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Mommy to be is 28



The family organised a joint birthday dinner for my dad and sister last night as their birthdays are just 3 days apart. This makes me recall what I recently heard from my best friend’s dad about how first born’s birthday is usually close to the father and last born’s birthday is close to the mother. This I personally find true after examining my baby brother’s birthday which too falls close to my mom’s birthday – 17th August & 25th August – and I also noticed my grandma’s birthday being only a few days apart from my uncle’s birthday. Middle child? Or me? No idea. Hehe.

Hmm today’s post would be for my sister and what more can I say about her. Anyone who knows me should know how close I am to ‘Kak Wani’ or ‘Kak Nur’. We basically do a lot of things together and we can read each other’s minds – someone used to tell us that she saw how we both could communicate via just looking through each other’s eyes. I have so much love for this person I call ‘Kakak’ and I wouldn’t trade anything in this world for her. We got even closer since we started living together for 3 years in Bristol and I could easily say that I wouldn’t mind not having friends so long that she was there with me.

Being close to someone always means arguing with him/her a lot too. I think it’s the fact that you feel so connected and safe with that person that you start showing your not so pretty side to this someone a lot more than you show others. This was very bad of me but I used to slam doors and scream at my sister during our arguments. We had moments where the issue reached its peak and we would give silent treatment even when we were just a foot step’s away. Kak, I’m so sorry that I behaved that way to you before but I love you and I would do anything for you. Note: Please don’t do this at home. Hehe. 

On your 28th birthday, I pray for your safety wherever you may be. I pray that you be given the greatest of blessings by Allah in both worlds. If one asks me how would I describe you as a daughter and as a sister, I would with no hesitation say ‘she is the most selfless, protective, kind and generous daughter and sister to us all’.

Because you are.

Thank you for everything that you have done for papa, mama, abang, myself and adik.





Happy Birthday kakak. We cannot wait for the arrival of the little angel and we pray for a steadfast and smooth delivery soon in shaa Allah. And hope you’re excited for the little event that your hubby and I have planned for you – you will know all about it in 3 hours!

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