and brothers didn’t want to stay until 8pm so we missed out the dinner, belly dancing show and such. My mum had a tooth pain too so we really wanted to go back to the hotel. I asked around and the driver was so kind for wanting to drive us back before the finish time. 

That’s how the camp looks like basically. You sit at your designated space and then enjoy the BBQ dinner there. 

I’m going to leave this post with a video (as always) I took of the 4wd drive/dune bashing. I’ll come back with another one or two final posts of my Dubai trip as it’s coming to the end already. 

Thank you for reading and have a lovely weekend! 

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