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Kakak’s birthday part 3 – Surprise surprise!

We celebrated kakak’s birthday with her friends like shared in the previous post and she thought that was it. Chanel boy cake done dinner done birthday gift done all done! What was left was us packing for London trip because her biggest birthday gift was on the way there. Little did she know that I was planning a small surprise on the morning of her birthday…
I woke up at 4 am to do like a small decoration and unlike last year, this year’s took shorter time so yay! The result was…
It was so so so tough hiding these cupcakes. I got them from the same cake shop which I will share soon because of how amazing the service is. Don’t you just love the cupcakes?
It was ‘make up’ themed cupcakes because of how in love my sister is with make ups. She has a full set and range of make ups from all brands and I always see her playing with them every morning when she’s getting ready to head to her office. She doesn’t always do make ups, only on certain events, but her love for them made her collect every single range. Her love for it is proven to me every night when she opens YouTube and watches make up tutorials before she sleeps (it’s like her therapy session). And because of her love for them, I bought new eye shadows and lipstick to match the cupcakes (also because she kept talking about getting metallic eyeshadows that she did not have in her collection yet).
Anyway, I let her enjoy her morning before the surprise. She was in the room replying to birthday messages which took so long. I knew that she would come to the living room when she finished with her prayer because she treasures her morning breakfast session and glad it turned out the same on her birthday. So then she came to the living room and….
“Happy Birthday kakak!” “Here’s another surprise for you, hope you like them”
And that was..
A real surprise.
Which meant..

My sister was really shocked and asked me how did I hide the cakes. Oh well, I haven’t answered you right kakak. I know you will be reading this so here goes the answer. I hid them in the store room where our washing machine is.

I know it sounds like the worst idea but that was the only place I could think of.. Plus, the box is properly sealed and the weather here is good so a few hours there wouldn’t harm (hopefully). She saw the eyeshadows that she wanted and I was happy that she was happy.

“I will always appreciate make up as gifts”

So that is it for part 3!


Umm, not quite done yet actually. Hehe.

I haven’t shared about her last surprise. Her biggest surprise which she knew in advance, and required us to go to London.

Yeap. A birthday dinner in London with her Mr Husband!

My BIL is in town now for her birthday. He has to attend to something on behalf of his father and what a blessing that it’s all arranged for this weekend. I still remember my sister saying how she wishes for her hubby to be here for her birthday and look kak. You’re blessed, alhamdulillah.

We had dinner at Meat & Co, Westfield. Londoners should be very familiar with this restaurant because it means we can enjoy decent halal steak. The fact that Meat & Co has two separate kitchens, one for halal and one for non halal, makes the restaurant even more attractive especially for the Muslims. They even provide separate booklets (halal menu and non halal menu).

 Birthday girl’s dinner – Lobster and beef fillets combo
My dinner – Salmon and asparagus with three cheese sauce
The boys’ dinner – 600 grams marinated beef fillets
It’s so cool how you can request for which part of meat you prefer (ribs, fillets) as well as the size of your meal (100 grams, 200 grams, 600 grams, etc). The boys said their fillets were slightly dry but my sister’s portion of beef was very good instead. And I fairly enjoyed my salmon too.
The dinner went on from 7 to 11pm (good catch up for my sister and BIL with their dearest friend, Andrii and his girlfriend) and just before we went home, my sister got a small surprise (yes, again!) from the cheeky waiter.
Sooo cool. This surprise got everyone surprised because we thought the waiter was joking about what he said.
“Oh come on it’s your birthday! At least have a scoop of ice cream, it’s on me okay”
I hope you had a wonderful day kakak. I’m very happy to see you very happy. And good job abang Bazil. Got to admit you’re a good husband.
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