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Father’s Day 2015

I’ve had this picture of my handsome dad for a good few months now as my wallpaper. Or maybe half a year. It’s always either his picture or my mum’s picture or both but this picture is too charming that it has stayed the longest on my screen. There is also a sight of my mum so fair enough there right mommy? (and a tiny sight of Che my grandma)



I dedicated a post for my mum and although I’m a day late doing it again but for my dad, nothing changes the fact that I we love them both equally.

Pa, thank you so so much for your never ending prayers. I believe that our greatest strength in life that Allah has blessed us with is you. You are our backbone, our pillar of strength, our strongest support. You work so hard until you tire yourself and yet you still continue because you want to provide us with the best of things in life. Just like a mom’s unconditional love for their children, you too are the definition of unconditional love of a father for his children. Not only are you that kind of a father, you too are the perfect definition of a perfect husband. A love like yours and mama is a love so pure and beautiful that I absolutely have so much admiration and respect for.

Thank you for taking care of us so so well and thank you for all your hard work, energy and time. Thank you for never giving up on us and for loving us the way you do. You always say thank you to mama for bringing us up because you’re not based at home much due to work (you are always around to us) but I think all of us should thank you the most because we are who we are today because of you. Allah is so kind for sending us you, so kind for showing His kindness and love through you. We’ve seen how Allah keeps testing you until you hit the lowest point in your life but you never lose faith in Him and you pull yourself back together because of Him and your family every single time.

I am sorry if I am not the most perfect daughter to you but thank you for always being awesome. We always admire and respect every word that you utter and that being said, you are the definition of a role model. To follow your traits and mama’s wouldnt be easy but I trust we are learning and doing it everyday.



And so, Happy Father’s Day, papa. The person who would not let his children go camping during schooling years (I remember there was one time that my camp was compulsory and he made me come back home every night and he would send me again to the camping place first thing in the morning and brought me donuts by the end of the day because he knew how picky I was with food before) and the person who is never calculative with us and takes us for great holidays every year. And of course, the person who loves good food too much and hence continuously brings us for great lunch/dinner sessions.

May Allah truly bless you pa and may He grant you the Highest of His Jannah <3

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