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Friends for keep

I am dedicating this post to a friend of mine that I have grown to love dearly since the Day 1 that I got to know her. The story of how we got to know each other is unusual but we have agreed to close that particular chapter and to appreciate, embark and enjoy the rest of the chapters that we have ahead of us. Our friendship did not develop ordinarily – not through consecutive meet ups/date sessions but rather by means of WhatsApp conversations on a monthly basis. This fact that I have always found special remains until today although we have now started to see each other in person. I am thankful that she came to Bristol during her winter break last year because that was the point where things took a shift for us. I got to finally speak to Ina non virtually, see how decent, humble and soft spoken she is, listen to her inspiring stories and discover that what people always describe her as is all true or even more true than that.





Amalina Amran or Ina, beautiful person, isn’t she? Ina taught me the true value of friendship from the kind gestures that I saw her doing for me. She taught me what being strong is just by hearing her stories. I also enjoy the religious talks that we sometimes have and I’m happy to see the blessings that God has been giving her because she deserves it. There are times that Ina whines about a bit or two in regards to her life but if only she sees how special she is in the eyes of God and everyone else. But I always trust Ina knows that because she’s honestly one of the most rationale people I know.

On the 31st of December 2014, Ina surprised me again with her kindness when I received a DHL Express parcel. I am a true online shopper so I thought it was one of the parcels that I knew was about to come. When my mum told me about it, I questioned myself “Why DHL” but did not think deep until I approached it and saw “AMM” written somewhere.


“Ina”. It clicked to me very fast that it was from her because Ina did WhatsApp me a few days before to ask for my address. She is a smart lady and is currently studying in Amman, Jordan (her final year this year, yay!).

Does anyone want to take a guess of what this amazing amazing lady got me?



Yeap, you got that right, a really really beautiful jubah dress! My grandma, mummy and aunt were all there when I opened the parcel (even more excited than I was because I was so starstruck-ed) and they fell in love with the jubah too and kept complimenting Ina for her good taste and kindness. Ina also inserted an awesome card along which I think was why I was starstruck. I was touched with her kind words and I could not digest the fact that Ina took the effort to courier it all the way from Jordan.


(Your handwriting is better than mine) Thank you sayang for such an amazing surprise. It was a really sweet end to my 2014 and a wonderful start to my 2015. I pray that our friendship continues until Jannah because you’re truly a keeper. No matter how far we are from each other and how busy we are with our lives, please know that you’re always there in my heart. Thank you for being my amazing friend and I pray that you always be blessed with happiness with all your loved ones, in shaa Allah. Much love from me to you, my dearest Ina.

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