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Dubai Part 1

And I’m back after a few months of long silence! Assalamualaikum hello, I hope everyone’s well! My blog fans, ie, my parents passed a comment saying I hadn’t been blogging and they asked if it was because I was out of idea of what to blog. Well, partly yes.. But it also had to do with me temporarily losing the courage to write. At 23, I’m busy (sometimes I don’t think I’m busy but I feel busy) and forever in a rush to do things. It’s vacation week this week so I want to blog and share as much and hopefully it will help give some guidelines to those who want to travel to the destination that we are going to. I aim to blog everyday and let’s see if I keep to it! 

Guess where I am now? 

Yes, I’m on the flight. Where to? 

Now to Bangkok and we will have a short transit there before continuing our journey to Dubai. Why Dubai? Because some of us haven’t been to Dubai and also because my sister has to attend a conference there. As she’s now a mother, Zachary’s always in consideration. My parents offered that we should all go together and that it’s a great holiday opportunity. It has been way too long since our last complete family trip and so alhamdulillah that the day is finally here again.

We are flying with Thai Airways (which explains why the Bangkok transit) and this is our first time on it (MAS doesn’t fly to Dubai anymore). Tip No 1: Guys, if you want to save cost then you should try Thai Airways. It gave us the most reasonable deal. I was on Qatar Airways checkout page already but I decided to check the rate for Thai Airways and was I surprised. The service is good to so far and it was nice to be greeted with ‘Sawadeekha’ hehe. The Muslim Halal meal was also good. 

I will update more when I land in Dubai in shaa Allah and for now I’m going to leave this post with the random candid photos that I took earlier before the flight. 

It’s Zachary’s second international trip after Singapore.

Uncle Mee the butler. So thankful when he’s around. 

Zachary: I don’t want to sit in my stroller, what are you my uncles for anyway?

Zachary: Good luck taking care of me Jiddi, Nenda, Mummy, Daddy, Uncle Man, Mama Ya and Uncle Mee. Hehe. 

They have their own lounge at KLIA and I find that that’s pretty cool!

Zachary: So so hungry I finished my food. Bibik would be happy to see this.

And we are off, bismillah!

Zachary: I’m sleepy and I’m feeling grumpy and I want to sleep but I’m unable to. Help me, Mummy! 

10 minutes after…

(Daddy and Mama Ya fanned him while Mummy rocked him to sleep)

Zachary: Zzzz… In my dream world now, I’ll be right back fresh and active!

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