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Master’s journey

As promised, I’m back writing and it’s going to be about my Master’s journey. I didn’t think I would actually be furthering my studies. In fact, I always used to tell myself and everyone that I was content with my degree scroll and felt that it was enough. I mean I did think of masters but that was never my first choice ever since I joined my brother in law and sister in setting up an online business after graduating. Post 1 year, I started working for my dad which meant that that idea drifted away further from my mind.

Frankly speaking, I could opt to remain in the safe and easy life but I found myself needing to do something more for myself, to achieve more, to discover, challenge and better myself more. So I turned to the person whom I trust most when having to make important life decisions, my one and only dad. I had a heart to heart talk with him (and my mum) and he decided for me to go for it -> masters. After all it’s only a one year course and as my degree was construction based, doing a Business masters would very much be a valuable addition to my education background and work.

I had only one week to prepare myself for the program. I still remember checking Nottingham Malaysia’s official website on the 11th September and saw that the deadline for all postgraduate studies application to fall on the 10th September. I told my sister and dad about it and they said to carry on applying as the registration link was still up. To all of us, if the course was meant for me, was one that came with Allah’s blessings, I would still manage to get a place in it despite being one day late in applying. The other plan would be to apply to study at Australia in February but God indeed blessed and eased the path for me when I got a reply from Nottingham on the 14th that read ‘Congratulations, your application is successful!’

I could recall being happy about the reply but at the same time unsure again if I was really ready for it and whether it was the right thing to do. It all felt too sudden but my parents reminded me to see how easy and smooth the application went by, that it was certainly God’s decision for me and that I must trust in Him and His decisions for they are the best for me. Keeping all that in mind, I gathered myself and completely set my mind for it. A few days after, I was already in one of the lecture halls at University of Nottingham Malaysia for the induction program.

Everything from there onwards until now has flown so positively. So so positively that I can tear up thinking just how much blessings I’ve received in the period of 9 months. Masters from what I heard was supposed to be tough, to be stressful, to be busy but somehow it never felt that tough, stressful and busy for me. There are only great and beautiful memories and I wouldn’t have wanted to have them any other way. The lecturers are fantastic, friends are beyond wonderful and university on the whole is lovely. It’s unbelievable that this fulfilling journey is almost over. I wish to thank my lecturers and friends who may or may not read this post that I really value our relationships with each other. Thank you Dr Maniam, Dr Tan, Dr Jaya, Dr Yap, Dr Dilip, Professor Bala, Dr Carol, Dr Yvonne and Dr Patricia for teaching and sharing your knowledge with me. My mind has expanded in ways I never thought was possible, I honestly feel a lot smarter (hehe). Some of you are not only lecturers but like parents and friends to us, listening and caring for us anytime we need someone to talk to. To my darling friends Jiha, Lana, Huey, Sanchit and Aidzat, thank you all so so much for being on top of the world the kindest, funnest, helpful and unselfish friends that you are to me. Words cannot describe how blessed I feel to have crossed paths with all of you. God has surely assured me further that He has destined this masters course to happen at the right time with the best people. I love you all dearly.

These photos were taken on our last exam, 15 May 2018.

My dear readers, if there is one thing that I’ve extracted out from this chapter of my life, it is to believe in the One and only, to go back to Him every single second that you can, to have full faith and confidence in Him, to thank Him every minute that you can and to love Him oh so dearly. Life is so much better, so much brighter and so much happier when you are grateful. I know that I must soon brace myself for the future challenges because I will always be tested but what have been happening before and during masters assure me that nothing will put me down as long as I have Him by my side. Now, the best thing about holding on to this fact is that it is not temporary, it is permanent. He is and will always be there and never disappoints.

To add on another important matter is to write about parents’ blessings. I may not be the best person to speak about this as I’ve made my parents really sad at one point of my life before (nothing too extreme but yes I’ve hurt them with my stubborn minded-led decision) but I’m thankful for the fact that God has given me so many opportunities to be and do good for my parents now. I know for sure that to be in the state that I am today, to be as content as I am now, to be able to appreciate and see things positively like I can now – these are all the direct results from receiving parents’ blessings. I deeply pray for Allah to help me become a good daughter and not test me through ever hurting my parents again, in sha Allah amin. I will leave this post here, thank you for reading and please pray I get to do my dissertation well. Wishing everyone blessed Ramadan ahead!

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