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Jalan jalan cari makan in Kelantan

*Disclaimer: Pictures heavy post again today*

Have you ever eaten so much that you feel you’re getting huge-r day by day but you still eat because you love food and then you exercise because you feel guilty but then resume eating because you can’t resist them? *raises hand* I have. And it almost always happens each time I’m back in my hometown. I’m from Kelantan and I consider myself a pure Kelantanese because both my parents are from there and we lived in Kelantan for some time. We also speak the language at home other than English.

So almost all our relatives live here in KL but my grandparents on my mum’s side of the family reside in Kota Bharu. For that reason, my parents make it a point to return to our base on a monthly basis and everytime my sister and I are on our break and we are back home, we would try to join them for 2 reasons:

1) Visit grandparents
2) Makan

I’ve observed a lot of other Kelantanese do this – go back to eat. Kelantan has amazing amazing food that I can never describe enough and there are a number of those very famous restaurants that we always think or speak about as we have our lunch or dinner here in KL. Papa goes back to Kelantan more than the family does because he has an office there and guess what, he will always buy a lot of food and bring home the famous nasi and kuih muih.

I’m now about to share all the pictures that I took. Hope it does some help for those planning to visit the eastern side of Malaysia!

1st stop: Restoran Syam Bungamas (Jalan Hospital Berek 12) 

This restaurant is really historical. It’s been in existence for probably more than two decades and I’ve been going here since I was a child.

 Tomyam campur
 Udang paprik (good but udang bakar is a much better option but the waiter said it would take 30 minutes to prepare on that day so we tried this instead)
 This awesome daging masak merah. Must must eat.
 The too good sotong goreng tepung.
 Kailan ikan masin – my parents and sister’s favourite
Telur goreng dadar – simply because papa loves eating his food with a touch of omelette.
We headed to Renaissance after the tummy filling dinner and papa was already saying he wanted waffles from the next door shopping mall – Billion.
Papa checking in. The staffs at this hotel know and are close to him. ‘Abe Lan’ all the way and ‘Boss’ in KL.
 Our Kota Bharu suite – the name of the room. Papa insisted ‘dari atas’ angle so I did flat lay picture and he approved this one. Yeap, my parents read my blog and have been so supportive and papa stresses out that pictures must be in HD *insert mouth open emoticon* cool pa!
Papa’s kaya waffle – we got a bit creative and decided to utilise the plate.

My sister and I decided to visit our aunt, uncle and cousins so we drove to their house. It’s really just next to my grandma’s house on papa’s side of the family – the house where we usually stay but it’s empty and locked and will be open only when the whole family is back home during Raya and special events.

Reunited with MP and Adik Sya!
Good Morning Kota Bharu!
2nd stop: Kopitiam Kita (Taman Desa Jaya, Jalan Pengkalan Chepa)
I don’t think any description is needed. This is the kopitiam that has caught everyone’s heart. Never easy to get tables during weekends, everyday is full house. The concept is brilliant, Wong the owner did some brilliant job. He sells all the famous nasi from all sellers and this saves everyone’s time as they can get them here without having to drive to each individual shop.
 1/10th of Kakak there. Hehe.
This is what I mean. Every famous nasi and kuih from all outside sellers are gathered in one stretch. So convenient.
 Our personal favourite – nasi kapit sambal
 This popular roti titab. By popular, I mean extremely popular.

Look who joined us for breakfast!

Papa and his best friend. Pak Cik Amran can talk to papa for hours and never gets tired.
We spent time at our grandparents’ house for a few hours and then guess what came after that. Lunch. More eating, yums..3rd stop: Restoran Nilam (Jalan Temenggong)

This restaurant is also very historic. We come here for the Chicken Chop kampung style!

Overexposed picture but the chicken chop is pure goodness.
Okay.. That’s already a lot of food but not quite finished yet.
We also popped in this store.
4th stop: Kedai Roti Perling (Jalan Kubang Kerian)
Also historic. Great bread and bun.
Pandan cream puffs
We made our way back to the hotel after lunch and I felt so so big by that time so I spent 40 minutes jumping and jogging around the room. Was a good decision because that then inspired my super mom and sister who joined me although it’s no problem for mama because she runs on the treadmill everyday so it was cheat days for her? Lucky mom.
And hmm,
Just when I thought I burned some calories and my tummy wasn’t as big anymore, the half awaited question from papa came:
‘What’s for dinner? Satay?’
My God, what was going on in my life.. Food fiesta? But who could say no to satay..
OK pa.
5th stop: Satay Malaysia (Jalan Baung)
Lychee Kang for the parents
Good dinner here but I loved those squids the most! So hmmm.. I’m done…. I think.
Okay, please don’t judge now.. Papa offered this and last one for the day I promise!
A little story here about my adorable papa. He stays at Renaissance when he has work in Kelantan and as mentioned, he developed good relationships with the staffs – everyone would greet him. Sometimes at night when he’s tired from work and just wants to rest, he tends to ask the ground floor valet parking guys to help get him ‘Burger Kampung’ and they will happily help papa buy it and bring it up to the room. If he has to wait too long, he even rings them and asks ‘Where’s my burger?’ – I think my sister got her traits from papa.. Hehehe.
 Tadaaaaa. A new day, a new start for food! Hehe. Couldn’t eat a lot because of the previous day’s eating madness.
Love this picture. Au revoir Kota Bharu, see you soon!
Scanned our bags and I was the last to pass through the sensing panels. The security officer asked for flight tickets and spontaneously asked:
“3 siblings travelling today yes?”
“Umm, 2. That’s my mama there”
While laughing and looking at my mum she said:
“Whoaaaa, like 3 siblings! So young”
So young, indeed.

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