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Happy International Women’s Day

Stealing almost one hour off already from my dissertation work hours to complete my Swiss Travel Post and this one too! My sister told me some of her friends sent their Women’s Day wishes to us and that just got to me that I must blog about this no matter what.

Ladies, we are such amazing creations, each one of us, and let’s be grateful for all that we have around us and within us. I would like to say that you are all very beautiful people and never once make yourself feel like you are not. Put a smile on that pretty face everyday, cherish every second no matter how bad things may seem to be going or coming your way, appreciate each person that comes into your life even if they don’t make you happy because every person you meet is a blessing and let’s enjoy growing up.


These pictures were taken at Keukenhoff, Amsterdam in May 2014. I chose them because women and flowers are inseparable, are they not? Okay fine, a little vain I know.


And now gorgeous pink tulips, just for you..

Happy International Women’s Day, lovely ladies *group hug*.

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