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Mohammad Zachary’s Aqiqah


Overdue post again and as usual my dad got a little angry at me for not being consistent with my blogging. “Is Yaya that busy?” “Ya, when are you going to blog?” *oops sorry pa*. I planned to blog since a few days ago but Unifi at home did not work for 4 days and everyone went pretty much lost without it. Sure we had 4Gs on our phones but how long would that really last if data is constantly being used up. Got mad at TM but the problem was somewhat understandable since it involved broken cables around the distribution board. Anyhow, that proved how dependent people are with internet these days. It’s almost fair to say no internet = no life. Not good not good.

Back to the actual story, my family held Aqiqah + Maulud Rasul ceremony for the little darling on 27/02/2016 and it went really smoothly alhamdulillah. I’ve shared some pictures on my Instagram and Facebook accounts and so the pictures that I posted today would be the repetition of what you have already seen except with more stories.

To begin with, I was in charge of the canopies and decorations (+ Quality Check control hehe) and I previously saw the really pretty Aqiqah decorations on Vivy Yusof’s instagram. It was a picture of her best friend’s son’s aqiqah and that was where I found Kidsystudio. Approached them and found out that the price was well reasonable. We were lucky that they had one last slot for 27/02 and I booked them on the spot. Canopies were from AF Kanopi and the quality was not bad so do check them out if you’re looking for canopies!



Thank you Kidsystudio!


3Thank you AF Kanopi!

My dad was the mastermind of the whole event and he really wanted to organise Maulud Rasul on the day just like during my sister’s nikah. It was a success and thank you so much fellow respected Habibs and Ustaz for your presence as it really meant a lot to us family.



Catering was by my very own aunty Fatihah Frozen Food. My parents mentioned about receiving really wonderful compliments for the food and we have you to thank for everytime Mama Ah. My aunt does both frozen food and catering business and I think many of us are familiar with her company. They have expanded tremendously over these 5 years and their products are available in Tesco, Giant and a few other groceries store. They export to neighbouring countries and you can also enjoy FFF products on selected Kopitiam/coffee shops. My aunty is now always seen on TV and she has my utmost respect for making it this far!

My sister and brother in law invited their colleagues and friends and it was so sweet of everyone to come all the way. Thank you also to all family members and relatives who made time to attend the aqiqah. Such a prosperous reunion with the big family that came from Kelantan we love you!

I was continuously on the go so it was sad that I did not get to capture everyone’s pictures (Note: Must hire photographer next time) and most photos that I have are not even from my Nikon camera really just from my phone. *insert sad face emoticon*












19That’s Mama Ah on the left and Mummy on the right. Thanks for everything aunties <3

See what I mean there? Limited pictures but alhamdulillah for everything.

I’m going to end this post with a picture of the little family that I managed to capture after the event. Glad I insisted on it or there would be none!


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