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Mommy’s Day

Got to post one for memory! I like the idea of being able to recollect special moments especially via reading and seeing old pictures. These pictures below were taken at Royal Chulan Kuala Lumpur for my mum’s Mother’s Day dinner. Truth is everyday is Mother’s Day but I love that there is a specific day dedicated for our mums. A day of appreciation, a day of celebration for our supermums.



This year has got to be really special because we have Mohammad Zachary with us. An absolute sweetheart he is to all of us, thanks for bringing pretty new colours into our family. To my darling sister, Happy 1st time celebrating Mommy’s Day!

My only wish and prayer for my mama is for Allah to grant her His Jannah and in fact I pray for this every single day. She is the definition of an almost perfect woman and I want to thank you for bringing me up with unconditional love, tender and care. May I become a daughter that you will forever be proud of and may I become someone useful to the nations and religion because I want to give you and papa so much. Give me time, I’ll get there in shaa Allah.

Happy Mother’s Day to you my only queen, my best friend <3


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