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Kakak’s Birthday/Baby Shower

I told my sister I wanted to write this post closer to her due date and her response was “What? Basi la cerita ni nanti. I don’t understand how your mind works sometimes dik, you should write now” –.–


June 2015

Before I start writing about the afternoon tea party which I’m sure everyone knows about (due to heavy pictures load on your Facebook news feed and Instagram timeline), I would like to share a little story about how we first found out that my sister was (is) pregnant.

There were I think 2 false alarms for her pregnancy before the third correct alarm. She got married in January 2014 and she made herself clear that she and my BIL would only start considering having a baby after at least a year or so because they were both not ready yet. That was fair enough because my sister still had another year to go for her Phd studies. And so, a year passed by and I remember returning to Bristol first for my final year exams before she did 2 weeks after for her Viva. It was not all so different yet the first few days until she started getting hot flushes and constant anxieties + restlessness. We thought it was nothing much and then there we were planning for what we referred to as our final ‘Sisters’ Europe Trip’ before we flew home for good. It was such a last minute plan and that got our parents saying No in the beginning and decision overturned after we convinced them that ‘Ma pa, if we don’t go now, when else to go.’ Hehe.

Few days after, we were already in Italy and that was when things really got fishy. She was constantly hungry and it meant the impatient ‘I want food NOW’ Nur. She also could not stop saying how tiring the whole trip was… = stressed Nadia. The trip was of course fun nevertheless.

Our flight back to Malaysia was 2 days after our return to Bristol and then there was I being such an aunty telling my mom ‘Ma, it’s really strange this time. I think she’s really pregnant’. My mom did not want to be so hopeful and let my words pass. I think it was a week after that my mom and I helped my sister buy the pregnancy test kit from the nearby pharmacy. My sister came back home after work feeling all nervous in all its essence and she performed the test. I was in my room that time feeling as agitated as her and then she called out ‘Adik adik, come here’ ‘What kak, what?’ ‘I think I’m pregnant. Look at those lines’ ‘Huh what line what line are you talking about?’

IMG_6440 (1)

My sister’s hands were too shaky already that time and then I took the instructions flyer and the lines made sense all of the sudden. ‘Ya Allahhhh alhamdulillah, you are pregnant!!’ I got out from the toilet straight to my mum and said ‘Ma in shaa Allah you will really be a grandmother!!’ and god I think that was the first time I ever saw my mum jump – too excited eh ma? Hehehe.


November 2014

29 weeks pregnant already! My sister always used to mention about wanting a baby shower and my mum being her traditional self said NO. I convinced her that our definition of baby shower is not actually baby shower, it is more of a simple small get together between friends with nice decorations. She still was not very happy and then we considered ‘Solat Hajat/Melenggang Perut’. My sister and I however read about Melenggang Perut and did not really enjoy what we read and so we called the idea off. We discussed further of what to do and then I told my sister to just leave it all to me. We agreed to have a small personal event between just her and her friends but without her knowing all the details. Told our mum about the idea of which she agreed to and our dad decided to have a small solat hajat at our house with few Habibs. That solved it all because we would want a solat hajat ceremony first before anything as my parents always remind us to first do the priority before anything.

I texted my BIL that the Melenggang Perut/Solat Hajat was not happening anymore and I wanted to organise a small event for kakak and friends. My BIL did not really favour the idea and wanted at least both sides of the families to be around and so we both collaborated for the event. We targeted around 30pax before our families cancelled on us and said we should just carry on with just friends. That reduced the number of pax to 20 and I did half of the invitations and my BIL did another half.

Invitations sorted out (had some disagreements with my BIL before it was all good again) and then there were ‘Venue, Food, Decorations and Cake’ to attend to. My BIL initially opted for Double A Cafe as the owners are his friends but the price was a bit too high with what we would be given and so we changed venue 2 days before the event. Thanks to my BIL because he managed to secure Bistro 160 at Grand Millennium Hotel KL and we received a much better deal there. We had to inform the guests of the venue change and we were lucky because everyone was just so lovely with their ‘still yes!’ replies.

I sorted out decorations and I did what we all do best now – search through Instagram hashtags. I found two planners but the first one was already booked and I was lucky the other one wanted to service us. The result was hmmmmm a truly satisfied customer!



Amazing job done, Thank you Kak Nurul *insert flying kiss and love is in the air emoticons*! I really did not say much to her except I wanted baby blue/white for the theme colour. That also involved changing my order from initially a candy buffet table decoration (for Double A Cafe) to personalised individual pax decorations. Really great that my BIL sent me pictures of what baby shower for afternoon tea party usually looks like or I would have not amended my order otherwise. For those looking for event planner, you can search on Instagram @wondermamacandybuffet. They do catering services too!



The food consisted of the desserts trays + scones and we had tea or coffee for beverages. The whole team especially Nia were incredibly friendly and their service was first class. My BIL was one happy customer.


Birthday cake was by again one of the bakers I found on Instagram @suezcakez. I recommend going to Kak Sue as she is so fast with replies and is generous too, thank you again Kak Sue!


Next in line would be pictures of my beautiful preggy sister with her husband and friends (and me and CP). MP, if you are reading this – I am so sorry I did not call to invite you, Abang Aiman and Ayyash. It was really because we did not want to trouble you as you just got back from Langkawi and to make another trip to KL we thought would have been so tiring.


Kakak and her Hubby


Kakak and Bondi


Kakak and Kak Nini (both pregnant mommies to be/best friends)


Kakak and Kak Lyn


Kakak and BIL with the newly married couple Kak Mariam and Abang Affan


Kakak and I with Kak Ira, Fiqa, Hana and Hani (Hani not in picture)


Kakak and I with Kak Nini and CP


Not kakak but CP and I stealing her spotlight


And then they envied the picture and took back our spotlight (mommies to be won of course hehe)


MP we definitely missed you!

Alhamdulillah, it was a wonderful wonderful birthday/baby shower afternoon tea party and it was really satisfying to hear and see how happy my sister was with the whole thing. Kakak, BIL and I would like to thank you so much friends for spending your afternoon with us and we apologise again should there be anything you found not right!



Thank you thank you thank you, May Allah bless us all <3

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