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Papa is 49 today! I can’t even begin to describe how incredible he is. Thank you Allah for writing him to be my father in my book of life. This is the person who never ever stops working, praying and loving us. This is the person who never looks back and teaches us all that we need to know about life in relation to fate, destiny and religion. Thank you for taking the best care of mama and us. Thank you for providing and giving us all that we could want from a father. I’m sorry I upset you in certain things and just thank you for still loving me unconditionally. You’re the first man in my life and that remains forever.
I love you pa, with all my heart. We do. We all do. And we hope you love your gift. 
Kakak and me: Ma, should we get iphone 6 for papa?
Mama: No, papa’s one now is still very good. Don’t think papa wants it.
2 days after.
Mama: Ya, wrong what mama said – while giggling. Papa actually wants 6. When I asked him ‘papa tak nak iphone 6 right. Anak anak tanya and mama said  no’ he said ‘eh papa nak nak. I want’
Hehe. Love you pa.
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