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Mohammad Zachary’s Arrival

Almost one month of silence and I got several reminders from my readers to blog. My dad alone had reminded me twice about it “Ya, make sure you write soon” “Ya, blog is quiet for some time already. Blog soon”.

Okay, I do feel guilty for not blogging as often as I used to anymore. I would love to rant about how busy my schedules are everyday but I think that’s not a good excuse anymore.. So what I’ll do is I’ll jump straight to my sister’s labour story that I had promised to write about in my previous blog post.


21 January 2015

“What? You still want to go to office? You look too heavy for that already” – everyone’s words to her when she said she was going to go to uni to do work.

“But I need to finish up my work. Just this one and I’ll feel so relieved to go through delivery and confinement. I can have lunch at home before I go to my office. Adik, can you accompany me to my office after lunch please?”

At that point of pregnancy, anybody would have said yes. She drove from her place in KL to Kajang (SIGH) and we left to her office after having lunch with the family. *Her due date was supposedly on 30 January but she delivered a week earlier and had we known this, it would be a goodbye to your wish of wanting to go to the office.*

“Seriously kak, I don’t know how you do this everyday. How come UPM doesn’t want to invest in elevators? And again, why did you have to choose an office on the 3rd floor?”

“That room was the nicest one available and I couldn’t say no to it. Hmm hang on, why are you the tired one? I’m pregnant and I’m fine”

“Well, I hardly exercise”

“Well, that explains why”

Hahaha. Okay don’t judge. I think I’m better now. Hehe.

My sister took around 3 hours to get her work done and I had that one feeling that she was due very very soon. You know the tips they share about promoting easy delivery – climb stairs. My sister did that everyday and she was one of the most active pregnant ladies you could see. “Dr, why are you still not on leave” – students and colleagues.


22 January 2015

I woke up really early on that particular morning. 4.30am to be exact. I’m an early riser in nature but I would usually still be in my dreamland at 4.30am. I got bored and decided to watch online dramas while leaving my phone to charge. At 5.30am my mom opened the door and said “Ya, let’s go to the hospital”.

“Hospital? Why ma?”

“You didn’t read the text Kakak dropped us at 5am? Her water broke at 3am”

And then.. All the hustle bustles began. I was already jumping in joy but I knew God was watching me and it wasn’t pretty really so I put myself back into reality and straight away took shower, prayed, recited Quran verses for my sister and got ready. My sister told us not to rush and she too would be off to the hospital only after Subuh as her contractions were not severe yet.

I saw a text from my brother in law at 6.40am and he said my sister’s dilation was already 5cm. My little knowledge of ‘pregnancy and childbirth’ told me that that was already huge! I ran to my parents’ room and told my mum about it and “Gosh, that’s so soon already so fast! I thought Kakak said minor contractions only” – Mama.


I urged my mum to be quick and we left the house at 7.20am. The worst time ever but we would weather anything for you kakak and baby nephew. Alhamdulillah, we arrived at the hospital 1.5 hours later (Morning jams in KL = 1 hour delay) and was directed to the labour ward. The hospital policy gave the option of either having the husband or mother accompany the patient in the labour room and my mum knew in advance that she did not want to be by my sister’s side for two reasons:

  1. She couldn’t afford seeing my sister in pain
  2. She knew her son in law was the best person to be there

If you noticed the screenshot, my BIL mentioned that the baby was expected to be out by 9am. I thought this prediction was helpful although it did result in making my mum and I felt super duper anxious. 9.30am still no news from the nurse, 9.45am still no news, 10am still no news, 10.15am and stilll no news. I think I saw my mum tear up a bit while she roamed around in circular motion reciting duas and zikir. She was so so worried and the anxiousness and worries finally came to a stop at 10.37am when “Uwaaaa” rang the bell.

“Ya, did you hear that?” “What is it ma?” “Baby’s cry. That’s him. That’s my grandson!”

There was a cleaner around us that time and she helped confirm it “Yes yes, baby’s definitely out”. My mum’s smile was so so priceless. My dad being the awesome time coordinator that he is got to the hospital ON TIME (I think 3 minutes after the cry).

My BIL came out from the labour room shortly after and I could bet I never felt so excited to see him. Read: wanted to hear his words of assurance. Hahaha. Sorry BIL. We rushed to him and he made it all better by showing us a picture that he captured fresh of my nephew! My feelings that time, subhanAllah, indescribable.

He continued to say “One person can go inside now, maybe mama can go”. And like a flash, my mama was gone..



Okay, I forgot to highlight my big family here. My dad made an announcement on the group chat before the delivery and thank you again for the thoughtful wishes and prayers. I am eternally grateful to Allah for granting us all a very close family bond.



And now here goes the first ever picture of Mohammad Zachary bin Mohammad Bazil (taken by daddy)!


BIL’s family arrived at the same hour and it was really sweet to see the proud grandparents visiting their grandson at the nursery.


Now on to my sister.. Sigh. I am proud of you. I really am. Being the most ‘manja’ in the family, you came out of that zone and proved to us how strong you were. The first glance that I had of you in your designated room after delivery made me feel weak. You looked so so pale. But you made it kakak. A normal delivery and you gave birth to a healthy baby boy without the help of epidural that you had always aimed for.

Thank you so much Allah for smoothening her whole journey.


FullSizeRender-4Jiddi and Nenda’s love for you is overwhelming, that your aunty and uncles can 100% confirm

So to my fighter Kakak/Best Friend,

You’re officially a mother now and I know for sure you will be a great mommy to Zachary in shaa Allah. Thank you for bringing the little one into this world. Love you a lot.

And to our ever dearest Zachary,

You are an angel. You have opened up the windows of rezeki and brought tremendous joy to our family in just a month. May you grow up to be a great Muslim to God and religion, a responsible son to daddy and mummy, a loving grandson to Grandpa & Grandma and Jiddi & Nenda, a generous nephew to your aunties and uncles (HEHE), a wonderful family member to your extended family and a good friend to all your friends.

We love you so much already and happy growing up, little boy.




4 Responses to Mohammad Zachary’s Arrival

  1. kak Azah February 25, 2016 at 9:51 am #

    Zachary is so lucky to have such a loving aunty like you, Nadia. ??

    • dianadiadia February 26, 2016 at 2:04 pm #

      Kak azah hehe miss you kakazah the loving mummy ?❤️

  2. Cutie Pie February 25, 2016 at 10:50 am #

    non-stop smiling through out your post about Zachary :))

    • dianadiadia February 26, 2016 at 2:03 pm #

      Hehe love you mama min <3

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