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Not just yet.. Morning selfie first! Hehe. Welcome back for 4 days in London BIL. I accompanied my sister to London but only for a day. I came back to Bristol yesterday because I have work to do here and also because I wanted to give my siblings some quality time together.

Managed to catch breakfast and BIL brought us to Pain Quotidien in South Kensington.

Loved their scrambled eggs! The portion is just nice for 1 person. I shared it with my sister only because we were going to have early lunch after. So no sharing next time okay sister?

Being away from home means it was time to catch some Malaysian food too. Bristol does not have any halal Malaysian restaurant so it’s all about pasta, doners and pizzas. Of course we cook as well but we can’t cook these..

Our favouritest Malaysian Restaurant in London!
 Crispy Chicken (they have Crispy Duck too)
 Claypot beancurd
Mixed seafood salt & pepper
So so so so so good, alhamdulillah. I really really recommend everyone to please try their crispy chicken (or duck but I never tried it). The way it crunches as you eat them gives this one feeling that is unexplainable because it’s too good. We usually have sweet & sour prawns, kangkung belacan and nasi goreng seafood which are as good too but not in this trip.
And I also managed to satisfy my craving for this..
Sirap limau, yeap!
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