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Illegal Driver

Soooooooo, I finally finally realised that my driving license expired 3 months+ ago on my birthday… Which means.. I’ve been an illegal driver on the road for 3 months+. Nadia Nadia… My aunty, Umi and I went to a government office yesterday and she left her driving license to the security and then she took it back on the way out. It came to my mind how come my license was still the older version. That was when it finally finally clicked to me and I straight away took out my purse to check the expiry date of my license. 

‘Oh my god Miiiiii, you know what?’ ‘Whattt my dear?’ ‘My license expired! Thanks to your license I found out mine expired’. She laughed but still let me drive around oops haha. 

But anyway the feeling wasn’t the same anymore. I was feeling uncomfortable. There I was confidently handing around my license to the security guards when I went to my friends’ apartments and such for the past 3 months.. There I was driving unprettily (when I was rushing) and such for the past 3 months. Tsk tsk. I thought God really wanted to tell me yesterday and to have me renewed my license right away because we had to go to another office in another town after and while passing by the area, I actually saw a small post office. I told Umi and she without any hesitation said ‘Kak Ya, you better do it today. You understand right? This reflects back on our work’ ‘Yeah faham, okay mi’. 

The queue wasn’t long at all and I got my license renewed in less than 20 minutes, alhamdulillah. Apparently you can renew for 1/2/5 years. The cost of renewal for 1 year is RM30. Mine is 5 years for convenience sake (and for forgetfulness sake). Oh and there’s no penalty fee for late renewal (up until 2 years I think). 

Tadaaa. I’m back to being a legal driver now until 2021 (28 that time.. Gosh).

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