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Mama turns 48


Beautiful queen is 48 today! In the words of the birthday card that we got for her:

“Mom, you mean more to this family than any of us could put into words. Time and again, you’ve been there for us, loving us at our worst and inspiring us to be our best.”

“Thank you for your love, your hard work, your integrity. You are the heart of our family and you deserve a world of love on your birthday and always.”

We couldn’t have said it in any better words. You are indeed the heart of our family and the definition of pure love. Your dedications in being a wife and a mother to papa and us are unbeatable. You’ve spent almost all your life taking care of us and giving us the best care and love anyone could ever shower us with (apart from Allah) and what’s beautiful is that you never get tired and in fact you only give and give and give – thank you Allah for your blessings. You can be hard at times but it’s only like that because you want the best for us and that is completely valid. Ma, I wish you all the happiness and success both in dunya and akhirat and I know I am far from a good Muslim/daughter but I would never give up praying to the Almighty Allah to grant you and papa His Jannah, in shaa Allah and amin. Thank you for bringing us up to become who we are today, for tolerating our behaviours, for hardly saying no to our wants, for never giving up on us, for your continuous prayers and support and for loving us unconditionally.

Moving on to mama’s 48th birthday celebration, we had in advance organised a birthday dinner on the 15th night as that was the best time for us all considering little brother would not be around on weekdays. So for our beautiful queen’s birthday this year, we chose to have buffet at Vasco, Hilton KL. It was our first time at Vasco and the experience was great overall. Going to now share some pictures of Vasco Restaurant for everyone’s future references.









That boy there will soon be 21. The food selection was actually good but our familiarity for buffet at Makan Kitchen, DoubleTree Hilton slightly confused us in deciding which was better. Makan Kitchen offers more relaxed and elegant dining experience with various food sections divided and separated nicely from each other while Vasco’s environment is more business-y and sophisticated with food sections being close to one another. But all in all, alhamdulillah for a great dinner, the steamed fish at Vasco was especially amazing (did not manage to get a picture as I was too excited eating it hehe).

Now to the fun part – mama’s birthday gifts this year.. Hmm buying birthday gifts lately has been a rather tricky matter compared to the previous years. We are always unsure now of what to get mama as she always says “I think I am content with what I have don’t get anything for me okay”. She likes to give to people in general but she hardly wants anything for herself. I rang my sister up and told her of a few gift choices and after considerations of how much our mum appreciates grocery + kitchen related items rather than fashion + beauty related items, we thought okay let’s get her new cutleries set. I requested for my sister to help buy them in KL while I looked for birthday card and a new iron (mama’s traditional iron broke because of me and she’s not really confident in the steam iron capability that we got her for mother’s day – always conventional and traditional our mum is hehe) and so I headed out to IOI City Mall to do my tasks. Bought a card from Borders and Parkson was just opposite Borders and I already detected home appliances from far so I straight away went to Parkson.

God must have somehow helped ease our search for a perfect birthday gift because somehow somewhere I ended up at Tefal section in Parkson and I saw this..


Mama wanted to get an Air Fryer before but she did not and so it clicked to me that this Tefal ActiFry would be a perfect gift for her. The aunty there was being super convincing enough too with her explanations of why I should get it and it undoubtedly worked. Apparently you can fry/cook/stir-fry/grill everything with it! It’s also much easier and so so convenient to use/clean and it also promotes healthier living style because of the massive cut down in the use of cooking oil. I also got one Tefal traditional iron to replace the broken one and so voila, birthday gifts sorted! Rang my sister and we both were very happy with the gifts and brothers being brothers reacted “what’s that. Okay or not”… Little brother heard the word grill and he was instantly happy with the gifts too.


Hope you like your gifts and this simple birthday post ma! My mum reads my blog all the time and she pointed out why is my blog dead yesterday.. I know you’ll be reading this and so Happiest 48th Birthday to you again mommy, we love you lots and lots and forever, our one and only beautiful queen <3

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