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Final coursework

*Insert tears emoticon* please excuse this meaningless post because it is meaningful to me and it is a must that I have this written in case I want to reminisce in the future.

I cannot believe that I have just submitted my final piece of coursework for my final year degree which was by the way a tough one for me. I feel so emotional! And soon enough I will be facing my final examination for my final year degree before I’m officially done (in shaa Allah may all go well).

It’s been a wonderful wonderful journey and I for one am a proud UWE-ian. I love my university so much, I don’t even have the appropriate words to describe how amazing it is. To me good education comes as a package – good lecturers, good friends, good environment and good facilities. UWE has all of this and it has given me amazing degree experiences – I have not a slight regret. Thank you Allah for your beautiful plans for me. If I were to count the blessings that you have showered me with, it would honestly be all over. I never had real trouble living my life here in the UK and even if they were, it was all very fair and I trust You always have the best of plans for everyone and me.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 1.00.54 PM

Okay, so I decided to submit my coursework at 1pm (for no proper reason).. I shall now leave it to God and for whatever grade I get or whatever degree class I achieve, I will remain grateful and keep counting my blessings.

Simply because that’s the key of happiness in life. In shaa Allah. Time for some de-stress now. Hello shops..

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