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Kakak’s Birthday Part 2

Organised a birthday dinner ‘Nur and Friends’ for my sister last night!

Location: The Slug and Lettuce, Harbourside
Time: 7pm
Friends: Ruby, Ayan, Liyi, Xiadong, Huikang, Tauheed and Rocky
Location was perfect with the pretty and decent ambiance and food was very delicious at surprisingly really reasonable price (and the friendliest waiters ever) and awesome friends. I custom made a Chanel Boy birthday cake for my sister this year and it was quite difficult to think of the way to hide the cake from her. It didn’t help that she was also at home the whole day yesterday. Which meant I gave up.
I left the cake in front of the door and waited until she went to the toilet. Quickly grabbed the cake and put it on the table in the living room and got back into our room. ‘Kak, I would love love love to surprise you but I see no way and I also need to carry it to the restaurant tonight. Yes, your cake is outside’.
I think I saw my sister having that quiet moment for 1 minute before finally saying, omg I love it so much, this looks so real.
Anyway, the dinner pictures!
Told her in advance to choose any silver outfit of which she guessed ‘ahh my birthday cake is silver right’.
 Tauheed, Ruby, Kakak, Lily
Rocky, Ayan, Flower, Xiaodong, Huikang
Cake giving ceremony from Principal to Student
Cake giving ceremony from Principal to Student with teachers
Thank you beautiful friends of kakak. Have always loved you.
My dinner! Salmon risotto and Virgin Apple Mojito.
My sister had Fish with King Prawns pie and Diet Coke to drink. Her friend Ayan being the funny guy he is ‘What Nur, diet coke on your birthday? Really? Really? At least not Diet, Nur’.

Happy Birthday kakak! You know I love you no matter how bad we argue when we argue.

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