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FullSizeRender-2Arrived in Malaysia safe and sound on Friday evening, alhamdulillah. I came back with my sister whom did not actually plan to return home but something really important came up and yes, both of us are back in the beautiful Malaysia now.


Worried about my work now because one can never really do much work when one’s home. My dissertation is due in 3 weeks and I would like to think that I’m on track but anything can just delay my progress (which I can’t afford to do because I have another piece of coursework to write and I have to prepare for exams too) so I should hope and do my best and may Allah ease everything for us all.

On another note, the flight was alright although I could not sleep as well as I usually did before. I noticed Malaysia Airlines has brought some positive changes in its management which I feel strongly are necessary so good job new management! Will always support MAS no matter what people say about it. Now, did you know that MAS serves really good maggi on board, guys?

IMG_3912What I always look forward to.

I’m back to my usual morning routines with my parents that I totally love. It’s probably the best part of the day and not to mention especially during weekends because Adik joins us and we get to buy our favourite Cakoi and Keropok Lekor from Pasar Tani and eat them fresh at OldTown White Coffee.

IMG_3965Please don’t put on weight, Nadia..

I hope everyone has had a good weekend catching up with sleep, family and friends. I’m still jet lagged but everything is well so far – had good lunches with the family on both Saturday and Sunday,alhamdulillah.

Now, let’s kill that Monday blues alright, lovelies? Wishing you a splendid week ahead be it at school, work or even at home!

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